Tasty Wednesday #15: Protean American Pancakes recipe

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It's been so long since my last recipe that I bet not many of you remember about those times when I was sharing what I'm cooking, isn't it?

While I used to do it as part of my daily posts where each day was reserved for a different field to cover, after my burnout, I ended up focusing just on two posts per week, starting more recently again with the 3rd one which is on Monday with gaming posts. Either way, as I doubt I'll ever have that much time anymore to write daily as all my posts had the same length and quality and consumed lots of time and energy to put everything together, I thought that at least some of the recipes I'm trying lately are worth being shared.

Hence why, excuse the graphics with "Tasty Sunday" but the cooking posts used to happen on Sundays back then. And sadly at the moment I'm writing this post I don't have access to the files with those graphics to edit them, but that will be fixed sooner or later.

Anyway, this post was also encouraged after I exchanged replies with @missdeli where we both cooked muffins at almost the same time but while I forgot to take pictures with those, I'll share the recipe of my most recent dessert prepared which happened last week. This is, Proteic American Pancakes, and I bet it will help many of you since it's very easy to prepare and we all face more or less the problem of eating healthy all the time! ❤️

  • Protein Vanilla Pudding 200g
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 spoons of flour
  • 10g baking powder
  • 50ml of water
    NOTE: the pudding can be also of cocoa as its taste is not very strong. I got one from LIDL but I think any works just fine

Preparing is quite easy as you only need to throw all the ingredients in a bowl and start mixing.
Personally, I decided to first go with the vanilla pudding and the two eggs, mix them, and then add the rest of the ingredients.
But if you are using a whisk you will encounter no problem mixing everything from the start, as it's a lot easier than using a normal spoon as I did.


Click on the images to see them in full resolution

The composition should end up a bit more liquid than a pudding is, but not too liquid as the pancakes won't increase their volume anymore. I added around 50ml of water to get to the composition desired but if you make a double composition you might not need water at all.

If you have an oil spray bottle, then use that to add a very thin layer of oil on the pan, but if you don't (also my case), you can use either a silicone oil brush or a paper napkin soaked in oil but used only to apply a bit of oil on the surface and let it heat well. After that, the whole fun begins!
I was interested in creating medium-sized pancakes so just half of a soup spoon was perfect for me.

I've left the pancake 1 minute and a half on one side, then turned it on the other side for around 1 minute and a half too.
I have an induction hob so if you use a normal cooker stove you might need even less time than that.
Either way, make sure to apply a new thin layer of oil after each pancake, and slightly reduce the heat intensity so the pancakes are fully cooked and don't end up raw in the middle but well cooked on the surface.

Based on the ingredients mentioned at the beginning of this post, I obtained 8 protein American pancakes but it was just enough for me, my sister, and my boyfriend.
If you intend to have more for a larger family, then just double most of the ingredients, as follows: 400g of pudding, 3 eggs, 6 spoons of flour, 10 baking powder, and 50 ml of water. (this one might not even be needed at all)
From this recipe you should get around 20 Protein American Pancakes.
If you are looking for an even healthier sweet, consider replacing the flour with oat flakes. But I don't have a proper recipe for that just yet as I need to try it on my own first.
Also, you can eat them without anything on top, with cheese cream, fresh fruits, or even some protein chocolate, but we opted to have them just with chocolate, cheese, and plums.

Preparing + cooking time: 15 mins

P.S: @erikah you might want to give this one a try as I know you are following a challenge to stay away from sugar as much as possible and it's a good alternative to get your dose of sweetness without breaking too many rules. 😁

P.P.S: the winners of my contest hosted last week are @grindan for 10 HBD and @lizelle for 10 HIVE. I'll send you the prizes shortly! Also, I fully upvoted the last post of each of the participants for a little consolation of not being the winners this time.
I feel bad this giveaway reached so few people and most of you found out about it just a few hours before coming to an end, but I hope I'll be able to bring you a lot more surprises this year depending on how things will move on.

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~ @GabrielaTravels ~


The pancakes looks really awesome, I'm certain that it will also taste really great, we enjoy it most when we mix very ripe banana in it.

Thank you for sharing your recipe 😋

That's an option too. We prefer to add it raw over the topping 😍

Oh we've never tried it like that, I think it would be great! Thanks for the insight 🤗

Thanks for checking it out!! Wish you a lovely day. 🤗

I’m going to try this method
I’ve always made pancakes but it does not always give me that taste I’ve been experiencing
When I give this a try, I’d let you know

Looking forward to seeing your results! I'm glad you enjoyed the recipe. 🥰

Tasty pancakes! I remember when I used to do food posts. They take a lot of time don't they!!

They do for sure! Both writing them down but also IRL, lol!

Yeah, way longer than you would expect!

First of all, thanks for tagging me. It's definitely an interesting recipe and I'm already bookmarking it to have it in case I need a recipe. Believe it or not, I don't crave sugar anymore and since my two weeks challenge ended, I had half of a shtrudel (couldn't eat the second half) and 1 (one) biscuit. I have no idea what's going to happen in the near future, but this is good for me for the moment.

That's awesome to hear! I thought it's going to be a more rough battle.

Mmm yummy pancakes!
They look so nice and makes me want to have some now. :)

It takes only 15 minutes to have them on your plate, so don't miss any more time and begin preparing it ☺️

Haha yes boss! 🤣
I actually do have food when I have the energy to cook, just did a bigger shopping so I had food. :)

I was daily posting last year, and I don't know how I did it now lol! I'm happy as long as I get a few out a month now. 😂

I'm not a big pancake fan, but these look awesome! It's an added bonus that they are healthier- perhaps I'll make these for my kiddos soon. 😄

And oh my gosh, how cool that I won the 10 HBD!! 😱😍💃 Thank you so much!! 🤗💚

You are welcome! Well deserved for sure. And I'm happy that I've run into your account here! 🥰💪🏻

This is quite an interesting recipe. The pancakes look delicious! I would enjoy them with cinnamon and....honey ☺️😁. I know its also a sweetener but I love honey on my pancakes! Though I could serve these without as well. 😅
I also need some protein recipes to have at hand and focusing more on protein intake in general.

Thanks for the mention, I need to see whats all about this protein pudding from Lidl. 😁
Also I'll have an eye on your protein recipes. 😛

Cinnamon and honey sounds very tasty! I used to love honey on pancakes but never tried it mixed with cinnamon 🤔

Thank you for showing interest in my recipes ❤️

Honey and cinnamon works best together if you are a cinnamon lover as I am 🤣

the cat's face hehe looks delicious

I hope you don't mean my cat is delicious... lol

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