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First, a big thank you to @dfinney for the invitation to join the community. I have been spending a little more time on 3D the last few months, but now working out my time management so I can get back into the swing of things. And it seems like the perfect time for it.

So since the invitation, I have found out this is the brainchild of @silversaver888 and executed with the help of @thekittygirl. Girlpower!!

So, a quick re-introduction. Most of me is already plastered all over Hive. I did start out as an introvert but got comfortable enough over time here.

So, in a nutshell:

Hasbeen: I have dabbled in this and that in the performing arts/entertainment industry 👉 Dancing, Acting, Modelling, Hosting, DJ and then Management in Radio (till the station was shut down and sold off. Yeah, the dice rolled, landed on the snake and came back to square 3).

NOW: Mother of 4 teens - they used to be the stars of my for-fun vlogging channel KAERpediem (which is the name I stepped into blockchain with - who knew you could never, ever, ever change it - forevermore!!). But they grew out of it and besides, with all the commenting, curating & challenges, it became more me, sh33la.

Wannabe: A storyteller. Thanks to @MarianneWest and her band of FreeWriters, I reconnected with a passion from a long time ago. Stories - reading and writing (I just found out there's this thing called fan-fiction and my bestie and I wrote tonnes of these - yeah, we were crushing on Wham before they came out and broke our poor little hearts haha). So I finally gained enough guts to start a Youtube channel, Tella Storee, and call myself a storyteller - I am still nervous as hell... but working through my insecurities.

And with age (puh-lease, age is just a number until you get here and realise sure, you can still kinda do the stuff you used to but it requires a little more effort than when you were younger!) and friends getting on that one-way train to who-knows-where, I count my blessings with every sunrise and do all the things I wanna do - the balance between a hustle & the flow. I am not thaaaat old, not that young either. But definitely closer to the light if there isn't a whammy first!! haha

That should be kinda enough for first impressions if you don't know me already 😉. Thank you so much for dropping in.

Till next time, Carpe Diem❣️

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Oh Wham!!! Soooo much good music. To be fair we all should have known they weren’t straight when the Wake Me Up Before you Go Go idea came out. But the 80’s made that all so much harder to tell! 😄

Oh and if @mariannewest and her female free writers would like to be part of a new discord....😁 we would certainly roll out the red carpet to welcome.

Have a fantastic day! 💕

Right?! And those shorts in the video hahahaha
But they did give us the inspiration to write...

Welcome @kaerpediem! I've not run into you before, but I like your style! We are all complicated, yet simple in what we do, and what we want to do. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely night!

Hi @elizabethbit :D
Yes, I have not run into you... but this year I kinda slacked a lot. The whole steem/hive thing took out my steam haha

Thank you for dropping in and for the welcome 😊

Ola @kaerpediem! A warm welcome to you! I look forward to knowing more about you through your articles, and I am sure the other ladies would too! So feel free to post any or all articles in the Ladies of Hive Community! Make it your home. It is yours!
Upped and rehived 😍

Thank youuuu!
It is great to be here. I am feeling pumped up again to be a bit more consistent :D

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Hi !

I enjoyed reading your intro. Glad you came over.

Heya @jacey.boldart
I am happy to be here and glad I was roped in :D

Ola there! A very catchy introduction. And while I haven't seen you anywhere as far as I can remember, I've certainly become curious to read more of you. Luckily, you found the Ladies of Hive. So I just think that over time I will definitely visit your posts more often.

Have a great weekend, enjoy and take care!

You are right, we have not bumped into each other... well, it is great to now :D
Thank you @hetty-rowan, your comment made me smile.

You too, have a great weekend and will definitely be seeing you around!!

Glad I made you smile. That's always a good thing to do. Thanks for letting me know that. Have a good day and see you around! ❤️

Sweet we met longggg time ago and I love the evolving of kaerpediem into more of Sheila I visit way to little cause the videos don’t load that great due to connecting but I promise more. Have a great weekend

Yes we did❣️

You know, I still don't know how you do it, all the things you do here and in RL. Just amazing you are!!

I still remember your kids dancing to Thriller! Wait, were you in it as well? :D Your kids are all grown up now :)
Aaahh.. is that why you look and sound familiar - you were in the performing arts/entertainment industry? But you do look like a good friend of mine.

I did dance with them... and realized that my body was lagging hahaha

I don't know... if you listened to red fm or capital fm - these are the stations that shut down about 4 years ago, then perhaps :D

Must be the nose haha

Aahh.. red fm, yes. Ya la.. I think so I might have heard you :D

I am SOO happy to see you here my friend 🤗❤️ you are such a sweetheart and a woman of many talents.
Great introduction post I really enjoyed it.
Welcome to the ladiesofhive fam ❤️
Much love

Pretty, sweet Saffiiii

Yay, that you are here too!!
We really should stop bumping into each other like this - NOT!! I love it ❤️

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I am so thrilled that you have joined the Ladies of Hive community, @kaerpediem! I loved this fun introduction article and enjoyed reading it. What an interesting way to summarize your life journey: the Hasbeen, the Now, and the Wannabe 😊.
Counting one's blessing is a beautiful way to start a day! I think we should all learn to do that. What a great reminder for all of us.
I hope that you will make the Ladies of Hive your home because it is yours! Together we will make this community the best there is.💪
Have a lovely day, my dear @kaerpediem, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

I am thrilled to be here
And just looking at the community, I am honoured.
Thank you so much for this warm welcome - just felt so good reading this comment💓

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