My boy, Adam

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My son and daughter were young teens in 1994 and we had moved to a new town 150 miles away from all their friends during the middle of the school year.

To give them something to look forward to, I bought tickets to take them to see Adam Sandler at a show he was doing in Madison WI.



I didn't know much about him, but I knew both of my kids roared with laughter when they watched SNL and I decided I could manage to sit through the show.


We arrived in Madison early enough to get a bite to eat before the show. The kids wanted pizza, but I told them since the rest of the night was for them I got to pick the restaurant. My choice was a vegetarian coffee shop Cafe located in my favorite bookstore. It was just around the corner from the theater. There was a big limo parked in front of the bookstore, and when we went in the hostess seated us at a little table near the back.... Right beside Adam Sandler and Chris Farley! Our tables were practically touching!


We soon became aware that Chris Farley intended to become an impromptu part of the show and that he and Adam were planning out the acts and songs. Chris was writing jokes on the back of a napkin and he would turn to me to try them out, asking my opinion on which punchline I thought was funniest. My kids sat there with their mouths hanging open, but Adam made conversation with them and both he and Chris autographed our restaurant receipt and tickets. This was to my daughter, Alli.


Before they left, Adam turned to me and said 'I know the kids are going to love the show, but I always worry about the moms in the audience.'
I told him I would be sitting in the 4th row, right on the aisle and he would be able to tell if I was enjoying it.

The show was like being at a big party! There were tons of laughs and jokes. Adam sang songs that my kids seemed to know all the words to and Chris surprised the audience when he came out and turned cartwheels across the stage and took us to Lunch Lady Land.

Adam sang one particularly raunchy song, and as he picked up his guitar and turned to leave the stage, he put his hand to his eyes to shield the stage lights and looked right at me and said 'How are the moms out there doing tonight?'

My boy, Adam. I have loved him ever since.

Chris Farley was a Madison, Wisconsin native and he died December 18, 1997, at his Chicago apartment of a drug overdose. Adam did this tribute to his friend. It makes me cry.

What is your favorite Adam Sandler movie or song? Chris Farley made us all laugh. What's your favorite skit or movie?

the images I used are screenshots from Amazon

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Those were possibly some of the best days that show had ever seen. Great talent

Definitely some wonderful entertainment!

Where Is Eva?

What an unexpected treat for all of you. All of his movies are LOL, with Happy Gilmore being one of my favorite movies of all time.

It is a treasured memory! They were both new enough that no one else in the restaurant seemed to recognize them, so we had them all to ourselves!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks, Pix!

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I don’t have one favorite movie he is just funny when he starts taking and the way he looks and talks is a true comedian. We don’t have Saturday night live, maybe I need to watch online to see clips if it’s that good.

Today the qualifying starts and tomorrow we will be messaging again, opening of racing season dear can’t wait

It is going to be a hot race! I edited the post to add the autographs

Adam Sandler looks really young here. I really liked his work back in the 00s. Him and Ben Stiller.

I read that Adam was born in 1966. He has always seemed like a youngster to me, though.

What a great story, and how exciting it must have been to meet them! I bet your children always let you pick the restaurant from there on! 😂 I can hardly think of Adam Sandler without thinking of "The Hanukkah Song" while Chris Farley makes me think of "the van down by the river!" 😁

hello dear friend @ melinda010100 good day
What a beautiful life story, what a great experience, one could never forget something like it. I appreciate very much that you have let us know about this meeting
I admire Adam from his entire career, I just like everything he does
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid day

It goes right up there on my list of lifetime favorite events! I'm glad you love Adam, too!

What a wonderful experience to have had! My wife and I are not fans of the Waterboy type movies, but we love the Grownups films, and the rom-coms like The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates. Spanglish too.

I am definitely not a fan of slapstick type humor, either but I'm always quite thrilled when I find an Adam Sandler movie that I love!

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks! That is very much appreciated.

Oh. My. God ....Your story entertained me soooo much ! I was excited all along the reading and thrilled when Adam Sandler asked you the question 😁😄
You are such a fantastic storyteller my dear ! 😍

Thanks so much! I love telling stories, but somehow always put off writing them. @raymondspeaks gave me the encouragement to write this one down, and I hope others see that the CINETV community is not just for movie reviews!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this!

What a fantastic memory you made with your kids, one to go down in history. The lunch lady is one of my favorites of Chris Farley, and it was a very sad day when we lost his sense of humor and comedy. Thank you for taking us on your memory through your story telling it was if we were sitting in the booth and in that 4th row with you.

I read that Chris was in treatment 17 different times and knowing that he made that much effort makes his death even more tragic. I've told that story many times over the years, but this is my first attempt at writing it. Your words encourage me!

@melinda010100 you do have good instincts with writing, you are a good story teller.

I am a much better storyteller than I am a writer! I do keep trying, though!

Wow that is awesome, He is one of my favourite childhood actors, I grew up watching billy madison weekly.

" What you looking at swan" 🤣 O that is such a great movie with some good life lessons in it actually

My opinion is that he is genuinely a good guy!

I am moved by all the memories, you wrote a great post. I'm not a big Sandler fan, probably because I live outside the US and I'm not used to that kind of humor. I liked Spanglish and in a movie whose title I don't remember, he was depressed after his wife's death and the others thought he was crazy.

I think that was Reign Over Me. I can understand you not enjoying the 'humor'. It is not my thing either. I have to be in the right mood to sit through that much silliness.

Yes, I think that was it. A dentist friend took care of him.
He is a very good actor!

I like The Wedding Singer and Blended because I also like Drew Barrymore. Chris was awesome. Too bad that he went the way he did. Drug addiction surely sucks. That’s so cool that you have those memories of them together and even more so that it was so intimate and personal. Those were possibly some of the best days that show had ever seen. Great talent! And great story.

Thanks! Those are both great, I like Drew Barrymore, too. When someone like Chris leaves the world far to early, we are the ones who miss out.

Wow, how lucky was that?! 🙂🙂 He's not my favourite actor, but it's always great to know he is down to earth like that.

I was really impressed with the time he took to interact with me and my kids. He impressed me as a really decent guy.

Seems like it for sure! :)

It is certainly a fun memory!

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That certainly would have been one awesome night i love that Adam Sandler sad about Chris Farley he was a real fun person.

Drug addiction is an awful thing. It was a memorable night for all of us.

Drug addiction is so scary it always takes away the best people unfortunately.