.Foodz/ Smart names dropping this 24th for all Foodies.

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Yo Foodies !

We got News !


Its been a long journey for us as a community and while we are the one stop destination for anything food on the Hive blockchain we are being noticed outside of the Hive as well.

We are partnering with Agaamin Technologies to create even more value for our users. Foodies United will drop a FREE Smart Name to all our members of Foodies.

Agaamin is launching the Smart TLD .foodz on the 15th of May commercially. Examples of some TLDs you might be familiar with are .com , .org. .in etc. However while the legacy TLDs can only be used a domain name, these Smart names have a bunch of use cases.

A Smart Name is a "programmable name" that you can use for a variety of purposes. Some its near future use cases are :

1- Your unique name for your avatar in the metaverse.
2- It can be your unique wallet address for digital currencies.
3- A domain name for your website.
4- A universal log into all the DApps on the new internet/Web3
5- It’s an investment as a Non-Fungible Asset.
6- Vanity email ids like [email protected] or 😋@🥘.foodz


The members of Foodies United on Hive will given a an Early access PromoCode next week that will allow them to visit the site https://agaamin.in and get a Smart name for themselves absolutely free.

Plans are also afoot by Agaamin to create services like a secondary marketplace where users can buy and sell their smart names thus creating value for the holders of the smart names. A vanity Email service is also in the works.

Agaamin’s TLDs are rooted in a decentralised protocol called Handshake instead of the legacy internet which is managed by a centralised organization called ICANN based in USA. An open-source protocol like Handshake ensures that the internet remains free and open and all countries with a digital footprint can finally have a stake in the global internet.

Opera Recently become one of the major browsers Opera to announce support for Handshake Smart Names. Users can also can easily access Web3 sites via Beacon Browser for IOS and Puma Browser for Android. Those who really like privacy and decentralisation can just install a free opensource resolver called “Fingertip” on their system which will allow them access all popular Web3 protocols like #HNS and .eth sites from any browser securely.

Keep an eye out on this space, we will share the promocode here on the 24th of March 2022. That is just 5 days away !

So spend this time thinking what kind of a name you would like 😁

The TLD .Foodz/ supports names in English, All Latin characters, Numbers, Signs, Symbols, Emojis and even Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Should users like to get more names you can get them on the Agaamin site after the 15th of April when the TLD launches officially.

Untill 24th !

Foodies United.


I'm more than happy to support... I've had a !LUV affair going with food for some time now, and it seems natural to bring that to #Hive! I've been meaning to get into recording my cooking sessions and posting recipes, so I should get rolling. Thanks for the extra heads up, the delegation and the sense of community. 🙏

!gif bon appetit

Amazing project, kudos to the team behind this project. All the foodies are anticipating March 24 !!!

Ouu... sounds delightful. Would anticipate this new project!

Ahh... Just 5 days away!

I love this development and I am excited about it. Looking forward to it (^_^)

This is a good message, received loud an clear 🥰❤️💃

This is fantastic! Well done on keeping up progress for us foodies!

Great to hear of all the projects, and incentives. I am new to Hive and glad to hear there is an active food community. I am looking forward to participating and reading everyone's food posts!

This is really amazing news for all of us.

Los cambio son para mejor ,esperaremos con gratitud todo lo que foodie haga para mejorar y como proyecto les deseo mucho éxito...gracias...👍😘


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You can now send $PIZZA tips in Discord via tip.cc!


@shopnilhasan ... perhaps this might interest you?

I use the Opera browser on my laptop, but will admit I'm not knowledgeable (yet) on this being talked about. But I am always trying to learn new things!

As you know, my main focus is a combination of helping new folks at @theterminal, combined with my own #thoughtfuldailypost Community and Curation Account. But I met @jasonbu while learning about the awesome @innerblocks Community, and realized there was quite a buzz in regards to food posts!!

So after creating a food related contest a few years ago in conjunction with my #thoughtfuldailypost, and joined the Foodies Bee Hive Server. That being one of the 100 Discord Servers I'm in, I try to hop in and help as I can. And will continue to do so, as long as allowed.

I'll be sure to share this at @theterminal to help elevate the awesomesauce. Looking forward to continued positive energy and content coming to,and out of this community!


So it will be like your own domain and then you have a cool username. That's nice.

I am very much interested to create my own ID too. Glad you're here to assist us. I'd love to have my cookings put on record as well.

Super interested in creating my own ID. This is fantastic