Steem & Hive Moving on Meditation Part 1

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@ecoTrain @eco-alex and @ianperic have collaborated to bring you this multi part workshop.. tailor made for US! Ian is very experienced in this field, and we are very lucky that he has agreed to spend so much time helping to create these videos and help us all to move on. THANK YOU IAN!

It's worth noting that in these amazing times, these workshops are also very relevant to moving on in general. Many of us face great changes in life due to COVID, and letting go is a powerful and vital first step to improving our lives and moving on.

Steem and Hive Moving On Meditation Part 1


Hello. Today we've got a practice focused on moving on in a really simple way. We're just going to be looking at whats going on for us. We're going to be looking at what are we resisting, what are we holding on to here and what is our best case scenario, what do we want to dance in to and what are we passionate about.

SO we're going to be covering those three areas but in a very overview general way. This is a meditation practice but it can be something that you just take notes on and just listen to at any time and just see how things come up for you. It may be that you do this once as a meditation practice and it feels powerful for you and you have direction and you feel free and clear and liberated. But it may be something that you actually listen to a few times and take notes and meditate with individual sections of the practice. Whatever feels right for you.

Gently, gently. For this whole practice we're going to be as gentle as we can with ourselves. Really respectful, really a gentle, friendly explorer that's just looking at what's happening in the body, because if we if we get too much into resisting ourselves or judging ourselves, we can have more issues to deal with and it can be more uncomfortable. So just doing our best for these 10, 15 minutes to to really just do our best to be kind with ourselves just for this period and allow whatever comes up to come up, just allow whatever is to be seen and be kind with ourselves, regardless of whether it's holding strong emotions towards others or whether it's actually towards ourselves.

So just doing our best to be honest and kind with ourselves for the next 15 minutes or so. So just tuning in, you can close your eyes down, if you like, and just noticing how it feels for you to think about the the split, the split between steam and hive. Any split or decision, traumatic experience, confrontational, challenging experience. Just noticing how that feels and just seeing if we can open to the sensations.

Just being aware of how bringing our attention to that feels in the body. And you might want to explore it if you can. Noticing how the experience of that situation feels right now. You might notice those differences between how it felt before and how it feels now. And just browsing those experiences, noticing. Being sensitive to the different types of experience, the passion in the body, when you think of that situation, the emotion and the other reactions in the body.

In a dialogue, urges, urges to do something, just change something, urges to resist something, just noticing that opening, breathing, making space.

Noticing and allowing. You might notice any plans or expectations you had about the situation and how that feels now. You might notice things that you felt the need to communicate or feel a need to communicate. Just noticing how that feels. You might notice there's some underlying motives underneath that communication. Just being honest with ourselves about that. Opening, allowing feeling. As best we can.

You might notice that we're still carrying part of that situation, noticing if there's certain times in your day or your week where you carry this.

Noticing if there's any motives or purpose, really honestly asking ourselves, why are we carrying this and how are we carrying and are we carrying it in a way that's helping us? So we carrying it in a way that's not helping us so much. Is there a reason we continue to feed this? Is there something else to learn from these feelings and this experience?

If i hold this for a long time who wins how does this serve how does this help us move forward. Just noticing allowing our truth to speak. Noticing if there's anything that we lose by holding on to this. Just opening to that question.

So noticing how it feels to lean forward into your passions, into to what you really want to create and want to invest in... and noticing if there's any resistances there if this holding on to the past is affecting this. Just noticing that, noticing if we're carrying any resistance forward. Just opening and allowing these aren't bad things, they're teachers.

We may have boundaries that need putting in place we might need to be able to to stand up for ourselves and honor our truth more. We might have to review how we how we invest our energy. There may be boundaries in place that we still don't trust yet, or that that we still have some anxiety about. There may be other actions that are empowering for us that that are being asked to take action on. Seeing if we can make this teacher an empowering teacher, because if we don't make it empowering where is this resistance leading us? Long-term, what what direction is this resistance going to take us, this holding on.

And now just opening ourselves to what really matters to us. What are our real deep priorities? You might notice that in the context of this situation of our passions and resistances just noticing what really matters. What's so important that we're going to invest this valuable life , this valuable time, these valuable moments and choices.

And noticing how it feels to be free to to live in our passions to dive into those. In a graceful way not a way that's forced not a way that's escaping. An honest true grounded living in passions. Noticing how your power feels there how your growth feels there notice who you become as you dance in your passions, in a graceful practical grounded way.

Really feeling how it feels to be grounded in this seat and blossoming forward and let's just ask ourselves how it how it is to react to, if one of these resistances comes up again. What if what if we have this resistance come up how are we going to meet it what actions are we going to take?

Can we wish everyone well and move forward? Just the intention of that can help us to see some of these things and be clear on what's happening for us and sometimes just seeing it is enough being able to meet it and see really what's happening here honestly. Sometimes it's nice to have a fire ceremony where we where we write these things down and offer them to the fire. Just feeling what it's like to move forward. Noticing how you'd like to live. Noticing what you would like to to express how you would like to share. How does your passion feel? How would you like to collaborate and celebrate? And how does this ripple through your state now, ripple into your life, ripple into your friends and family's lives. Noticing how that opens. Noticing how that moves in us.

Really allowing it to relax and flow. Feeling that stability on our seat and this movement of passion in the rest of the body. Feeling how we can open up and surf this into the rest of the day.

Gently gently opening allowing flowing. And you might notice some concrete actions you're going to take.

What actions express this passion? What actions honor our truth, our needs, our passions. So gently gently riding that state back into the space giving ourselves any stretches or adjustments the body needs and let's take this into our day let's honor our teachers, honor our experience, one of our opportunities and in a really grounded way let's let's get some action rolling let's get moving into it.

Love you guys hope you have a beautiful day and see you later!

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I really appreciate this service that you are both providing, we really need to embrace the power of meditation to help us transition right now. I really feel like this is my time to get more involved in meditation as so much is coming to light right now and we need to move forward from a place of love xxxxx

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thanks and YES! its hard.. especially with this subject.. it has been many months but even now i know many people can not really talk about it any more.. and still hold a lot of heavy and intense feelings around it.. THose people may not want to do this right now.. but i hope in time we can all put this EVENT behind us and let go of some of these negative feelings we hold..


The delivery of the meditation was really nicely done but the microphone needs top be positioned so as not to pick up the kids playing and police sirens.. they both came over way too loud listening to this on my headphones, which was a shame as the meditation itself was fabulous. - as a voiceover artist I am aware more than some on background noise levels maybe but I think you will agree nonetheless.He did such a beautiful delivery it was unfortunate that these sounded louder than him almost at some points.

thanks for your feedback sally! yes ian noticed the noise was a bit much but we decided to use it.. next time we will make sure theres less noise around! glad you watched it.. yes ian is very gifted at this, and i agree his delivery is very beautiful! <3

You are doing great things and I have nothing but gratitude for all the positivity ❤️

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

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Thank you so much for this. As you said in the introduction this is useful for many situations that can come up in life so very empowering. - The crow sounds were an incredible extra - symbolically they are known to help open up dimensions and portals so maybe you chose this place intentionally for the meditation.

lovely comment.. i thought the same.. they were just the right sounds.. and the new third part does it again so perfects with someone suddenly using a cutting saw nearby.. u cant plan it!

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