Homemade pickled cabbage

Homemade pickled shredded cabbage

This recipe will require patience as you will have to wait around 2 months until you will be able to pamper your taste buds with this crunchy, nutritious and filled with probiots cabbage.


You will witness a very interesting phenomena : the burping of the cabbage jars. Basically when this is fermenting in the first 7 days it bubbles and you need to let the lids partially open in order to prevent the accumulation of pressure. It will be useful to place the jars on a cloth just in case some of the excess liquid will come out. In the first 4 days you do not open the lids, but after that you can do so and , if necessary, complete with salty water if you see that it is required.

Just like a newborn baby would need, this cabbage wants your full attention in the first two weeks.

In the first 14 days you will keep the jars at the room temperature, ideally 23 degrees Celsius and in a dark place and after that you can put them into the fridge and let the fermentation process continue. The colder temperatures slow down this process.

I like to drink the sour tasty liquid with a portion of hot baked potatoes. It makes a great combination. I love my pickled cabbage and the taste does not compare with what I used to buy from the supermarket. I want to eat healthier and really know what I am eating so making my own pickled cabbage is a small victory that I am very proud of.

Pickles help you gut health and they have a lot of health benefits. Do you know that your mental health is very connected to the health of your gut? Do some research and allow yourself to be amazed!

Now that I have pique your interest I will put the recipe down below.

The recipe for healthy pickled cabbage

  • 3 jars of 1,7 Liters each
  • one medium cabbage (around 1-1,5 kg)
  • 1 hot pepper
  • 1 big horseradish piece
  • black peppercorns
  • 3 leaves of bay
  • dill
  • parsley
  • 3 tablespoons of caraway seeds
  • coarse salt
  1. You wash your jars with soap and water and prepare them by putting on the bottom of each jar equal parts of hot pepper and horseradish that you have cut in small pieces.


  1. You cut your cabbage into chunky slices and place it in the jars. That medium big cabbage will be enough for the 3 jars.

  2. You add 1 tablespoon of caraway seeds in each jar and cover the top of the jars with equal parts of parsley and dill and add 1 leaf of bay in each of them.

The look of the jar in day 2


  1. On the side you prepare a hot brine by following a simple recipe: for 1 liter of water you add 1 big spoon of coarse salt and bring it to a boil. You put one metal fork in each of the jars while you pour this hot brine in order to prevent any cracking of the glass.

  2. You let the brine in the jars to cool down and only after that you place the lids on top.

  3. You let the jars unopen for 4 days in a dark place and in day 5 you can open in order to let them breathe and complete with brine if necessary. Keep the jars for 2 weeks at room temperature without completely closing the lid so you would help the jars “burp” the excess pressure. After 14 days you can place them in the fridge and consume them in about 2 months.

The look of the jar after 2 weeks


The taste is incredible! The health benefits are enormous! Try it out and your gut will thank you:)

The final reveal after 2 months, you can see how much I liked this cabbage as I already finished 1 jar



Just curious, you eat in conjunction with other foods or U eat it alone?

You can eat it with mashed potatoes, with baked meat, or you can add sausages and make a slow cooking cabbage stew, you can have it with baked potatoes or make a mix and put it into a pie. But the way in which you will get the most nutrients out of it for your gut health is to have it raw, as high temperatures destroy the healthy bacteria. You can also use the liquid in soups as it gives them a sour taste. It is just delicious!

Ok, I see.
Thanks for taking your time to explain in detail

You're welcome!

Just looking at it, I can taste the sour flavor of the liquid hehe..

It is so good , I have a sip almost weekly I love it so much!

I hear you! I love it too! ♥️🥬🥬

I must admit I never did it myself alone, only helping out my mom and made it together! I like how good yours looks like. DELICIOUS!

I enjoy it alone sometimes but very often I like it with homemade chicken oven baked and some mashed potatoes 🥰

Mashed potatoes and pickled cabbage salad. I could eat this combination for days in a row, I just had a sip of the magic potion before writing to you here hahahaha. It is super healthy for our gut, I have read that drinking one small cup in the morning does wonders for you.
Better gut better health.

Haha sounds lovely anf you just opened my appetite for it 🤣.

And Yes, thats true as well! Both me and my husband are crazy studying the microbiome and totally agree with u. Drinking this its one of the best natural probiotics out there, since ever. You just encouraged me to drink it more. I do, but not as often I should.

Oh I am also intrigued by the microbiome and I was blown away to find out pretty amazing stuff about it. For example you can get depressed or , on the contrary, get better health, if you "exchange"microbiome. This happens especially in couples. Boy if we all knew this before casting the first kiss. HAHAHA. It is very important to be with someone that has a healthy microbiome as they will inevitably infect you if you are very close to them. They should teach this in school

Cool thing. I didnt know this. First kiss sounds a bit too long ago LOL. They didnt know about the microbiome anyway at those times 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Definitely teaching this in school, along with health and nutrition in general is mandatory these days. This is actually the reason I got to study nutrition. Exactly for this prompt, thinking I want to teach kids about nutrition and I wanted to build a program for this, here in my area but...yeah. Didnt do it. Maybe at some point in this life. There is still time becauawe the way I see it, they do nothing to teach kids about health, nothing at all.

Hahahaha yes it sounds like a long time ago because we have some experience, ask a teenager and they might just fantasize about it lol.
The education system needs a lot of adjustment . I would prepare kids for life more than trying to stuff their little brains with so many disciplines that have no practical use in real life.

Same as you here. There's too much to be improved succesfully....and thats so unfortunate!

Cabbage is awesome. I have fermented it before kinda y of like this. Top notch!

Oh yes! I drink that liquid like it's soda lol. And I loved pickled cabbage since I was a kid, it's just awesome

This must taste really nice but waiting for a whole two months is a lot
Thank you very much for the recipe though

I am really curious that this will take a lot of effort to actually prepare

The waiting part is the longest, that is all

My mom cans food in glass jars just like this. Good work, Creative Mary.