The path to richness, part 9 - Be selfish; Dream big

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In this series of 16 posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money.


Last week I received a complaint from Alon (pseudonym), a student of mine.

"I have applied all your insights about creating abundance and especially to have more money for daily living. I have been working on it for almost a whole year but nothing has changed. My financial situation remains as it was, below the average. Where is the abundance?"

"Let's do a short exercise," I told him. "Let's say you were getting 1 million dollars right now. What would you do with the money?"

He did not think much and replied, "I would give a share to my mother who would pay her mortgage, then I would help my sisters with regular expenses, buy gifts for the children, expensive jewelry for my wife (she deserves that), donate at least 10% to charity… and that's i guess".

"And what would you do for yourself?"

Here he hesitated. After much thinking he said "I would buy myself an iPhone 13".

I have written before (links at the end) about the principles of the abundance-consciousness. The brief conversation with Alon highlights two very important ones that it is time to expand on.

  • Be selfish - people imagine that when they get rich they will help everyone, save their families from distress, take care of their children's future, contribute to the community and in general make the world a better place. But by what right?! Who are they to tell the universe how to run the world? Who are they to come up with their own private agenda, which does make them feel good, and change other people's lives? Maybe their sister actually needs to experience financial distress to learn some important things about herself? Maybe the NGOthey so desperately want to donate to should actually be closed?!

That vast reservoir of abundance, which I mentioned in a previous post, is listening. When a person asks for money to change the world the money does not come to him. The money stops and waits until that person releases an agenda and judgment.
So, I say to you, be selfish, take care of yourself first. If you decide to give money to someone else make sure it does not change their life, that it is only a little help that will assist them to grow at their own pace and in their own way. When you donate to charity be conscious where the money goes to and how it will affect people. Do not donate to clear your conscious. However, since only few people have the awareness to act in these ways, the rule I recommend to you for starters is - spend money for your personal benefit.

  • Dream big - Imagine an old man full of glory who is responsible to distribute the money from the pool of abundance. He listens to Alon and hears that if he, Alon, gets money he will use it to buy an iPhone. What?? Really?! IPhone costs $1200. For an iPhone Alon does not have to get a million dollars. In fact he can get an iPhone right now because the store under his house offers a layout for 36 instalments. And so abundance eludes Alon.

The rule of abundance in the universe states that money, which is energy, goes where it is being used. Are you dreaming in a small sacle? That's what you will get. No one punishes you, it's just that energy wants to be efficient, to be used, and not to sit in a bank-account accumulating dust.


I sent Alon home. I told him to make a list of things he would do with a $1,000,000, under the two conditions I explained: the first - big things, life-changing, dreams he has been desiring to fulfill for a long time, and the second - only things for himself.


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This is another interesting post I have read today. Why do we work? Why do we earn such amount we got? Is it not to take care of ourselves first? No matter what you do for people, not taking care of yourself first will be the biggest mistake you have ever done. Just as you have said, we need to be selfish by taking care of ourselves first, then dream big even if you have to care for others, but they shouldn´t come first.

Bro. Your link to part one and two got mixed up

You are right. Tnx mate. I'll fix it.

No problems. I actually wanted to read it too.

 last year (edited) 

I really enjoyed reading this especially this part which says,

If you decide to give money to someone else make sure it does not change their life, that it is only a little help that will assist them to grow at their own pace and in their own way

I believe that statement really goes a long way because that's actually what is happening in our society today most people doesn't want others above then instead if you want to you work for it. The most important part I learnt is that you cannot please everyone no matter how generous you are because some people will still see fault in you which we need to be careful sometimes while rendering help but am not saying we shouldn't if we are capable but we should be mindful sometimes when we do so and the kind of people we help as well because the day you fail to they use that against you as a bad person.


And it's pointless to give money just to save others. It would be like flashing the bills donw the drain. Pity.

Hahaha, I literally moved far away from my family and only kept a few ways to contact me because of at some point I wanted to be selfish.

Every time I had huge sum of money, my first thought had always been directed to my family. In the end nothing is left for me. I will always pat myself on the back, convincing me that I'll make another one and then I'll use it for me.

Shockingly, it never happens, the next time money comes, my family takes the largest portions again. These days, I have money, and it belongs to me. I have learned to be really selfish. Put my money into things that help me grow, and improve my financial position.

When I thought of being selfish, I told myself, all the people I want to help will all be here. It's better to invest in me, grow, and help them better, than to rid myself of all the funds needed to make me grow, go bankrupt, and never ever able to help them again.

Whenever, I want to feel guilty, I remember the paragraph above and continue with my life. 🥺

indeed. your personal rapport will help others who will read this in the future. Thank you.

I hope it does. Thank you very much

This is an interesting post, I haven't read the others in the series as this is the first one I've seen. But, you make a good point about someone changing other people's lives. I've thought about that myself in the past.

If I had a million euros I'd buy a house and then go travelling. Be cool seeing some of the world. I'd try and be tactical though with it, setting up a business that I've had my mind on for a while. Once I start earning I'd be inclined to give jobs to people I know. That would probably be better than just handing them over money.

Without sounding greedy, a million in the grand scheme of things won't last that long, especially if you start handing it out for free.

Let's say for argument's sake, you have 20 friends and family you want to help out with some cash. You give each of the 10k, that's 200k gone and most of them I bet would look at that as not being enough as 10k from 1m doesn't seem like much.


Right, you make good arguments.
Besides, just handing out money might ruin their lives (addict people for example). Handing a rod rather than fish would be much better.
Enjoy your $1M once they come to you. 🙂

Yeah exactly a rod is better than a fish. I'd imagine one way of handing out money to someone, would be maybe investing in someone's idea if it was good. For some kind of percentage in their idea.

Haha thanks!

This is interesting. I think indeed part of our programming is to give to others before ourselves, and thus the desire to give to our families/charities first might be a result of this programming and of our wanting to avoid guilt/shame. But -- going along with the principle of circulation -- isn't the aim to circulate money as widely as possible, and thus the more freely we give out our money, the more we circulate it? And while I agree with you that perhaps Alon's sister needs to experience the hardship and thus he wouldn't be doing her a favor by giving her money, couldn't the same argument potentially be made for Alon? That is, isn't there a possibility that him spending the money on himself would circumvent whatever life lessons he needs to learn?

That is, isn't there a possibility that him spending the money on himself would circumvent whatever life lessons he needs to learn?

The most prominent life lesson is a balanced self-love. Once one master that all other lessons become minor.

isn't the aim to circulate money as widely as possible, and thus the more freely we give out our money, the more we circulate it?

It's important to let money flow. Yet, it's critical with which consciousness one circulates money:

  • many people do it because of shame and guilt. So that's not really authentic circulation.
  • many people give to others as a way of feeding. When they give they feel good about their (sinful?) character. So again, the circulation here is not authentic.
  • many people circulate as a bargain with the universe - "I will give money to the world in anticipation to receive money in retun because this is the rule of abundance, so I have been told". And that though-pattern is not in accordnace with the consciousness of abundance.

Few people really know how to circulate money and give from a sovereign place. So my post above speaks to the common denominator. Be selfish, take care of yourself first.
The other rules (see previous posts) of the abunadnce-consciousness matter no less.

Thank you for your comment. It allowed me to elaborate and further explain the idea. 🙏

Thank you for your thoughtful response! Yes, this makes sense for sure. I think people are typically motivated by some sort of agenda, whether or not they are aware of it.

Yay! 🤗
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