Engagement Question – Why do you like Hive? (Anyone Can Comment)

Time really flies. It was 3 days ago that we had an engagement question.

There were many who participated and some were rewarded slightly more than others with tips.

This is a great way for members and non-members to have an increase engagement on Hive.

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This is going to an extremely easy to answer engagement question.

Share with a comment in this post why do you like Hive and get a small tip for your comment related to the engagement question.

Anyone can participate in this engagement activity without being a member of Dolphin Assemble Community.

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Subscribers of our community will need to be a Dolphin (5132.24 HP ~ 51322.4 HP) so if you are a dolphin, it will be great if you can join us.

You do not need to make a post but simply give your opinion as comment in this post.

You do not need to be a member of Dolphin Assemble Community to participate in this engagement question.


financially incentivized, decentralized, blockchain nasex, censorship resistant social media ♡♡♡

Thanks! Nice to have the extra cash!

!tip 0.2

'Cause I can finally start chasing my dreams and I know that no one can stop me from trying.
My dream is to be able to make a decent living out of skateboarding and no one can take that away from me on Hive 'cause no one can delete my content!

Indeed you are currently living a life that many hope to achieve. Freedom from the bondage of a routine job.

!tip 0.3

Thanks for the tip! I'm just lucky that I live in a country in which everything is cheap! My rent is like 65$ per month! hehehe!

Hopefully beer is cheap too. I think you love !BEER

Who doesn't? Hehehe!

Hey @knowhow92, here is a little bit of BEER from @dolphin-assemble for you. Enjoy it!

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Hello, my name is Ambar and I want to share with you my answer to this question:

I like Hive because it is a space where I can share my ideas without fear of being judged, I have found here a place to vent many of my fears and I have also met fantastic people who have made me feel comfortable and have helped me grow in the short time I have been on the platform (2 months). I got to know the platform thanks to the quarantine and it is one of the best things that has happened to me in this time.

I am using the translator of DeepL because my mother tongue is Spanish.

Welcome to Hive! Thanks for sharing what you like about Hive.

!tip 0.2

Keeping a blog without having to host it on your own and being rewarded for your work. But above all, making great acquaintances in a very involved community. Beyond the financial and technical aspect of the blockchain, it's this aspect that I like the most.

Great that we are able to make friends on Hive platform!

!tip 0.2

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