Change your Frequency. Change your Timeline.

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This post is inspired by a conversation with a fellow Hiver who was asking for some advice on how to shift out of a lower state of vibration. I thought that instead of responding via direct message, I would create a post so that others may benefit as well.

As always, the following represents my truth at this time. It does not have to be your truth so take what resonates and leave the rest.

I think more and more people are becoming comfortable with the idea that everything in our universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies. In 3D, energy simply vibrates at a level that has allowed it to become dense, physical matter, which includes our physical bodies. The main advantage of taking on a human physical form is that we are capable of experiencing a vast range of frequencies via our emotions.

When we understand these concepts, we understand that we can change our frequency, measured by how we feel, at any given moment.

human emotion.jpeg

Taking this a step further, your frequency, i.e. how you feel, will shape your reality. If you are constantly in a high vibration, your life force is increasing and you can manifest positive timelines and outcomes. If you are vibrating in a low-frequency state, your life force is being depleted, and you are likely to manifest negative timelines. The good news is, you can jump to a higher timeline at any moment by raising your frequency.

Marina Jacobi provides the clearest explanation I have found on how frequency works in a quantum reality and how it directly impacts timelines. If this is new to you, please watch season 1 eps 1-4 of her youtube videos. This is the foundation of what I want to discuss in this post. I'm not going to rehash her information here since I've provided the link. And if you think the quantum reality is all bullshit, that's fine, but keep in mind that we only "see" about 3% of reality.

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A quick summary of the Law of Attraction (the real one)

When you're clear on how the quantum field works you understand that:

  • YOU create your reality.
  • Nothing is happening TO you so you cannot be a victim. You choose how you will respond in any now moment. Are you doing this consciously or unconsciously?
  • Everything is happening FOR you to grow and expand. If you're stuck in a loop, what are you not learning? You need to find that lesson if you want to break the pattern and move forward. Evolve or repeat.
  • EVERYONE is a reflection of you in some way, be it positive or negative. Therefore, no one can trigger you unless there is an unresolved energy block (trauma) within you. All they are doing is pressing on it. So find it. Heal it. And the triggers go away.

And that's basically it. So the question really becomes the following. Are you consciously creating timelines that move you in the direction you want to go based on what you're experiencing through your emotions and knowledge of how energy works? Or, are you letting the external environment dictate your emotions and therefore your experience, meaning you're unconsciously creating timelines you don't want? At the end of the day, we are all creators of our reality.

trigger 2.jpg

Welcome to the Earth game

Since you now know that everything is energy and that you consciously or unconsciously create your reality, I'll assume it's not much of a stretch to learn that we are in a holographic, simulated reality commonly known as the Earth game. Here, we not only get to experience energy in physical form, but extreme duality, extreme polarity, and free will.

To avoid confusion (or possibly add to it depending on your perspective) the physical world we see and interact with is an overlay of all our individual realities. So while it may not seem like we do not control our external environment because the collective consciousness comes into play (although at a higher level we all choose everything), the individual always gets to choose how s/he responds to every now moment. Remember, your emotions are HOW you experience your physical reality. You always have free choice over this even though, over multiple lifetimes, you've been led to believe the opposite. When you understand how free will works, it becomes very easy to hack the game.

Transcending the Earth game first requires you to know the rules. The easiest way is to imagine yourself as a quantum biocomputer full of malware. Most of the malware (programs) you are carrying were installed during ages 0-7, or possibly in utero if you're mother underwent a traumatic experience during pregnancy. There are also programs deeply embedded in our DNA which came pre-installed.

While this seems like a terrible deal it's not. One of the reasons we all playing the Earth game right now is to find and alchemise our programs so we can move into higher states of consciousness. The problem is, most people ignore or bury their negative traits, thoughts, bad habits and the things they don't like about themselves. Most people are therefore living a lie because they won't or don't embrace the full spectrum of who they are. And I get it, taking full responsibility for everything that you are is terrifying. You have to go down some deep rabbit holes within yourself. But to transcend this game we need to face every aspect of ourselves. Only then can we unlock the gifts that are buried within those repressed emotions and thought patterns.

Until you completely accept who you are, you cannot change who you are. It is only through acceptance and being ok with why you are the way you are, that you come into alignment with the universe. From here everything around you must also come into alignment because your environment is an extension of you, whether you realise it or not. Anything not in alignment will naturally fall away.


The zero point

The zero point is where everything is created. Think of it as the centre of the infinity symbol. From here, everything is infinitely possible. You can also think of it as the womb of creation from which everything is born.

In the zero point, everything is possible because no choices have been made and no actions have been taken. It's also a place that we all have access to by dropping our thoughts and moving into a state of stillness and neutrality. Here, nothing is good, bad, right, wrong, etc. Everything just is.

The problem is, it is difficult, if not impossible, to be in the zero point all of the time because of the Earth game. We are constantly presented with opportunities to experience duality. This means if your emotions (i.e. how you experience something) carry a charge, then you are directly adding to one end of polarity spectrum. And if one end of the spectrum is active, the other end must also be active, and thus that particular game continues. The only way to collapse the game, or our programs, is to bring them back into the zero point.

The first person I heard talking about zero pointing was Morgan Lee. She is the person responsible for pulling it down into this reality as a healing modality. She explains how it works in this video. I'm not going summarise the process because you just watch the video.

I also recommend watching Melissa Deehan's video. She zero points the shit out of everything and discusses where she started and how it's impacted her life. It's very inspiring and will guide you if you don't know where to start. You can skip forward to 9 minutes.

Melissa recently made a second video where she zero points all her programs around "why am I unworthy of receiving love". You can skip forward to 25:40. It's a really powerful testimonial. Once you've zero pointed your parents/those who raised you and anyone else of major significance in your life, I highly recommend doing this.

The zero point technique is pretty straightforward if you watch the videos. If you need more guidance both women offer personal sessions here.

I have transcribed the invocation that you will need.

I accept/allow, honour/value, trust/respect, forgive/love, believe/receive, release/surrender, command; and am grateful and accept full responsibility for all energies associated with < insert polarity >; all resistance, all attachment, all judgement, all projection, covering all dimensions of pure love.

When the last program is zero pointed, end with “Thank you it is done”.

The way I do it is, I call in my highest self and set my intention to find and clear all programs relating to X. Then I just start writing out words in an exercise book. Whatever comes to me for as long as it takes. I recommend using a pen and paper because then you are grounding those programs into the physical realm. It doesn't matter if they are verbs or adjectives. I keep going down the page until I'm done. After watching Melissa's second video the other day I made a list of 121 negative words around why I am unworthy of receiving love. Then I typed them into to get the antonyms that resonated. This meant I had 242 programs to clear.

As I went through each program I searched for a memory related to each polarity. Did I call that experience in from others and/or did I project it onto others? As I've already discussed, if one polarity is present, the other is also present. Your job is to find them. I didn't do anything more with these memories; I just acknowledged them so I could see where the program was running. The memories can be from your childhood, or teen years, or last week. It doesn't matter. Interestingly, a lot of my "unworthy of love" programs came from my teenage self. She had a lot to say!

And yes, it takes a while. It took me about four hours to create and clear this list. However, I know there has been an energy shift because I can feel it.

EDIT: I have added some additional information around zero pointing in this post.


Acceptance is the key to everything

Remember, that from the zero point nothing has a charge. Nothing is good, bad, right, wrong, etc. It's all just an experience. Acceptance is simply about recognising what is and being able to respond without a charge. You don't have to like it. In fact, you can hate the shit out of it, but you see the bigger picture. That is, if a particular game is in play, then polarity is in play because someone, somewhere needs that experience. Otherwise, that game would cease to exist. If you need an example, think of anything from your past that you no longer care about. You got what you needed from it and moved on. There's no charge when you think about it now, so you're no longer pulling it into your current reality. The same applies to the collective.

Acceptance is not acquiescence and simply giving in. Acquiescence implies that you are not in control so you give your power away to something external to yourself. As a species, we are very good at doing this since it was part of the old Earth game. However, now that consciousness is ascending we are moving into the new Earth game. This means we are reclaiming our power by choosing how we wish to experience reality and by creating our own timelines. When we do this we are no longer sustaining the control structures and negative timelines of the powers that were. They can only operate when humanity is in a low vibrational state and acquiescence. Why do you think the world is crumbling right now? That world is not in alignment with the new world.

Acceptance is knowing that while you might not be able to change something right now, you can still make the best of it. For example, no one likes cancer, but some go through it maintaining grace and a joyful attitude, while others let it completely control their lives, usually in the negative. Two people can be having the same experience but be in completely different realities based on their frequencies. One has given their power away. The other has not. Do you see the difference?

To me, acceptance is about collapsing the emotional polarity around something or your programs to bring yourself back into the zero point. This means you are you're no longer giving power and energy to external sources. From here, you naturally move into higher timelines because consciousness has to work harder to pull you down into the negative. It is not an even playing field and it favours the positive.

The more things you can accept in the world, the more you create the timelines you want, and the less you're affected by the external reality. This is because nothing is sticking to you. You are like water flowing down a river. You see a rock. You acknowledge its presence. You move around the rock. Water doesn't get upset that the rock is there or try and cling it. The rock is just being a rock!

Practicing acceptance is something I do daily as part of my meditation practice. You only need 5-10 minutes. I think it works in tandem with zero pointing and I use whichever technique feels right. For example, if something triggers me during the day and I can't pinpoint the program running within me, I will work on acceptance instead.

I start by calling in my highest self and say "I accept that everything happening right now is for the highest and greatest good of all". As discussed, if those games are playing out somewhere in the world, then somebody needs them. However, just because others need them doesn't mean I have to contribute my energy. I don't have a set script. Instead, I let the words come naturally to me so that energy behind whatever game/program I'm trying to accept dissipates. If you need a guided meditation Damien Wynne has quite a good one here.

If you can't accept something straight away, that's ok. Accept that you can't accept it yet. It's literally taken me months to accept and reach neutrality with some of the stuff going on in the world right now.

The other thing to acknowledge is that you are not your emotions. So instead of saying something like "I accept that I am angry about ..." or "I accept that I am afraid of ...", be the observer. Accept that anger is present or fear is present. You are not these things. Anger is anger. Fear is fear. You are you. Therefore, you are not anger. You are not fear. You are just experiencing them. Don't create more programs that you'll later have to zero point.

why happening.jpg

Be your own Guru

Let's face it, if you want to clear your shit, you need to do the work. And if you think you don't have the time then I would ask you, how much do you value yourself? How much do you want to be free of your programing and suffering? Only you can do this work because only you know the real you. There is no quick fix, you can't outsource it to anyone else, and you can't bullshit the universe.

I know that a lot of people around the world are struggling at the moment with fear, anger, anxiety etc. That's ok. Everyone is where they are and I'm not here to tell anyone what to do or how they should feel. The reason I'm making this post is to highlight some free and effective techniques that might be useful for those wanting to make a change.

Also keep in mind that the high vibration energies streaming into the planet right now are getting stronger by the day. This is not going to stop because consciousness is ascending, meaning everyone is going to have to turn inwards and face themselves eventually. The external world is just a reflection of the inner world, so the clearer you become on the inside, the clearer the outside will become. As within, so without.



Final thoughts

While I am a self-confessed spiritual shopper, I can honestly say that these two modalities are the most significant ways I've changed my life for the better over the past few months. It's pretty rare that I have a down day but when something does show up, I have the tools to deal with it. I have been able to clear so many programs and find and accept so much about myself and the world. I am less and less triggered by what's happening no matter how bad it looks "out there". And now when I do come across a trigger, I find that it's not as deep as before and I can neutralise it pretty quickly. So far anyway.

I also note that I have disengaged from both mainstream and alt-media since they operate at very low vibrational frequencies. If you are watching or reading the news then I would encourage you to observe how it makes you feel because it is 100% designed to pull you into a low vibrational state. And now that you've watched Marina's videos and read this post, you understand how that shifts you into lower timelines with less desirable outcomes. I would suggest that you are mindful at all times about where your energy is going (including facebook, twitter, tv, netflix, etc.) and how it makes you feel. If something is pulling you down, then disengage until you can come into a neutral state with it. Everything you consume alters your vibration and everything will be processed by your subconscious either in waking or dream state.

Finally, I am currently co-hosting the PAL Town Hall with @aggroed on Sundays at 14:00 NY/ 19:00 UK/ Monday 06:00 AEDT if you're interested in hearing more stuff like this. Check out MSP Waves or come into the PAL discord server if you want to listen in.

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Hi @choogirl ! I just rediscovered your blog here on HIVE and am so happy so see you around working on such delicate and fascinating content.



Aww, thank you for saying so. Don't waste your vote on old posts though. 😀

 2 years ago  

Excellent tools you have given us. I really liked the explanation of your post, I will watch the videos calmly because I have to translate them into Spanish. Very grateful for having received this information,
Blessings ✨

Thank you. I think you will be ok with the videos. Marina is Bulgarian so English her second language and her vocabulary is not complicated. And as long as you are ok with the Irish accent, then Melissa should be fine too.

Acceptance is the key to everything, but it is also the most difficult part to truely accept and find who you are and what you really want.

Indeed. It's not an easy road to go down, but a rewarding one for those brave enough to do it.

Thank you so much for this. I badly needed it when I found your post. That evening, I watched the videos you recommended. It took me a total of 16 hours to do the zero-pointing /shadow work for one family member. That was a lot of energy baggage but I must say, it feels liberating and lighter afterward. It's weird, but some setbacks my husband and I have been facing have all of a sudden revealed some movements and unexpected decisions while I was doing this exercise. Thank you so much.

Oh wow. Congratulations and good on you for having the courage to face your own shadow! 16 hours is a lot.

It's weird, cos your mind thinks "how can this be doing anything?" because I think we are so programmed to think we need to suffer before we can heal. Yet, you can do something as simple as this, and big shifts happen.

Excellent post. It helps me, I was about to ask these things to a friend.But thank you for sharing this topic. It is learned every day and today I learned a little bit how to change my frequency and the issues related to our energy. Blessings!

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Great. Thank you for saying so. I'm glad that could provide you with some helpful information. These modalities are quite simple and they do work.

I absolutely enjoyed reading it, and I will read it for the third time more after this comment.
Thank you that you are back here.

Thank you foxkoit! If you've read it twice you'll probably notice some subtle changes cos I changed a few words here and there today, after I re-read it.

Npr .. this text is good then also when you must do some changes.

That was a really good post. I might try some of these. I have to admit I'm on the same level where I have disconnected from mainstream media. Although I need to remain connected for work. But it is hard.

I had a discussion with a friend where I said I go through bouts of depression but they only occur Monday to Friday 9-5.

Thank you! The idea behind this post is to help people empower themselves. Make it your own and you won't regret it. And yeah, going to work is a tough one because we all have obligations in the 3D world. However, you created your "work container" so that you could grow and expand from it. So everything in there is a reflection of you and this is where the inner work comes in. If you don't like what you're seeing at work, where are those programs running within you? If you can find them and clear them your vibration will naturally raise. And if you can maintain a higher, vibrational resting state (so to speak), then whatever is not in line with that has to fall away.

Thank you for this comment and giving me the opportunity to see this reflection in myself (everyone is a mirror).

This is an exquisitely detailed and powerful post! Thank you for offering this information to the community. Many of these concepts I've known and applied with other names, but the names aren't actually relevant. The ultimate goal is to be able to love everything around and within us.

Truly magnificent effort you made here. Once again, thank you!

Wow, thank you drrune for those kind words! Yes, universal, unconditional love is the goal. We gotta just keep chipping away until we get there.

Wonderful post, there are many that resonate with me. Because most of the time we do not realize the vibration we are handling until something clicks us, on many occasions we divert the energy and of course we lose direction. Truly, it is important to find the learnings from each situation that you think is not turning out as you expected, there is realization that we are establishing priorities in our life. I loved your post. Really the information and knowledge that you share is extremely valuable. Because now in these times, we cannot be half measures or it is light or it is dark. Thank you for sharing this knowledge, infinite blessings to you.

Thank you so much for your comment. It's funny how this type of content is resonating with more and more people now. We are all waking each other up! Five years ago, or even one year ago, people would say "you're crazy". I don't even know if I would have had the confidence to post this a year ago.

Thank you for sharing your insight, I love being and speaking about the unified field quantum mechanics and spirituality. I do appreciate the links that you dropped in your post, I will watch the videos in full detail, thank you for the connection.

Thank you for your comment and you're welcome. The videos I linked were all very enlightening to me so I hope you get something from them too.

 2 years ago  

Oh that's so cool, I didn't know you were hosting a program about this kind of stuff! Is that 6 am Monday Aussie time? or Sunday?

I loved this post soooo much. I wish my husband was more receptive to these kinds of explanations but I think he just sees it as mumbo jumbo hippie talk, and it's not at all. That first spiral picture pretty much sums up our road trip this week, in particular one day where we had a breakdown (car, not us - although he nearly did).

Me: Oh, we have 25 Litres of water and there's trees for shade. It's a logging route and someone will be along eventually even if it takes a few days. What fun - and an opportunity to slow down! Besides, I reckon the RACV truck would make it down here anyway, even if we waited all day.
Him: For flying fucks sake, why do I always end up doing mechanics? And people are going to think I'm an idiot driving in the ass end of nowhere and breaking down in a Series landrover, and we're never going to get out of here.

We got on the road again by lunchtime, and I was excited about the whole arvo ahead of me - swimming in a swimming hole, reading, drinking a gin by the river. He, however, was grumpy as fuck.

Same reality. Different reactions.

On the whole, I'm happier - he's in mid life crisis.

This stuff is important - we all need to DO THE WORK or our lives will be the misery we create.

I love the practical excercises in this too and the links to the videos - need to find the time to watch them but too busy watching Netflix bahahahahah - not really. Just, you know, yoga and gardening and surfing and making medicine.

Can you send me the MSP deets and link via Discord when you get a moment? I'll share it with the NM posse.

Posted on

That would be Monday AM your time. You just need to go to msp waves broadcast in the PAL server to listen and you can join the chat in mspwaves-audience. This link to the server seems to work if anyone needs it:

I think I'm gonna talk about the Divine Feminine next Sunday. I had a MAJOR activation last night. Whoa!

Haha, your story reminds of backpacking around South America. You'd plan your trip based on internet research and talking to other backpackers. Then turn up the bus station and the bus will have left an hour ago, or it goes tomorrow, or it just doesn't exist. You could either get mad and yell at people who don't speak English and stare at you blankly, or see it as the universe saying "that's not the right choice for you in this now moment. Pick something else".

Definitely watch the videos if you get the chance. I found them incredibly helpful.


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful write up @choogirl. I absolutely believe the zero point, the state of neutrality is the way to change. Fear one of the main culprit for shaping our life, it just not only controls our life but also our physical body. If we can dump the fear in every way we liberate fully, nothing can harm us, nothing can control us, we experience complete freedom. Acceptance of self in totality, the negatives and the positives is a must, if we try to live in denial of our shortcomings we are fooling our ownselves.
Thank you once again for this beautiful article. Very knowledgeable and insightful.

Thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, fear is definitely something that we all carry, which manifests in various shapes and forms. Everyday I seem to find something new to send back to the zero point!

this is sooo good! Thank you for sharing this truly wholesome inspirational content. I have so much work to be done in terms of self that I have never even acknowledged. It can be a daunting task with capitalism and survival knocking daily on my "door". I thought a lot about being more receptive to lifes lessons and blessings this year than probably ever before given the circumstances of homelessness and the pandemic. I am positive that our contributions to the blockchain are progressively pushing the shift forward.

Thank you for that comment. Lol, we all have a lot of work to do, don't worry. And yes, it can be very challenging. I hope that at some point you will be able to find the gifts from the circumstances you mentioned. The difficulties placed on the 'human' cannot be underestimated, even if there is a bigger picture at play.

What a read! Thanks for this and your chats in dikkord. I truly appreciate it.

Thank you for saying so!