Lotus Garden Newsletter for Homesteaders. 22nd July 2020

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Authored by @minismallholding

There seems to be an herbal theme happening this week. We've got articles on preserving, cooking and medicating with them. I hope you enjoy!


Things happening in the community.

The drive is still on for @needleworkmonday posts. If you post your needlework posts in the community on Mondays until 24th August you'll go in the draw for a chance to win 500HP delegation for 7 days courtesy of @shanibeer.


The current @abundance.tribe bi-weekly question is still open for submissions and asks us what it means to be whole.


Some highlights of the week

Over at @goldenoakfarm some of the abundance of summer is being dehydrated in preparation for keeping the chickens fed on healthy greens over winter.


@riverflows has discovered that rosemary has many more beneficial effects than she'd first realised. Regularly consumed, could this herb help to lift depression?


There is such beauty in flowers that we bring into our house to enjoy, but sadly they don't last. However, @jaynie has been wondering if one can make living vases, bringing a longer lasting enjoyment of plants inside, while still keeping it in a vase.


I couldn't go past this refreshing looking summer recipe which uses that nutritious, weed for many, purslane. Now I just need to find some artichoke hearts.


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Oh @minismallholding, I LOVED this week's selection. Especially @jaynie's post 😍 I'm now fantasizing over those living vases as I also happen to have geraniums, wandering jews and some others. I will be patiently waiting on the following posts with the process 💛 and that @buraksivas recipe!!! Never ever thought about a food with succulents but I LOVE artichokes. Drooling!

 2 years ago  

It's been so long since I had artichokes!


I have seen them in supermarkets but extremely expensive for what you can get - since it's a long process to actually get to the artichoke hearts 😅 I would have to buy way too many for making a recipe. And there is no trace of artichoke hearts cans either. Makes me sad. I truly could say they are one of my favorites ever.

Lovely curation @minismallholding - as always. I'm learning, over and over, how much something works in one part of the world and simply isn't relevant or possible elsewhere. I had the equivalent of the living vase on my countertop with some herbal cuttings for not more than 2 days and discovered it was FULL (and I mean HUNDREDS) of mosquito larvae, despite my very narrow-necked glass vase. 😭 I was gutted.

I'm still working up to the vegan cheese from @plantstoplanks and planning a herbal version of that one day soon. Life is busy as we are juggling madly preparing for post-covid.

Much gratitude for a sweet selection.

 2 years ago  

I gosh! That's certainly something to look out for, especially in the tropics. Mosquitoes breeding is certainly not want you want to bring home.

I've been thinking of writing up something on the differences of gardening in a dry climate, when so much is geared towards cooler and wetter climates.

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Thank you! Both for the mention and for the award. :))

 2 years ago  

You're most welcome. 😊

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