Why toilet door in malls and offices are cut from bottom?

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Many of us used the public convenience in malls , theatre and other public places. We might have noticed that the door of these toilets were different from the one used at home. At our own home , we used to have a closed door system. The toilet area is completelly covered from top to bottom.


But in public toilet like of malls, theatre and even in offices, the door were cut short from the bottom. As anybody can sneak in or easily see you. This is very interesting thing, which we might did not take notice off. My friend consider it to be a common system for air passage and to keep the toilet smell free. But they is other reason behind it too.? I learned from one of my relative , that the door were cut short for a purpose. There is a specific reason for doing so.

  • Emergency purpose : in case any person fall ill inside the toilet or kid locked themselves in, then they can be rescued from the bottom open spaces.

  • Cleaning Purpose : these open doors allow the sweepers to clean the floor even when the toilets were in used. They simply wipe up the floor open spaces from bottom door part.

  • Bad Activities : many a times young lads make use of the toilets for making out. These open door prevent them from going extreme can easy be caught doing wrongful things in public places.

  • No Smoking : Many people are in habbit of smoking while using the toilet. These open door prohibits them from doing so.

Knowing all these facts is realy interesting, afterall everything is done with a purpose. And the short door from the bottom is one such example. We might ignore them at once but now knowing the reason behind, we must appreciate the thought process of doing so. Look around we have so many dun dacts and interesting things to explore.

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Learning is Passion!!

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I also noticed about this and got curious. I was thinking that it might be open so when someone wants to get in, they will know if the room is in use or not haha.

There's some part of me that making it open is kind of awkward lol.

Curious minds always find out the answer...thanks to my uncle, who works in the admin to sort out the confusion

Not sure if it actually works to stop people from making out. Though sure they can hope it will. Rest of it makes sense.

I am not sure too but I think more than two legs in one compartment is enough to find any wrong thing

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