The Movement Challenge: Win HIVE [Enter By Sunday 21st]

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This week's challenge is an interesting one for the times, particularly as our movement is restricted in many ways. Personally, I'm stuck in a hotel room doing mandatory quarantine, at the insistance of the Australia government. Many of you have been through similiar situations, or might still be in lockdown.

Still, we move about in our personal spaces and in the world, because it feels good to move. And the way we like to move is different - from cycling to dancing, yoga to running, movement helps us physically and psychologically, even spiritually.

My Dad used to say to me 'move it or lose it!' - he knew that moving his body was going to help him feel better, protect him against ill health, and besides, it was just fun to surf, do yoga, run, swim, hike - it was good for the soul.


How do YOU move?

What are the benefits of moving in this way?

How do you feel personally when you move in this way?

Are there times where moving meant the difference between life and death?

What are the benefits of your 'movement' modality?

Feel free to adapt the 'movement' prompt how you see fit - you are not limited by the questions above!


The Guidelines

  • Burn 100 LOTUS by sending it to @null. This is easy to do in your Peakd Wallet ( If you don't have 100 LOTUS, ask @riverflows to burn it for you, no problem. Simply send the tokens to @null, which is an account with no keys.
  • To buy the tokens, you can use Hive Engine. If you'd like a tutorial on that, @lotusshares will be releasing a tutorial in the next few days, or ask in #hivehelp Discord in the Natural Medicine server.


  • Screenshot your burn as a comment under your post
  • Post in the #naturalmedicine community and/or use the #naturalmedicne tag
  • Comment on at least 5 other #naturalmedicine posts - engagement is everything!
  • Paste your entry under this post - if you don't, I can't guarantee I'll find it when it comes to tallying up the entries.
  • You are more than welcome to enter more than once!

What Do I Win?

  • Upvotes and reblogs from our curation accounts
  • Tips for super excellent wow content
  • A feature in curation posts and the final blog
  • A chance to be curated by OCD
  • A total of 50 HIVE in prizes this week - however, we reserve the right to award less or more depending on the amount and quality of the entries.
  • One full Spanish language post will also win HIVE, chosen by @ney

Why 'burn' Lotus?

Lotus is a token tied to HIVE. The more that is burnt, the more value it potentially has. By charging you a nominal fee, you help to raise the value of the token that you yourself can earn by posting #naturalmedicine content. Of course, there's no guarantee it will have any value at all, but through our constant watering of the LOTUS garden, anything might bloom!

A thankyou to @artemislives, who came up with the challenge this week! Much appreciated (and there's a wee beneficiary on this post for your trouble!)


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Very interesting the challenge of the week. @artemislive very creative

Thank you @kyleana - happy heart and open mind always encourages creative. 😍

I hope that you enter, @kyleana!

Finally got moving and got my entry in at:
It's also a celebration of the Summer Solstice!
Happy Summer Solstice.jpg

Wow @nainaztengra You are privileged like me having so much space to walk and move and the place is beautiful, very nice to take a walk and observe nature and those exotic animals that I saw in the photo. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Oh, got it! Sorry!

Of course I couldn't miss this one! Here is the link to my entry and my screen shot of LOTUS burned. If anyone else needs a burn, I'll be happy to support. I'll be back around later for some comments. :)
Lotus Burned.png

I congratulate you @plantstoplanks you are a professional runner, the closest I was to a marathon was in its organization. I really congratulate you.

Aww, thanks @isabelpena. There are many who are much more accomplished than I am, but I just enjoy sharing the love of the movement. And we runners very much appreciate those who help to put on the races we love doing, so thank you for any support you've ever given!

Thank you so much @plantstoplanks I appreciate this.

Dancing, I like to dance and I like music more. I remember cleaning my house with the radio on, it made me think that I had done my job faster. In the gyms there is instrumental music for you to relax while you exercise, you don't come out so tired. Congratulations on creating a group to meditate @trucklife-family, that's very good.

Thanks lovely!! Yes, I've done two as well. Did you burn some lotus?

This is the first challenge in which I participate and I think it has been very comforting to do so, thank you for having proposed it. I hope everyone can participate so that I can read them all. 💚

Here is my entry

The publication seemed wonderful to me. Congratulations again on your achievements friend @danielapevs

Oh yes, I am going to participate :-)

Don't forget to drop your link here, @nainaztengra!

And of course I am going to enter this activity, since I am like an ant, all the time I am in constant movement.

Although I didn't understand the guidelines, let's see how I solve it.

Are you okay with those guidelines @truelovemom? Write, buy lotus (check out the how to post on the @lotusshares account) and send it to @null. Really easy! Message me if you need a hand.

Muy creativo e interesante el reto de esta semana. A movernos!!

Interesting question, we're still so restricted but can go for walks again...but dare not step on the beach! Really can't understand that?
You must be glad to be on home soil even if it's quarantine; my son's in the same boat, arrived back in SA yesterday after a month long wait for a repatriation flight so now he's also in a quarantine facility but it's very nice at least...but very restricted as far as movement goes!
Just hang in there!

I can't understand that either @lizelle! May your movement is the rhythm of your cooking - that is absolutely perfect. And I know you have a pool - is that right??? Thanks lovely! @riverflows