Coronavirus Files – September 2020

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Sun is a perfect disinfectant which eliminate viruses quickly and efficiently. September is the last month without respiratory infections before the flu season. Still, Benjamin Netanyahu had too much political problems, so he was the first to reintroduce a three-week lockdown due to a ‘second wave’…

Of course he got a resistance. The protests start spreading all over EU and the World. People can sense a hoax, but are not yet able to form a critical mass which could change things and enfoce responsibility for the hoax.

Creating an archive of Coronavirus texts in English and Serbian will not only allow evidence of the greatest global hoax to remain on the blockchain platform, but will also make it easier to search for all the evidences of a Hoax.

Timeline is going from the bottom of the text up.

100. Coronavirus Hoax: The Thinking Stuff Part IV – The Pandemic Hotline (Sep. 24th)

‘The Pandemic Hotline’ satire featuring JP Sears, and another set of chosen memes with the aim of encouraging critical thinking about the Coronavirus Hoax.

99. Коронапревара: Саслушајмо и другу страну (Serbian – Sep. 23th)

Сваком разумном човеку морало би бити сумњиво то што државно-корпоративни медији упорно форсирају причу без чињеница и дежурне ‘стручњаке’ чије се мишљење не сме довести у питање ма колико глупо било. Истинска струка је протерана из медија, и њена реч се може наћи само на Интернету. Др Јована Стојковић још једном разобличава ‘кризни штаб’ и ‘струку’ окупљену око њега. Истовремено, пронашла је вест у којој шеф кинеског центра за заразне болести изјављује да у Кини неће бити потребе за свеобухватном вакцинацијом. Она такође указује на Петицију здравствених радника упућену владама и грађанима читавог света, под насловом „СТОП: терору, лудилу, манипулацији, диктатури, лажима и највећој здравственој превари 21. века“…

98. Coronavirus: A Second Wave of Hoax [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Други талас преваре (Sep. 20th)

Israel was the first country to announce lockdown because of a ‘second wave’, despite the obvious lack of mortality all over the World. The resistance begun. The protests against lockdowns are starting all over Europe (London, Paris, Madrid, Warszaw, Munich…) In the meantime, the true winner of this destruction game – China – organizes a mass celebration at the ‘Ground Zero’…

97. Coronavirus Hoax: The Plandemic Project Deadline [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Рок за пландемију (Sep. 16th)

In this text you can find 63-page document issued by the World Bank and entitled “COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness And Response Program аnd Proposed 25 Projects Under Phase 1”. In it you can find the ‘expected program closing date’ – that would be March 31st, 2025! And then you can return to the month of May and see Bill Gates announcing the next phase…

96. Coronavirus Hoax: The True Victims [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Истинске жртве (Sep. 14th)

The mortality report for the month of July 2020, submitted by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, clearly shows that the farce around a ‘pandemic’ kills many more people than the virus itself. But they are by no means the only victims of this criminal farce. The most important victim is – your freedom. but the greatest victims will be future generations. Ivo Strujić, a lawyer who specializes in representing parents in court proceedings related to vaccination, explains the consequences from the point of jurisprudence. Dr. Jovana Stojković highlights the danger of division among nations into ‘responsible’ (so-called sheeple) who are ready to obey any order, no matter how stupid it is, and those ‘irresponsible and dangerous’ who ask questions thinking for themselves.

Dr. Lidija Gajski explains key points of a hoax and – her video is removed from YouTube! Still, you can see it at and

95. Coronavirus Hoax: CDC Cancels Obedience? [eng/срп] Коронапревара: ЦДЦ отказујe послушност? (Sep. 14th)

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has changed its front page removing the word ‘pandemic’. It is changed with ‘outbreak’: “CDC is responding to the novel coronavirus outbreak.” Is it a trace of hope?

94. Coronavirus Hoax: Face Mask Rebellion (Sep. 10th)

France has mandated totally useless face masks on Friday, August 28th… Despite the obvious idiocy of such ‘health measure’ (demonstrated even by the French president Emmanuel Macron), which BTW makes the movement for ‘liberation of Muslim women’ who wears hijab quite bizarre, shere state force was enough to coerce a majority of sheeple into obedience.

Mark Dolan from the Virgin corporate media talkRADIO went of in air with a viral rant against wearing masks.

93. Coronavirus Hoax: World Bank Reveals Plandemic? [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Светска банка разоткрива пландемију? (Sep. 7th)

Data from the World Bank website on the trade of “COVID-19 test kits (Product Code 300215)” from – 2017 and 2018! Screenshots taken in case the data is removed.

92. URGENT: Threat of taking children away in Serbia! [eng/срп] ХИТНО: Претња отимањем деце у Србији! (Sep. 2nd)

Minister of Education in the technical government of Serbia, Mladen Šarčević, openly threatened through the media to take away the children of those people who oppose to the mandatory face masks.

In the meantime, in Bulgaria protests against masks in schools started, and the anti-government protests have entered 56th day!

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The only issue I have here is that, given that They have never proven contagion - hundreds of well People were subjected to sick People in a number of ways, including sneezes and coughs in the face, spit in the mouth, mucus from sick to the nasal cavities of the well, and even blood from the sick injected into the well. Zero of the well got sick.

Things like the flu and cold are Our bodies detoxing, and there are good times of the year for that detox. We are electromagnetic Beings. When One starts detoxing, that One communicates electromagnetically to Those around that it's a good time, and They will detox too - if They need to. This explains why some members of a family will get sick, and Others will not. They don't need the detox.

Two things cause disease: toxicity and deficiency.

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