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Our Mighty Leader is a spammer
Grateful Ducks (@hivewatchers, @spaminator ...), why can't you take action against the spammer? You do nothing, this is why I'll be downvoting your autogenerated and over-rewarded posts.

Ps. I have reported this spam to hivewatchers, no answer, but if You see this message, You can try it too


I had not seen this post when I first saw the @informativebot comment, so my response to it was uninformed. I assumed it was Bernie or his sycophants, since it appeared to mirror their methods.

I note that the @hivewatcher response is exactly what best defines groupthink: refusal to address facts, projection, innuendo and insinuation, and political expediency. A complaint regarding their own methodology can only result in canceling the plaintiff. Choosing to engage the enemy on the battlefield they have prepared only reveals they have a better familiarity with their chosen weapons. Blackmailing blackmailers doesn't actually stop blackmail. It makes more blackmail.

It's why I have not once complained to them about the incessant spam.

Truth to tell, I have not paid much attention to the spam or flags, because I have little enough attention to spare for things that matter. I suspect that this post seeks to defend me from the attacks targeting me, but assuming that would be grandiose, and I haven't the detailed grasp to actually know what spurred it.

I have simply continued to post and comment as is my wont, reassured that my work has succeeded in impacting malicious abusers, who clearly feel the need to attack me to defend their abusive methods from my exposition. Evil is indeed afoot, and those that oppose it should not be surprised when it is turned on them. Nothing better reveals deceptive virtue signalling, however, than the claim that evil is good by those profiting from it, and @hivewatchers below is utterly revealed by their own words.

When they support flagging to censor free speech advocates while claiming to do so to support free speech, it is they themselves that reveal they are censors opposed to free speech, spewing rhetoric that is utterly contrary to their actions. Comment to that effect from me is unnecessary for anyone capable of grasping the truth. Their actions speak more clearly than I ever could.

I appreciate the support I have received more than you can know, and in turn support victims of abusive spam/flagging as best I can, although not out of gratitude, but on principle.

Principle appears to be something sadly lacking in Bernie and all their toadies, like @hivewatchers, @spaminator, and that ilk. It is found in @deepdives, and that's why I am here.


When you check downvotes in this community, you will find out that so called "conspiracy theorists" are not welcome on Hive by many whales. I wonder if SE Tribe for DeepDives would be a good idea. We could vote here on "safe" content and invest our earnings in own token

How do they decide exactly what qualifies as a "conspiracy theory"?

Do they even try to explain it to anyone?

logic is a fact checker lol

There is no need to censor opinions you disagree with (even if they're provably false).

Just MUTE them.

And try using logic to identify FACTS.

In 23 seconds,

If Hivewatchers wanted to censor freedom of speech we would have flagged this account and hundreds of others. We have never done so ann never would.

This was my private message that I sent to other user asking for help with reward disagreement.
krnel is exploiting scientific illiteracy of majority of people (with his own scientific illiteracy) by spreading dangerous pseudoscience and fake news like Covid-19/55 network conspiracy hypothesis, anti-vaxxer false facts, climate change science confusionism and other. Directly contributing to hindering sustainable and intelligent progress of humanity. krnel gets votes from mmmkkk (and few other with higher Hive power from this delusional crew) so he can trend is one of the highest earning users.

mmmkkk is even worse althouth not many understand his posts as they are in Polish. His whole blog/comments is one big pile of covid-19/anti vaxxer/anti-GMO/science confusionism nonsense mixed with aggressive bashing of gay, feminists, emigrants, etc

What does it say about the platform when someone new would like to join, particularly from STEM background and see such bullshit trending and being rewarded.
krnel can post whatever he likes but he should not be trending. This is my private and personal opinion and has nothing to do with what Hivewatchers do and their scope.


I think a Hive Engine token is a good idea. Were such a token able to be distributed to folks off chain as well, our community might well benefit from fresh voices too, while encouraging our folks here at home.

You love free speech until someone exercises theirs in opposition to you.

Typical Chad...

You seem unfamiliar with my posts and comments, as I have expressed gratitude to several folks that have set me straight when I was wrong. I value incisive criticism most of all currencies available on Hive, because being wrong is harmful to me. @krnel and @lighteye have both usefully corrected me this year.

If you have such criticisms, I would be happy to be their recipient. You would do me a favor to correct my misunderstanding, and I would be grateful to be corrected.

I am not against free speech ever, and least so when it is undertaken to oppose me. That is when it does me the most good.

Well stated.

Perhaps anarchy already exists and "THE COMMUNITY" is merely the highest manifestation of organized crime.

We don't accept blackmail.

We don't believe that there's any blackmail involved here, nor does any of the users being followed by this bot account have the ability to blackmail anyone on the platform. It would seem that the downvotes that were issued to your service stemmed from frustration from not receiving a response through official channels.

So, putting aside downvoting and focusing on Spam, can you explain the rationale behind the refusal of the service to take action against obvious spam?

If we understand your comments above correctly, you're stating that there are different rules for different users, is that correct?

Awe, look how butthurt you are. It's their stake, they can do as they please.

Now go back to searching for the edge of the Earth, halfwit.

User has been blackmailing and releasing aggression on various users for not doing what he wants or just out of plain aggression for personal reason, since months ago. He does that by flagging and attacking various great content creators and reputable Hive community members.
While upvotong and supporting all sorts of scammers.
He is Steemit and Justin Sun shill on Hive which can be evidently seen in his curation trail and comments on Steemit.

That doesn't address either of our questions about blatant unwarranted spambots which we're seeking clarity on.

The bots that you are talking about (he reported) are not set up randomly to spam on anyone. They are created by one user to comment on certain group of accounts that have had dubious relatinonship with current Justin Sun witnesses/shills that have been active on Steemit. This is a private bot clash between few users and it's problem between these users. Hivewatchers do not intervene in private disputes between users.
mmmmkkkk311 tried to blackmail us to blacklist these accounts and started flagging all our posts and comments (as well as private accounts of Hivewatchers memebers) because HW refused to accept that report.

On the other hand mmmmkkkk311 blacklist has been long due. He has been flagging and aggressively commenting on many Hiveian's accounts. Often just because he didn't like someone's opinion or comment (for example, someone's criticism of ridiculous pseudoscience trending on Hive such as flat earth posts, covid-19 caused by 5G network or anti-vaxxer nonsense).
He has also been undermining progress of Hive and it's development by supporting abhorrent characters from Steemit while flagging and attacking respected and legit Hive witnesses or projects. Some of these characters managed to get on Hive now and are actively trying to exploit it (many of them can be seen by checking up who curates him).

Thanks for your comments and for expressing your opinion in a civil manner.

This is not a 'private bot clash' as you put it.

This account (@deepdives) is followed and trailed by @iflagtrash which claims the "spreading dangerous misinformation" with zero evidence.

In fact, this account doesn't post articles at all.

It has always held contests for researchers that requires fully sourced factual information by all participants. Often, sourcing comes from primary documents provided by Wikileaks and official government archives.

All completely sourced.

Additionally, this account has nothing to do with Justin Sun or any Steemit related scams.

So, this so-called 'private bot clash' claim is null with regard to this account on Hive.

The bots are designed for the sole purpose of intimidation, harassment and provocation.

What's interesting about your comments regarding the alleged abuses of @mmmmkkkk311 is that they perfectly describe the owner of the @iflagtrash account. Which, you refuse to acknowledge as participating in precisely the types of activities you describe as abusive.

The reason why deepdives is commented by this bot is quite certainly related to what you have said in conversation with the owner of this bot while having interactions with mmmmkkkk311. It also is likley related to having something to do with other ultimate Justin Sun shills and sell self offs.

So this is private beef between the owner of this bot and you with mmmmkkkk311

Which user do you refer to? I don't recall Bernie ever supporting Sun Yuchen on Steem when I was there, although they sure did all the rest. I sure as hell never did any of those things.

Please define blackmail. Your comment seems to be saying that what you do is blackmail. I'm sure that isn't what you mean.

Or, is it?

It would be surprising if your question actually receives a response. There's only one logical explanation. Like so many others they fear retaliation.

What is the point of their services if they do not take action against obvious and blatant spam?

I am curious to see why @valued-customer is considered spam

  • he does not offer services/products
  • his comments are directed to the body of the post

I gotta agree with @mmmmkkkk311 if this "anti-spam" service is composed of hits on people that the @iflagtrash service provider just does not like

and as long as this bullshit continues, you can rest assured that HIVE will run along the same arc as STEEM, populated by a few cliques that circlejerk each other, while newbs and dissenters are flagged off the platform

At the the globalblockbuilders conference, somebody big told me that Steemit was nothing more than a recyclable pump-n-dump we want that same fate here?

I hope that decentralized blacklists will end their authority and era

You can opt-out of blacklists (view raw content) by using peakd.

That's a bit of pot calling the kettle black, wot?

We don't accept blackmail.

this guy was spamming for months but of course you didn't see it

Although some of his techniques for fighting scammers, spammers and abusers may be considered controversial, this user has done more for Steemit and Hive than most of witnesses and "investors".
He stepped in to fight the worst platform abusers (including Chinese and Korean communist investors/whales trying to scam over and take over the platforms), while most did nothing to fight it and/or improve the platforms.
If somone has got on his informative bot (which you call spam), it is for a good reason.

I see, so it will be ok to run @informativebot which will place a informative comment under iflagtrash comment?

Personal disputes between users are not of our interest/scope.

...and that's why you have confirmed the ban

The ban is for exploitation, abuse and blackmail of Hive community and mass spam with multiple accounts.

Please do define your interest/scope, precisely.

There's no dispute. There's just unilateral attacks on me. Incessant spam and flags without response from me at all - or you, spam-fighter.

Nie mieszalem sie w wasze dysputy ale widze ze jednak, musiely ci zle tabletki znowu przepisac poniewaz nukujesz teraz moje posty z powodu uposledzenia umyslowego.
Gowno zawsze mialem z tych postow wiec ma to w dupie. Nic to nie zmienia.

Mozesz byc w jednal takim razie pewny ze jakielkolwiek konta ktore tworzysz beda szybko na czarnej liscie. Wlasnie stworzyles sobie nowego wroga tutaj. Ogolnie to jest tutaj na platformie niewielu ktorzy za toba stoja i nie slyszalem o nikim kto uwaza ze jestes inteligenty (oprocz paru fetyszystow ktorzy lubia ci koraliki skrecone z wlosow i odchodow na twoim odbycie jezyczkiem krecic), wlacajac w to prawie wszystkich polakow tutaj bez wzgledu na opinie polityczne.
You must really have a pathetic life that if you have decided to revolve it around some bullshit idiocy and trolling on some cryptocurrency platform.

Aha i ciekawe informacje tez uzyskalem na twoj temat, halfwit :-)

So, what is the good reason I am targeted?

The message he spams on all my comments and posts is false - or applicable to all users on the platform.

The truth is he pays you money.

Who do I pay?

Another one of your unjustified conspiracy theories with 0 proof.

This is EXACTLY why you receive the comments you do. Halfwit.

You are stating directly that you do not provide funds to @spaminator, @hivewatcher, or any of the participants?

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Oh right.


No need to cry out to the roving bands of self-appointed, voluntary busybody vigilantes.

Everyone should start using their MUTE BUTTON.

Won't "somebody" "save us" from the "horror" of "digital graffiti"?

!hw ban

Account is owned by major scammer who is exploting Hive ecosystem and abusing the community.

Thou shalt not express thine opinion.

Pretty sure his comment applies to Bernie more than anyone else involved in this discussion.

Please link to your evidence of this.

The evidence was given by the author of this post.
Blackmailed Hivewatchers project by flagging the posts and comments' rewards and refusing to stop unless the project accepts his report.

He has also been shilling for and supporting the worst Justin Sun supporters/witnesses/promoters on Steemit.
Many who were also scamming-farming Steemit for years, farming now and have also attempted to continue farming on Hive with their multiple account scams. They are mostly Chinese communists and Korean scammers.








I sincerely appreciate your response.

Blackmailed Hivewatchers project by flagging the posts and comments' rewards and refusing to stop unless the project accepts his report.

Every time I've spoken to marky and the funkybunch, they always say "there are no rules" people can flag (downvote) for "any reason" (even if it seems "unfair" to you personally).

So, I'm not sure how it's suddenly considered "blackmail" in this specific case.

Can you please provide a link to "the rules" so I can review them for myself?

I'd hate to be ground to dust for something I didn't even know was considered a "crime".

He has also been shilling for and supporting the worst Justin Sun supporters/witnesses/promoters on Steemit.

Are you telling me that you consider it a "crime" for ME to "like" a post that happens to be written by someone YOU disagree with?

Why don't you just MUTE the accounts you don't like?

Many who were also scamming-farming Steemit for years, farming now and have also attempted to continue farming on Hive with their multiple account scams. They are mostly Chinese communists and Korean scammers.

By "farming" are you referring to "self-voting" in order to receive a slice of the "reward pool" proportional to their invested stake?

Can you please provide a link to "the rules" so I can review them for myself?


Are your screenshots intended to mount a case for "guilt by association"?

as you can see below, I'm still voting on Steem for financial reason, earnings converting to HIVE but this dickhead is to stupid to see it, he wants to decide what I can do with my tokens. Typical idiot who doesn't even know what private property is

No kidding, I thought the old site was considered a "lost cause".

Marky told me specifically, "everyone can do whatever they like on the steem blockchain, we will no longer be blacklisting or flagging or downvoting, I hope you like spam".

Hey @quochuy, we have a condenser bug. I can't edit comments with declined payouts