The Diverse Learning Opportunities Which We're Afforded In Our Different Life Races.

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Institution Of Learning

From the day we're born, we begin our life lessons this is because life's lessons are so numerous we can't even live it all in one lifetime that's we we need to learn first hand and learn from the third person's perspective because we can't live all the experiences in the world even if we might need the lessons to deal with real-time challenges that we will eventually encounter in life.

Life in itself is an institution of learning and everything we see around is an instrument that imbues a certain kind of knowledge into us either voluntarily or involuntarily. Sometimes we learn the hard way, sometimes we learn the easy way, whichever way we seem to learn, it creates in us, personas, we cultivate opinions, ideas and stances and these are how we often form an identity through which we're known.

In the course of my life, I have come to know about some really painful and regrettable details about my life and this has somehow made me kills some dreams, aspirations and desires. While we're young we feel untouchable, we feel invisible and we feel ready for any challenge but then events can happen to us to cut short these things, makes us chose a more unadventurous life and we tend to prune ourselves to adjust to it.

I have heard stories of people who were once footballers, gifted and touted to shake the world but probably due to unforseen circumstances they ended up involved in accidents and lost that life they wanted and then while they're older they'll go back to when they felt they were invincible and things then happened rather differently.

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Perspective; Pessimism & Optimism

Most people carry weights; of pain and majorly regret. When your dreams are cut short you realise unwittingly and forcefully that life can be cruel to anyone, anywhere and anytime. When life works in your favour you hold a sentiment quite different from that of some other people.

We all have diverse experience of how life eventually turns out for different people and this makes us learn different lessons from the same outcome this doesn't entirely mean that because we turn out pessimists or optimists that we have a tainted perspective about life. We can't be totally wrong about how life is to us this is because we're all student with diverse point of views and we shouldn't entirely make people feel different about their views towards life provided it is not an infringement to another person.

Sometimes ago I use to feel I needed to be more than I am, I use to feel I need to show more strength in the face of adversity but who would I be impressing, Me or the world?but nowadays I just look at myself as a being; intentional as I was born and I might sometimes allow my pain to influence things I might feel in a rush of emotion but then this doesn't take away who I am.

We intermittently learn differently, diversely and separately and no one is wrong in the way they learn. Pessimism or optimism is not a condition, it's a state which everyone finds themselves at one period in life and that's why it is wrong to identify people as pessimist or optimists. Humans are like vessels, life eventualities makes them turnout differently.

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A Flawed State?

In conclusion, being flawed is a state which we aren't responsible for, sometimes we're born into it, sometimes people are born into a broken sequence fighting on all sides to appear rather differently. A lot of people fight hard to find the motivation just to smile every single day, be the people they're not just to effortlessly slide into their colleges, their workplace or a group of friends.

In my life, I've learnt to take the pressure in because telling people about your challenges your issues might make you feel good but it's but everyone that we should give the opportunity of a "listening ears". Sometimes people are only curious about what's up with you it doesn't mean they want to be a pillar for you to stand on. In reality, we eventually learn irrespective of how we do.

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