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A cordial greeting to all the people that integrate this community, I am convinced that we will share new and enriching knowledge.


Below I tell you a little about myself, my interests and activities that I am passionate about.
I was born in Venezuela and I graduated with a degree in preschool education since I have always loved teaching and I adore children.
Since I was a child I have been doing handicrafts, making
an endless number of projects among which I can mention sewing, cuddly toys elaboration, figures in flexible mass, weaving, elaboration of figures in clay... and a long list of activities that have helped me to grow in the wonderful world of handicrafts.

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I have undertaken projects that have generated income and have helped me a lot economically. My goal is to create a workshop to teach weaving classes, which is what I am currently developing and has generated extra income for me, although not constantly due to the current crisis in Venezuela.
I think that perseverance and constancy have characterized me to fulfill the goals that I have set, every day I continue making pieces to take advantage of time and although sales have fallen many times that does not discourage me because I continue to produce with faith in God that soon I will also achieve this goal.

I share with you some of my knitted works


The photos used belong to my personal gallery


Again, welcome to Ladies of Hive, and wishing you success here on the Hive blockchain @carmanc02

Gracias ! Espero compartir muchos conocimientos ! Saludos.

The crafts you make are very nice, especially the baby booties and ensembles! I can tell you love children and love to help people.

Thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself, and welcome to #ladiesofhive!
Have a blessed day!💜

Gracias ! Encantada de compartir con todos y de que les guste mi trabajo. Feliz día, Un abrazo !

Very nice to read more about you. And your knitting is very beautiful. I wish I had the patience for that. Wish you a great week ahead and take care.

Thank you! I will be sharing more about this therapy that is tissue.
Happy week a hug

A warm hug for you too. 🤗

Welcome, @carmenc02. Thank you for introducing yourself. It is a pleasure to know you!

Your knitted works are beautiful! There is a reason for everything, and why you have been so involved in crafts since you were a child.

What a great goal of opening a workshop... you know what it takes to get there. .. and YOU WILL!!!

Have a lovely day, @carmenc02, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Gracias por la bienvenida. Y comparto tu opinión, todo en la vida pasa por algún motivo.
Comentarios como el tuyo impulsan a seguir adelante. Gracias y bendiciones !

Welcome :) Your work is amazing and faith moves mountains imho. It's great to have you aboard and nice to meet you.

prayer works!!!

Prayer strengthens us and helps us to keep fighting for our dreams

I have re-learned that lately, then God sends you as a little reminder!

Thank you and I loved reading more about you as one of the ladies on the hive blockchain. Do visit @needleworkmonday both the community and it’s Discord I think they will I’ve your projects

Hi Carmen, pleased to meet you
Wow, I love your work - so adorable and looks so good.

Hola, gracias ! Es maravilloso saber que te gusta mi trabajo. Un abrazo

Hi #carmenc02 Just another facet to your awesome talents. The designs are beautiful. I love the little girl's outfit. It does take funds to purchase the supplies to work with. Hopefully, you'll be able to get started on creating your business to earn extra income.

Don't forget to use the tags #creativecoin and #diy when posting about your crafts work. Also, make sure you spell the tag correctly #build-it.

Thanks for sharing your awesome talent with us.

Hello, thank you ! I've always liked making designs for babies.
With effort and perseverance I am sure to achieve the goal set.
I appreciate the suggestions you make and will take them into account to improve every day.
Thank you for your receptivity.

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It is a pleasure to meet you, @carmenc02!

Upped and rehived 🥰🌺🤙

And that is one of the reasons that I am slightly jealous of preschool and primary school teachers- they get paid to have fun! 😀

And wow, you at your stuff- you are good!

Lucky you and welcome, I'm Leesa, I just made it here now.

Ciertamente es divertido enseñar a través de juegos pero de igual manera hay que planificar y elaborar estrategias para llevar a cabo con los estudiantes. Aunque la mención en la que me gradué fue preescolar trabaje siempre en primaria.
Gracias por la bienvenida y por tus buenos deseos !

En realidad, sí, realmente tienes que elaborar una estrategia sobre cómo hacer las cosas con los niños, no solo enseñándoles en la escuela, ¡sino para que también coman sus verduras!

¡Buena suerte para ti!
Te saludo, no es un trabajo fácil (divertido a veces) pero no tan fácil eh.

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Gracias! trabajare para lograr el próximo objetivo

Thank you for this welcome.
Pleased to be part of your community

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Welcome to HIVE!
I voted up your post, very lovely knotting!

Hi !

I enjoyed reading your post and I love your creations.

They are part of our family. They brighten up our days