What makes me angry be

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Hello beautiful Ladies of Hive, it's another exciting community contest , I invite @hallel to join the contest.
I will be answering the two questions which are:

Kindly share one thing that makes you angry, how long do you stay mad, and what or who can pacify you.


What is your favorite snack or snacks? Share photos of them if you can.


Anger is a normal emotion, but can be bad when extreme..
I used to really get angry quickly and I'm the silent one when I'm angry. Also when im angry I tend to isolate myself...

But my temperament has really improved. I now know that conflict is inevitable when you interact with people, once you have people around there's someone to offend you, and you unknowly offend others..

Honestly there are a lot of things that get me angry, most times I over look them.
What makes me loose my temper is overly controlling people, they stalk you, monitor you. And their opinion is the ultimate. They want to tie me down when I'm meant to fly and be 💯 of me.

I'm a very honest and transparent person, I thank God for that. It pains when someone is saying, doing things in false hood. They say things that they do not mean. The pretend to be friendly just to loosen you a lightly and then attack.. Nothing as painful as that but we move on , no time 😎☺️.

It's a deliberate decision to not be angry for long, because it can hinder you in many ways..
To pacify my anger , I can take a walk , meditate, most times I pray about it..

I don't like to pacify my anger through eating, sleeping or pressing phone because it can have a bad effect. Although I'm tempted to do so.

One thing I have come to understand and I'm working on is to be consistent on who I am irrespective of how I'm treated..
I won't let your unkindness affect my generosity, I won't let your lies influence my honesty and integrity and so on...

My Favorite Snacks 😋
Since a child I have always loved ice cream, and it hasn't changed.
I love ice cream even in cold weather, my favorite flavor is vanilla and cream yogurt..
Ice cream now have different colors and flavors..

Also Chocolate for me is gold, it has a pleasurable taste, not hard at all..
I remember when ever my Dad travelled out of the country, he always brings back chocolates.

Chocolate and Ice cream can really brighten my mood..


Thanks for Reading 💓☺️💖


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It's amazing that you intentionally stay away from being angry for long, it's best to not let other people's attitude affect our equilibrium :)

And ice cream and chocolates you say? Game on! lol! I love them too :)

Thank you lots Ebele for sharing your story :) Have a fantastic Friday.

Thanks for the beautiful comment and have a lovely weekend.

I seriously hope you are not as angry as that fierce looking cat when you go into that mode..!!🔥🔥 abeg oo 😀
And I am glad you have worked greatly on your temperament. Good one, dear.

Ladies and icecream and this cocoa product ehn,...I rest my case.🚶