Tai Chi Do - introduction to the art of peace

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I was introduced to the hive by @yangyanje.
In my young Years, I discovered an Art that lead me on a path of peace.
Beginning with Karate in Switzerland later tai chi. At the age of 24, I went to the Shaolin Temple and studied Qi Gong, Healing Techniques, and massage.

Engaging in Martial arts for over 40 years and Topics of Body / Awareness / Health. The path leads to autogenic training and theosophy to bioenergetics. These have various applications in Massage and body therapy.

Shotokan Karate since 1979

Member of the Shaolin Temple since 1994.

Tai Chi since 1990


@yangyanje stellte mir vor kurzem hive vor.
In fruehen Jahren schon entdeckte ich eine Kunst, die mich zum weg des Friedens fuehrte. Angefangen mit Karate in der Schweiz und spaeter tai chi. Mit 24 ging ich zum Shaolin Temple und befasste mir mir Qi Gon, Heiltechniken und Massagen.

Beschäftigte mich seit über 40 Jahren mit Kampfkunst und dem Themenfeld Körper / Bewusstsein / Gesundheit. Der Weg führte über Autogenes Training und Theosophie zur Bioenergetik. Diese finden Anwendungen in verschiedenen Formen der Massage und Körpertherapie.

Shotokan Karate seit 1979.

Mitglied des Shaolin Tempel seit 1994.

Tai Chi seit 1990.

Love, Piece, amitabha

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Hi @shushui
Willkommen auf Hive. Ich wünsche Dir viel Spass und Erfolg hier 😃

Vielen Dank zuerich das wuensch ich mir auch.

Welcome shushui!
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Welcome here to the amazing community.

Nice to meet you. Any friend of @yangyanje is a friend of mine x

Hey you visited deng feng! Did you get taught any of the older neigong and tai chi predecessors like Rou Quan. Chan yuan gong and lohan shi san gong. Interesting tie ins with them and old style tong bi, hong and pao chui chuan.

What style shaolin did you learn there. Very fascinating

Wow! That's an incredible journey. I hope to one day reach greater enlightenment and balance. Thanks for sharing your story. It is an inspiration.

Martial arts is incredibly important for human beings and quite a few of them are based very closely to a Indian Monk to travel through Asia and spread knowledge.

This is why quite a bit of the same movements are found in martial arts from India and Indonesia as well as the Philippines China and then Japan.

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