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Contest # 72 of the ladies of the beehive, in this edition the question for me is a ring to the finger as we say in my country, because I recently put into operation my enterprise. The question is the following:

1️⃣ Turning dreams into reality means that we support or learn from each other. This is an opportunity to pitch your idea, ask for help and support each other through the comments. Where are you struggling to become an entrepreneur?

As I told you in my last post, I have started my entrepreneurship, selling sweets and coffee, I have received the support of my family, who motivate me to overcome the obstacles that come my way, also special friends from Hive who have believed in me and give me their support, Thanks @justclickindiva @thekittygirl.

Starting a business is not easy, especially when the fruit of your labour is your livelihood.
You have to save money, which I am not doing at first.

Being an entrepreneur requires several challenges, and purchases. I have received guidance from other entrepreneurs, who have already gone through this process, currently they have lowered the prices of this procedure so that everyone can do it, for me it is still not feasible to do it, its cost don 70$, which I do not have, Another challenge is the acquisition of a point of sale, to be able to reach more people, since in my country very little cash is handled, and the people pay with their debit cards, this point has a value of 500$, economically I do not have for these legal procedures, I am beginning and I know that I am going to achieve it.

I want to be able to make a living from my business and achieve my dream of being a good entrepreneur.

The space where I work is in my mother's house, and from there I go with all my sweets, walking to my aunt's house, where at the entrance of her house I sell the sweets, I have a table, something very modest, and later, God willing, I must buy a display.

I will continue to sell my sweets and I will start to save penny by penny until I manage to buy a point of sale, and this will help me to get more clients.

I have started on a small scale, but with the emotional support of my family who inspire me every day, and push me to improve.

In the following images I show you the small space where I sell my sweets, the entrance of my aunt's house.

This is my work space.



My Family


Hello @carmenm20. I understand your plight, especially as a single parent now. I have urged you to become more active on Hive when you have time. That way, you can help raise the money you need through publishing quality content. Others who see you are willing to do whatever it takes to uplift your financial situation for yourself and your daughter will be willing to help.

I do understand that starting a business requires funds on hand or a loan. Taking care of monthly household expenses for you and your daughter is foremost. However, please become more active. Publish, comment, and support others. Then you will get support.

What qualifications do you possess that enables you to sell goods to the public?

One other thing you may want to consider. Would you be willing to repay someone later when your business is doing better if you are offered a loan? Of course, online dealings people shy away from. There's no way to secure repayment.

Thanks for the mention.

I wish you every success with your venture. I know you've been trying to get this up and running for a while now.

Yes, now more than ever I must improve my economic situation. I will follow your advice to make quality publications to obtain income, to improve the economic situation of my daughter, which is my priority.

My profession as a food graduate helps me to know how to prepare quality desserts, I always work with good quality products to offer you a good sweet.

Yes, of course A few years ago a friend from university who left the country offered me his help and gave me a loan, I was able to buy some raw material, I remember that he can work for several months and before of the agreed time I paid him what he lent me. My friend has family near my mother's house, so the money he sent me I gave to his relatives. Then the economy in my country it became very difficult, the basic necessities began to be scarce, there was no food, they were hard years, my business went bankrupt, but I paid the loan, when it comes to fulfilling responsibilities I am very honest, it must be fulfilled and paid.La situación actual ha cambiado un poco, ya se consiguen los artículos de primera necesi even imported products, although a bit expensive, there are people who are in the US, China, Peru, Ecuador who send boxes with food, clothing and medicine to relatives who have here, it's already a bit easier to do this. Before there were many limitations.

Thank you @justclickindiva for all your support, for motivating me and advising me.

Yes, I've been trying to get this to work for a long time, but I won't give up until I do, I need to do it and move on.

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Each country one has different regional law or requirements, I would research and look in local newspapers for possible second hand POS if hand held device.

Others I found in research POS or POS best to ask local retailers.

Keep supporting Hive in content and hopefully grow here to earn a little extra while continuing to grow your home business.

This type of device is a bit complicated to acquire, since you must have a commercial registry for the bank to grant you said device.

However, I keep fighting to meet my goals

Bank connection always a requirement, normally at expense to self which makes it more difficult to set up over borders. Perhaps you will find a crypto card that works in your part of the world to circumvent problem.

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