When Dogma Trumps Truth: The Making of the Pandemic That Never Was & Birth of a New Global Religion

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“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” - Thomas Jefferson

Just over a month ago at the end of June, Off Guardian published what is surely one of the most well researched and best sourced articles exposing the true scientifically baseless nature of the Covid Con, revealing that every aspect of the so-called ‘pandemic’ is based entirely on blind faith and unproven theories as opposed to science, fact and truth. Probably even more relevant now than it was then, Torsten Engelbrecht and Konstantin Demeter authored the scathing expose titled, “COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless,” after diligently researching the matter, and I highly recommend everyone interested in the truth about ‘Covid19’ read it in its entirety.


The amazing research piece inspired me to write this post, and all of the following quotes unless otherwise noted are sourced from it; if anyone doubts the validity of the claims being made here, look no further than the article above for a plethora of sources and scientific evidence which the peddlers of the official narrative continue to ignore at all costs...

The Making of the Pandemic That Never Was & Birth of a New Global Religion

It all starts with a new virus that’s never been isolated, never been purified - the one and only gold standard method of virus identification - so it all starts with a virus that’s never even been proven to exist.

The virus is blamed for causing a new illness, an illness with common flu-like symptoms, which is only identified as a uniquely new illness due to its correlation to the new virus. But the virus blamed for causing the illness has never been proven to be the cause, failing to meet even a single one of the four postulates necessary to demonstrate causation according to the accepted medical science of the day.

Polymer chain reaction (PCR) tests which were not invented or designed for virus identification, and which are scientifically unsound and thus unsuitable for this purpose, are then manufactured to detect this new virus. Although these tests are not designed to diagnose the associated illness but only to detect the virus, and this despite such technology never being meant to do so, and despite the manufacturers clearly stating that these new tests are, for example, “not to be used for diagnostic procedures,” and “not intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of coronavirus infection,” they are immediately put to use for this exact purpose.

Not only are these tests being used for the very purpose the manufacturers clearly state they are not designed or intended to be used for, they are also the main diagnostic tool and in very many cases the only diagnostic tool being used at all!

All around the world the various authorities and newspeople repeated the new mantra religiously - “test, test, test”; “testing, testing, testing” - this we are told is the solution to our problem. From the World Health Organization to Donald Trump, to Nancy Pelosi and so many others, the mantra was repeatedly heard round the world and the new tests were quickly unleashed to save the world from the deadly pandemic.

Interestingly enough, it is certain that an accurate rate of false positives and false negatives cannot be ascertained without a gold standard to test the tests against, and since such a gold standard doesn’t exist because the gold standard method of virus identification has never been utilized for this virus, there is absolutely no way to determine the true rate of false positives and false negatives, let alone to verify that the tests are even looking for a new virus at all.

Adding to that, a number of medical authorities and researchers who do accept without question the proven existence of the virus which hasn’t actually been proven to exist, have nonetheless conceded that the tests generate a large number of false positives (somewhere between 20-80%) and at the same time “are not sensitive enough to detect some real positive cases”. Media investigations by a local television channel in Florida further proved this unreliability factor, discovering that certain tests were actually giving out 100% positive test results.

“In other words, even if we theoretically assume that these PCR tests can really detect a viral infection, the tests would be practically worthless, and would only cause an unfounded scare among the “positive” people tested.”

And that is exactly what has happened. The media continues to rely upon inaccurate, overinflated numbers of designated coronavirus-positive patients derived solely from these highly inaccurate test results, to sell the ‘Covid19’ pandemic narrative; and then they feed you the scariest horror stories of sick and dying patients they can get their hands on, relentlessly selling without proof the story that the virus, which may or may not even exist, is the cause of the illness making these people sick, who may or may not actually be sick with a brand new illness.

Of course all of this begs the question: Was there ever really even a pandemic to begin with?

“How declaring virus pandemics based on PCR tests can end in disaster was described by Gina Kolata in her 2007 New York Times article Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t.

So it really shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise that blind faith in highly inaccurate tests, which are neither designed for identifying viruses in general nor specifically in this case manufactured to serve as an aid for diagnosing coronavirus infection, and which are being used to identify a virus that hasn’t been proven to exist, would be capable of creating the illusion of a pandemic that never was.


In the 2007 instance, a few people coming down with severe coughs led to fear of the outbreak of a new whooping cough epidemic, an idea immediately bolstered by a bunch of positive PCR test results used to diagnose the suspect cases, which immediately led to the declaration of just such an epidemic and associated measures to curb its spread. It wasn’t until several months later when lab results confirmed that there were in fact no whooping cough infections, and instead only a common respiratory infection passing through. The only reason this epidemic that wasn’t was ever discovered to be nonexistent, was through the testing of the patient samples against the previously obtained isolated/purified whooping cough virus particle to compare samples against.

As for the novel coronavirus, since no such purified particle exists against which to test the patient samples taken for PCR testing, there is no way the authorities will ever be able to discover if this pandemic in reality never was. For in this case there is no way for them to prove that the tests are positively identifying a virus that isn’t there, but at the same time there is also no way for anyone to prove that the tests are identifying a virus at all, for neither determination is possible when dealing with a virus that hasn’t yet been proven to exist.

And so one doctor, Dr. Tim O’Shea, has even gone so far as to offer a generous $5,000 reward for anyone who can prove the existence of this novel coronavirus labeled SARS-CoV2, and it would appear that to date he still has yet had no takers...

Video also on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wGTb1y7l9pQm/

All available evidence does, however, point to this being one massive pandemic that never was - particularly the complete lack of any hard evidence for the existence of the virus causing the pandemic they claim is ravaging humanity.

Real pandemics don’t need full time pandemic coverage by the media used to instill fear into the minds of the masses in order to put the people into a state of fear. In fact, real pandemics would far more likely generate so much organic fear that the media would instead be working overtime to keep the masses calm and from going into panic overtime.

Real pandemics don’t need artificially inflated death and case counts to convince us of their reality. A real pandemic doesn’t need to suppress those who question its reality in order to sustain its existence in the minds of the people. A real pandemic would be easily witnessed all around by everyone, and not be seen only on the news by those watching television. A real pandemic would induce our leaders to take real preventative actions themselves, rather than ignoring all of the ‘ultra-important’ measures they insist the rest of us adhere to for months on end, until public adherence to these measures finally becomes advantageous in convincing the dissenting masses to comply.

Then there are the bizarre test results procured by the President of Tanzania, who had samples taken from a sheep, goat and paw paw fruit sent into the testing lab, with both the goat and fruit samples coming back as positive for the coronavirus, prompting the popular and controversial leader to call out what he described as a “dirty game.”

The Guardian notes that he then,

accused international health officials of exaggerating the crisis and suggested some health workers “may have been put on the payroll of imperialists”.

And last but certainly not least, how can anyone in their right mind actually believe that any of this so-called ‘response’ has anything to do with actually responding to a real pandemic, when one of the biggest such ‘responses’ was verifiable planned a full year before the pandemic was declared and months before the ‘virus’ was even first discovered?


Yes, that’s the CARES Act, the $6.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid and Relief Emergency Stimulus bill, signed into law at the end of March, 2020, two months after the global pandemic was declared, but strangely first introduced to Congress on January 24, 2019, written almost an entire year before the coronavirus was supposedly first discovered in China in December of 2019... Clearly, at the very least the economic shutdown and ensuing ‘stimulus’ package all blamed on the ‘pandemic’ was planned long before the virus causing the pandemic was ever first discovered.

And as for the ‘pandemic’... Not only was it clearly a plandemic, but its existence is based entirely on blind faith in the unscientific medical consensus and in unquestioning belief in all of the coronavirus dogmas being daily fed to you by the TV and ‘authorities’; not science, facts and the truth. Certain religious practices are ordained for the salvation of the followers. Anyone who disagrees, dissents, points out discrepancies or brings up evidence which challenges the dogmatic narrative is ridiculed, given dirty labels, outcasted and shunned. And that is exactly what religions do, and exactly how religions act.

Bill Gates is their chief prophet, who first predicted such a pandemic, and is now trusted by all of the new believers around the world; and he continues to prophecy that the pandemic is here to stay until the arrival of his vaccine, which according to one of this religion’s most basic doctrines is the only way to save the world from this scourge. Fauci along with the WHO and all of the other coronavirus ‘medical experts’ are the high priests. The governments function as their churches, the politicians the deacons and bishops, and the media the preachers proselytizing the masses, spreading the pandemic ‘gospel’.

Mask wearing, social distancing and the coming vaccines are among the religious rituals you must perform to be ‘saved’; the ‘virus’ is the evil threat and source of the fear used to control the converts, the hell they’re here to save us from; and the middle class, our normality, our humanity, and our freedoms are the sacrifices which must be offered upon the covid alter to appease the wrath of the angry invisible coronavirus gods. At the same time, the modern day burning of writings deemed heretical consists of disappearing any unapproved, dogma-challenging content from the internet, or at least wiping them from popular social media platforms.

What we’re clearly seeing here is the rise of a new global religion.

Welcome to the pandemic that never was. Welcome to the new global religion. Welcome to the new normal. Welcome to Covid1984.


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The off guardian article is being marked false by fake book. Thank you for rpoviding it

"This indicates that the belief in the validity of the PCR tests is so strong that it equals a religion that tolerates virtually no contradiction.
But it is well known that religions are about faith and not about scientific facts. And as Walter Lippmann, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and perhaps the most influential journalist of the 20th century said: “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”

great stuff as usual, thanks for the link, don't stop doing what you're doing :-)

covid zone.png

It has been obvious all along that the whole thing is utter bollocks...


There is clearly more to the story. The grasping going on is so obvious!

I agree that the "powers" is using Covid19 to drive their agendas. That figures might be exaggerated due to inaccurate tests.
We have a Facebook page Coronavirussa and "real normal people" is reporting daily that their husband, wife, brother, even child had died. You can't tell them the virus is not real....

to sell the ‘Covid19’ pandemic narrative; and then they feed you the scariest horror stories of sick and dying patients they can get their hands on, relentlessly selling without proof the story that the virus, which may or may not even exist, is the cause of the illness making these people sick, who may or may not actually be sick with a brand new illness.

I assure you it's very real for the patients that dies every day and their mourning families. It's also very real and new for the patients recovering that never experienced healing from the flu or common cold taking from 4 weeks to 2 months.

I’m not arguing that people aren’t getting sick and dying, only that there is no evidence a new coronavirus called sarscov2 is the cause.

The OffGuardian has very well documented and sourced this position that there is no proof of the so-called virus and that the tests are absolutely useless to detect it. Please check it out, they questioned the very doctors who claim to have isolated the virus, all admitted there is in reality no purified virus particle, meaning no solid evidence the virus exists or proof of what it truly is. They only have partial RNA strand, not full, so they can’t accurately determine what it actually is that they are testing for...

you can’t tell them the virus isn’t real.

No, but I can tell them there’s no evidence it is, and suggest their illness may not in fact be caused by a newly discovered virus. It is the cause of illness I am calling into question, not the reality of the illness in people which is even causing some deaths.

New studies are now linking pollution to covid, and there are a host of other potential causes or combination of causes besides a new virus, such as toxins in flu vaccine for example, as majority of those being diagnosed are recipients of the flu vaccine.

Also if you share link to FB page I’d appreciate it, as I would be interested in checking out some of the firsthand stories of the ill as part of my research - thanks!

Thank you for your gracious reply.
I understand what you are saying.

Whatever it is, it is new and for some it is a killer. I just today read that 8 of our doctors died and 189 nurses. Never before was it reported that the flu or cold killed our doctors. Thank God others are recovering.


Some of the posts is in our native language Afrikaans.

Lots of the stories are shared in the comments of some posts.

Look who is coming to our aid. I don't trust them!!!

Hello @hope777,

something so completely new, as we are led to believe, cannot be Corona, because if it had been completely new for our immune system, it would have killed many more people and would have been much more present in all our lives. Simply because we ourselves would have become seriously ill and our family members in droves.

The corona viruses have been known in specialist circles for a long time and were considered insignificant in medical observation circles. Only by defining the moment of the emergence of a new virus as such and then changing the definition of pandemic can the current phenomena be created.

Those who are currently being hospitalised and are faced with staff who are anxious or panicky must expect to be treated incorrectly or to be overmedicated and over-actionistic. Especially in cases where intubation is used, the death rate is extremely high. Intubation is normally only intended for emergencies and should not exceed a certain duration. However, patients were sedated for days with the tubes in their beds and then died.

If you are given the list of drugs that patients have received (often a mixture of high doses and sometimes conflicting drugs) you have to take this into account just like the previous illnesses of the deceased. If you don't know the details of these published deaths, if you don't know exactly who these people were, if you didn't have a personal relationship with them, you should be very careful when you are spreading these numbers.
Of course, this kind of thing has never been widely publicized in the media, because people seem to be easily panicked and insecure.

Usually we underestimate our strength, our immune system, our self-healing potential, especially when the flood of negative news makes us feel insecure. If people were indeed such easy victims, then you and I would experience such things directly and immediately. And not through the media.

All the best for you.

Best regards from Germany

Thank you for the lengthy reply. I know personally people that got sick. My sister in law was one of the first cases in South Africa. She works for World Vision and was in Wuhan. When she returned she was sick. Her symptoms was mild. A friend of mine daughter has been seriously ill in hospital for over 4 weeks and 4 other of her family members have it too. They all yield positive tests. A friend of mine from high school got very sick was tested and admitted to hospital, and was treated in hospital for over 2 weeks. Was discharged last week and recouping further at home.

We in our home took all the pre-cautions to not get sick. We stayed at home as much as possible, we wore our masks, (although I don't think masks are so effective), we washed our hands, disinfect our groceries and ourselves when we came back from a very occasional shopping day. I am diabetic as well as my parents 79 and 80. We cannot afford to get it.

Currently we have no water as about our whole municipality's employees is down with the virus. It has not yet peaked in South Africa. One of our provinces is busy digging 1500 graves in anticipation of what might be on the way.
Our population is 59 million, I compare our stats with Italy, their population is 60 million. Our deaths just about reached 1000 which is not too bad. The difference between Italy and us is that our population has way more younger than older people which was not the case in Italy. They have big numbers of older people.

As I have said there might be exaggerated cases, positives and deaths. But there is people dying everyday.

Every leader in the world did not had a meeting planning to drive the "Corona
plandemic" all agreeing to destroy their country's economies. It happened gradually till the spread was in every country.

Donald Trump did not wanted to destroy America and he played it down and where has that brought the USA??

That there is a conspiracy by big Pharma, WHO, Bill Gates etc about treatments that I agree. I totally buy into, that maybe there is/was a delay in treating with the right medicine long ago to prolong the illness so that a vaccine can be produced. But the truth of medicines that is effective is surfacing more and more.

I am just a layman trying to make sense of what I see and hear from normal people, getting sick and dying and then all the information about all the conspiracies going the rounds.

Thank you again.