ecoTrain Cooking On A Budget Competition Week 3: New Year Leftovers

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you a happy and bright year ahead. Let's make 2022 a positive year to remember. I hope you had a great new year wherever you are. Perhaps, like me, you made a lot of food and have some leftovers? Well what better day to start a leftovers cooking competition than 1st January!? This week your challenge is to take some leftovers and give them a new lease of life. Bonus points go to the most transformative dish so please take a photo of the leftovers and then the final dish, as well as any other photos you want to include. As always, extra bonus points go to healthy dishes, and ones that are presented well.


This week I will be awarding a total of around $50 in tips to the best posts. I say around because when its hard to choose i usually end up awarding 6 posts! I will make the awards in one weeks time and then post the results in the awards post. You will receive your reward as $HBD with is liquid in your wallet and ready to power up or do with as you please. I hope it helps to inspire you make your dishes that much better!

ecoTrain Badge

Also starting this week, all the best submissions will receive the ecoTrain badge which will appear at the top of your blog page for all to see ;)

So without further ado here are the guidelines!


  1. Please try out the recipe yourself and take photos of your leftovers and transformed dish.
  2. You must Subscribe to post to the ecoTrain community.
  3. It's important to use the tags #cookingonabudget and #ecotrain so that it is easy to find your post and group all the posts in Week 3.
  4. Your thumbnail should be a photo of your dish with a written note by the dish that includes your Hive username.
  5. You must leave a link to your recipe post in the comments below this post to be eligible for prizes!
  6. The deadline for submissions is Saturday 8th January 2022

Please comment if you have any questions!


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Happy New Year!

Thank you for giving a new challenge, I hope it will be good way to win the prize that you have announced!

Nice Challenge... but I don't have any leftovers ever jajajaja not on Christmas, either we eat it all at dinner or eat it as is for breakfast 😋

Happy new year Ecotrain 🌹 Interesting new challenge.

Happy new year to you all

Here's the link to my entry

Excellent! I look forward to, being able to participate in this new challenge 😍.

Happy New Year Alex! I wish you all the best in 2022 and I look forward to more great competitions! Oh and this week chalenge is a great idea, unfrutenetly, I don't have much leftovers from New Year. I made Veggie Charcuterie Board and I am planning to share the recipe, but there is not much I can do with the little bit of dips I have left, lol.

Lol... there were no leftovers! Happy New Year 💚

Hello Ecotrain, thank you 🙏 I am glad for getting opportunity to participet in this competition It is the pleasure to post this simple vegan delicious recipe leftover but healthy. thanks🙏
here is my entry

My entry
Thanks ecotrain 💓

Hello friends, here is my participation, I hope you like it and enjoy it, you are loved and thank you for such a good initiative

Hello friends, here is my participation, I hope you like it and enjoy it, you are loved and thank you for such a good initiative


 last year  

ooh wow! inspiring! i can see why you have no leftovers :))