Baking my own Seitan - How was that ?


This account is supposed to be only for sports content but I realized that I really want to makes posts about food and I would not feel comfortable to make it on my main account. And for me, sports without a good food doesn't mean a lot so I decided to make some food content here on this account.

Some time ago I tested a recipe with Seitan in it, it was really great but the Seitan was really expensive.

4€ for 2 persons and I know that the ingredients are not supposed to be expensive at all. So I decided to see if I could make it myself easily. There are two methods, one easy and the second I don't know but it seem long and dangerous and the goal is to eat and not to put everything in the trash.

The main ingredient is "Wheat Gluten". You can totally buy it in some markets or online or the difficult part is getting it yourself with wheat flour and I didn't know have any talent yet to try that kind of sorcery.

So I tried to make this WTF gluten (WTF for "ash The Flour")

Step 1, Make a dough

For that I was pretty confident, flour + water my hands, that was quick.


Step 2 : Wait 30 minutes

Step 3 : wash it ?

After that I needed to wash it under some water. It was pretty long, I didn't really know how to do it so I used maybe too much water :')


The water is becoming white because we're getting rid of all the starch in the dough and everything stay in the water. I kept the first bowl of white water to get back this starch and make something out of it :


After some time, it was finally becoming good. And when I say good, I really don't mean that it was starting to be nice :


This really looks like a tumor and a brain at the same time. The first time I see exactly how gluten looks like, and that's terrifying :')

Step 4 : wait again.

Here I saw several different recipe, and some was saying to wait 30 minutes in the fridge, some 1 hour in cold water.

So I waited maybe 10 minutes and forget to make it in something col. And that's where I don't know if the following mistake is mine or not.

I didn't wanted to make the same as in the video. I wanted to make a seitan, not that kind of, idk... Nuggets ?

So in the recipe I found I needed to mix it With spices and other things like soy sauce. So I tried...


After at least 10 minutes that's the only thing I've been able to make. It was supposed to make only one dough and here it's just like if I tried to mix a Chewing gum with water. That's just not working.

Step 5 : Give up

I've been discouraged, I gave up and just made that sh*tty nuggets. That wasn't one of the strangest things I ever ate. It was really the same texture than a chewing gum but a little softer (and eatable). As the spices wasn't in, it was almost tasteless, just the taste of the oil on it.

And one hour after, I saw that I was looking a bad recipe, it was a different one, not the usual, I was supposed to use the spiced sauce as a broth to cook the gluten in it for 40 minutes.

So. I kept the sauce, and I'm going to test it in the following days. No worries, I'll make a post about it, but only if it's a success !!!


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