Appreciation – Anyone Can Join This Contest

Thank you everyone who had joined the last engagement activity.

Quality posts for the last contest were awarded with nice tips.

The theme for the next contest will be ‘Appreciation’.

Contest Rules

  1. Write a post to share your appreciation to someone or a community that has helped you on the Hive platform.
  2. Each participant can only submit one entry to this contest.
  3. Submit your post link as comment in this post.
  4. Qualifying entry will get a tip on your post. (The amount of tip will depend on the quality of your post)
  5. This contest will end on 17th July 2020.

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Currently, our current official members in this Dolphin Assemble Community are:

@adsup @whatsup @amico @bscrypto @denmarkguy
@ixindamix @marki99 @darrenfj @vlemon @chekohler
@nickyhavey @abitcoinskeptic @brittandjosie @crypto.piotr @culgin
@jrvacation @ervin-lemark @knowhow92 @russia-btc
@sgt-dan @kinakomochi @livinguktaiwan @steemflow @imisstheoldkanye
@priyanarc @shortsegments @joetunex

No upvote is needed to participate in this contest.


Hey, here's my post on appreciating Hive and who helped me on my journey navigating this platform
Thanks 😇

Thank you for your participation in your recognition of wonderful people in your life on hive like @ervin-lemark, @eddiespino, @sidwrites, @steevc and many more may come your way. A tip has been given on your post!

Thank you for the mention. Absolutely glad to see this. Both of you rock! @rmsadkri @dolphin-assemble

Thank your for inspiring others.


Thanks for organizing the contest. Keep encouraging.🙏

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Thanks for appreciating those who have inspired you! I have given you a tip on your post already. 😁