For leading a busy life I had an accident

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A quiet life, that's how I should lead my life after what happened.
About a month ago, I had a very busy life between household chores, being a mother, work and thousands of day-to-day worries, doing one thing and thinking about how to solve another. If this is how my life goes, without leaving a few minutes for myself, without realizing that I breathe, that's what I call life. Take care of a thousand things for everyone else, forgetting about myself, what I feel and want, not knowing how to say no, when I don't want to. A not so opportune that by not looking bad with other people, we look bad ourselves.
I would never have thought this way a month ago, events must have happened for me to reach these conclusions.

Life is short, one day we are on the earthly plane and the next day we have gone to live in the eternal paradise, I have such a monotonous life, so accelerated that I stop enjoying the little things in life.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this publication, a month ago I went through a state of health that depressed me and worried me a lot.

Living agitated, I did not give importance to the warnings that my body was giving me, I began to feel very exhausted (I used as an excuse that it was for waking up so early and sleeping very late at night) another warning was that my tongue felt greasy, I also listened ignored this. In that same week of feeling all that, on the weekend I didn't sleep at all, my daughter got sick with a high fever, my daughter's father and I couldn't rest for two nights.
What was my surprise the next day after this event, when I got out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed a small difference in my lips, which faded as the day went by, my left side of my face became paralyzed, my tongue was partially asleep, I stopped feeling the tastes, I had lost the taste, and half of my face turned away.
At the moment I took it easy, and I went to the doctor, indeed I had been the victim of facial paralysis due to so much stress, from leading a hectic life.
Two days passed, and the time came when I couldn't stand it, seeing myself in the mirror made me cry, I couldn't eat, my face hurt, I was worried I had to do a cranial tomography to verify how serious the paralysis had been.
I had the support of my family, but financially we could not afford the medical examination. I began to calm my anguish, I took the medicines that the doctor prescribed, and I attended free therapies to help wake up my paralyzed face.

There were several days of therapy, of laughter and crying, of meeting wonderful people who also did therapy.

In the therapeutic center I realized that my paralysis was not as serious as I saw it, that although I was anguished not knowing what was happening in my brain, there were people who could not walk, that their paralysis affected their walking, not moving the arms, there were even patients who could not speak, and still smiled and made others happy, who were there to heal, but they did not know that they sounded like others. Old people, young people and even children were there giving their best every day and supporting others yes, each one of us helps each other, it is like a family of strangers, that in the end what they are looking for is better health.
The attentive doctors to fulfill their work to help improve the living conditions of their patients, these big-hearted Cuban doctors provide emotional and physical support, for them the word I can't is not in their language, those words were used by one of them with me when I was doing an exercise and I gave up and said I can't, their words of encouragement gave me the strength to continue and achieve my improvement.

I learned that the difficulties we go through are temporary, that everything has a solution, that our neighbor may be having a hard time and still smile, that we can all help, that life is lived from today and we don't know tomorrow, that we must enjoy more and worry less, that living fast does not lead to anything good.

And although a month has passed since all this event, and I don't know what's happening in my brain because I haven't had a CT scan, I breathe and enjoy that I was able to get out of that adversity.




Here I show you how my progress has been with my illness, I can now smile better.


I think that we women as moms and homemakers, tend to do exactly as you stated; never saying no and multitasking chores and events to the extreme. I'm sorry the stress has caused this, but glad that you are on the mend. Take care and continue to heal.🤗💜 !LADY

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