ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 5 #1: It's a Secret, But is it good to have secrets?

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. New year blew past me this year, and the moment the clock struck 12 i felt a shift. I wonder if you felt it too? We step truly into the new decade, and the date that the futuristic world begins.. at least going by many prophecies and movies! The other day i was watching a YouTube about what changes we might see in the next 50 years. Of course most of the changes were quite eye opening, and one in particular caught my attention. The day may very well soon come that we can quite literally read each others minds! Some of use might do this quite naturally, but there will also be technology to help us really take it to another level. I cant say i would be anywhere near that queue, however it does raise a very interesting question. When that time comes, will we be able to even keep secrets any more, or will our minds be open to whoever we choose to connect with. I can only hope and assume that at the very least we will be able to choose!..Although im sure big brother will of course have unfettered access.. but that’s another story!

So, for now at least.. secretes are everywhere. We keep secrets about just about everything from our friends, family, enemies, and even ourselves! Our Governments and media also hold more secrets from us then we could care to know about. Maybe they are to help us, to protect us.. maybe its just to keep them in power? Sometimes secrets can be for the good of others, to we keep them safe. Sometimes they are to prevent causing pain or anguish. I could give you a list of examples of the secrets i have just from the last few weeks, and i don’t even like secrets or make much attempt to hold any other than the ones im entrusted with. Nevertheless they do seem necessary, don’t they? I mean how would we ever have Santa Claus if it weren’t for secrets!

Or are they! That my friends is the question! Do you think secrets, on the whole, do more harm than good? Is it a good idea to hold things back that we think are important to hide. What is the cost of this way of living? Is there a price to pay? Does having secrets mean that we ever really know what is going on in the world, in our connections, with our friends and family? Does it limit us from ever really being able to change and grow? When people smile at us and tell us they like us, but then never follow through, does it not create a dis-coherence in our lives? Do you think it can bring us closer together or split us further apart?

Please feel free to share from your own experiences, or cryptically as may be necessary since we are talking about secrets! Ahaaaa. already i can see how limiting they can be :=) You may focus on any aspect such as yourself or the greater world and governance, or any other aspect that i may not have mentioned.



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Great ???.
Here is my entry, it is a very cynical take about this week's question, but it is truly what I think about keeping and telling secrets.

Hello everyone, I'm glad to participate again in this week's QOTW. Here's my answer post:

Thanks for this excellent question... you find my answer over here >>>

Hello, Happy New Year to the entire ecotrain community and to all the participants who are also part of this community; blessings, health and prosperity, i wish you with all my heart !!!!

My entry: