#piratesunday: The 2012 Canada 10 Dollars HMS Shannon Commemorative - War of 1812

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The Chesapeake and Shannon by J.S. Schetky and L. Haghe, Public Domain

” Blackbirds tend to like Shiny Things” ~ The Bloody Raven

This coin has been on the top of my “MUST GET List” for the last year watching for a further break on its already 25% off its original $64.95 Issue price. I love a sale! But with the recent increase in Silver Prices I would wait to no avail so I had to go for it.

I tout this coin as my personal favorite Royal Canadian Mint acquisition of the Sailing ship theme. The 2012 HMS Shannon is only one coin of The War of 1812 series.

A tremendously attractive coin marking one of the key events of the War of 1812 and should have been a big seller but not. Why? I blame it on the lack of history taught in our high schools. From my experience, almost deliberately made boring by the teaching staff. As a former addict to Historical Romance novels I liked to read selections from the writer’s personal experience.

The Silver Coin

1812 - 2012 10 Canada Dollars: The HMS Shannon
Reverse; HMS Shannon departing Halifax Harbor
Legend; CANADA, 10 DOLLARS, HMS SHANNON, 1812~2012
Fine Silver 0.9999, 15.87g
34mm Diameter
Artist: Bonnie Ross
Gold accented inset of the HMS Shannon’s Figurehead

'Before the Battle': A fictional account

Captain James Lawrence did not expect the hero’s reception stepping off the carriage that morning in May 1813. The street seemed to erupt in enthusiasm and the good people of Boston mobbed him with eager smiles, well wishes, handshakes, and moral support. As the days passed eventually those cheers changed to complaints demanding action.

The ‘Herald’ first wrote a glowing tribute to Captain Lawrence about his resounding success commanding the Hornet’s victory over the HMS Peacock, now called for the Good Captain to rid the people of Boston the scourge that now blockaded the harbor.

1812 - 2012 10 Canada Dollars: The HMS Shannon
Obverse; Queen Elizabeth II facing right
Reference KM#1249
Mintage 10,000 Proof
Artist: Susanna Blunt

It was as if all the world’s troubles and pent up anger were attributed to that one ship just outside Boston harbor. The cessation of commerce, the hijacking and appropriation of private ships, the careless violation of Sailor’s rights and the small detail regarding the declaration of war.

Before he settled in, he demanded to convey his orders with the Naval office and perform an immediate review of his new command and formally relieve Captain Evans to retire into needed convalescence.

Bonnie Ross’ original color illustration of the HMS Shannon

The Chesapeake was almost back in good order since her return to the Shipyard back in April. A D-Class Frigate with 38 guns and a solid reputation with her name since her entry into service. Still quite formidable even though her original design was that of a 44-gun Heavy Frigate like the USS Constitution but instead scaled back into the D-class due to economic necessity.

However, the crew may be a problem as most of the original had departed when their agreements expired over the lengthy dispute of the prize money being tied up in Court. The Captain decided to intervene by paying those that remained the prize money owed to expedite order and boost morale, and that morale was given a considerable boost as some members of the idle USS Constitution signed on.

The Business Strike for General Circulation

1812 - 2012 2 Canada Dollars: War of 1812The HMS Shannon
Reverse; HMS Shannon leaving the Halifax harbour
Legend; The War of 1812, La guerre de 1812, BR, HMS SHANNON
Artist: Bonnie Ross
Bimetallic Bronze & Aluminum, 6.92g
28mm Diameter, 1.75mm Thick

Captain Lawrence would have relished commanding the USS Constitution, but the Naval Office saw him fit for The Chesapeake as her readiness is more at hand with the Constitution still undergoing refitting and will not be ready for service until much later. Though the new crew were seasoned, experienced and acquired a new-found enthusiasm they have yet to work together.

1812 - 2012 2 Canada Dollars: War of 1812The HMS Shannon
Obverse; Queen Elizabeth II facing right
Artist: Susanna Blunt
Reference KM#1258
Mintage of 5,000,000

A few days before the Chesapeake was ready Captain Lawrence, accompanied by his officers, observes the HMS Shannon from a prominent hilltop overlooking the harbor entrance. From what he could discern through his spyglass she was that indeed a Frigate class with 38 Guns and size like the Chesapeake.

The Certificate of Authenticity

The HMS Shannon 1806 Specifications;

  • 38 Gun Leda-class Frigate
  • Launched May 5th, 1806 Frindsbury, England
  • Completed August 3rd, 1806 Chatham Dockyard
  • Burden Tons 1,065
  • Length 150 ft along the main gun deck
  • Beam 40 feet
  • Hold Depth 12 feet 11 inches
  • Sail Plan: Full Rigged Ship
  • Commanded by Captain Philip Broke
  • Full Crew Compliment 330
  • Armament upper deck: 28 x 18 pounders
  • Armament quarterdeck: 8 x 9 pounders, 14 x 32 pounder Cannonades
  • Armament forecastle deck; 2 x 9 pounder, 2 x 32 pounder Cannonades
  • Named after an Irish River

    This has to be the longest COA I've gotten for an RCM Product.😅

“Perhaps a good match.” The Captain thought. “Hmmm, the Shannon appears to be somewhat disheveled that is indicative of a depleted or undisciplined crew. Any additional thoughts gentlemen?”

His lieutenant replies, “The Shannon has been observed here for five weeks Sir. She would be low on supplies by now.”

The first officer chimed in, “I believe she is well below full crew compliment as she was observed to transfer a skeleton crew to each of the ships captured over the weeks. I estimate 290 to 300 crew remaining compared to our 380.”

Captain Lawrence closed his spyglass and paused for a few long minutes in deep thought. He took a few relaxing breaths before facing his officers, “The Shannon’s Captain is just daring us, challenging us to go out face him ship to ship. I believe the conditions are in our favor if he is anything like the Command of the HMS Peacock, we shall celebrate our good fortune at the Tavern that evening.Let us tell the Herald that!”


I hope you enjoyed this very seaworthy feature

Thank you for stopping by my Pirate Blog today.

The #piratesunday tag is the scurvy scheme of Captain @stokjockey for #silvergoldstackers pirates to proudly showcase their shiny booty and plunder for all to see. Landlubbers arrrh…welcomed to participate and be a Pirate at heart so open yer treasure chests an’ show us what booty yea got!


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons


The Canadian Encyclopedia: HMS Shannon
Wiki: HMS Shannon
Wiki: The Capture of the USS Chesapeake
Mint.ca Archive: $10 HMS Shannon
Mint.ca Archive: $2 HMS Shannon Link currently broken
Mint.ca: War of 1812 Time Line

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I like the coin so much I’m going to have to buy one. Thanks Kerris for sharing.

See this 5 Troy Ounce Beast of a coin?
Yeah, it's a dream coin for me.
Very low mintage of 1,500 coins.
I may have to bite my lip to get it around Christmas for myself. 😍
Numista Link: $50 Canada [HMS Shannon versus USS Chesapeake](https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces54187.html)

Thanks for the comment @silverd510

I loved that coin when it came out, but like all RCM products, they usually go down in secondary market value, so I usually by them a few years old if I want one. Cheers @kerrislravenhill you've got some sweet coins in your collection.

Been eight years since Issue.
Have you gotten one yet?

No. I usually don't look in the fancy coin cabinet at my lcs. To keep myself from buying stuff.

I don't know anything about silver coins, but I love your fictional story. Made period surrounding the coin come to life. Pirates, pirate ships, adventures, and dastardly deeds are some of my favorite stories.

Thanks for sharing.

History Text books often just present the facts and don't often get into the thoughts and concerns of the central figures. What they believe was right, what are they fighting for, even what baggage they carried in their hearts.
And despite the ravages and horrors of war, these two Captains took this single ship to ship engagement as if it were a Gentleman's duel for honor more than just winning a battle or plunder.

Thanks for coming aboard @justclickindiva

The RCM makes the most number and beautiful ship coins... lucky you, sis, to have that all available to you. I like the gold-gilded privy on the silver coin and likewise love the circulating coin. I bet you have a lot of those in a jar. the design is really very nice.
Hehehe... for me too, sis... that is the longest COA I have ever seen. The most extensive COA that I personally have is the US Capitol Silver Dollar Commemorative, and the 2014 UK SS Gairosoppa Britannia Silver coin. Both came with a COA- brochure of many pages !
I finally got to see your HS Shannon. I was wondering where it was in your queue of silver to show! Thanks for sharing, sis.
Have an exciting weekend (you weekend) my lovely sis @kerrislarenvill. Take care🥰🌺🤙 and xoxo 🤗💕💋!

I didn't exactly know what to write other than the Vital Statistics of the actual ship.

Preserved with the events around the HMS Shannon is the wealth of information not only noted in Captain Broke’s log but also in the form of; archived Newsprint, artwork, Official accounts reported and documented by the Officers and Governmental offices, prison records, grave records. Also were the personal memoirs of observers and witnesses around Boston Harbor, accounts and diaries of the surviving members of both crews.

With a trove of information, the climatic battle between the HMS Shannon and the USS Chesapeake can be re-enacted blow by blow detail. Several novels sprung from this naval engagement based on the point of view of fictional crew members.

I'm exhausted after this article, humming and hawing for two weeks picking over all the background information.

Thanks for your support Sis, always, with love 🤗 🌺 💝

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Coins and story were good but I'm gonna be honest, my favs is the pirate cooking gif 😍

It slices, it dices, it hacks and it smashes.
And when you have a hungry crew to be fed, this 40 inch baby does the job and makes quick work of various gourdes and large vegetables done in Pirate Style.
This Chinese Da Dao sword is the choice cooking utensil for those big tough cooking tasks.
Don't let big bad veggies scare you!
Take charge of the Kitchen and the Squash patch with confidence and intimidation!
And be the talk of the ship's galley!

(Not for use by Children, not a toy)

Thanks for the comment 😁 @enginewitty

I will agree with you about the lack of history taught in our high schools. I just Recently learned the story of the HMS Shannon. I can see why this silver coin was on your "must have " list!!! Another keeper my friend!!🤗

It took me a long time on how to write this up other than just the typical Coin Stats and the Ship's vital Statistics.
About all the ships I have so far are trade ships and not often a gun ship like the Shannon. Eventually the USS Constitution will be a difficult one to write about when I get to it, I've eluded to it in the story. I'm getting a headache contemplating that project disguised as an article.

Thank you for comin aboard @silvertop

You are awesome @kerrislravenhill!! Finding time to write is always a challenge for me.....but you tell a story!!! very nice!!🤗

Well @kerrislravenhill, you know that I'm not a silverstacker, that I don't know much about silver. Learning this slowly through your posts. But really, my compliments for your writing, the story really brought this beautiful coin to a life.

I really like it, and I feel it is so 'YOU'. A story from ancient times that you bring back to life with your story.

Thank you for sharing this beauty from your collection. I enjoyed it very much! Have a great weekend ahead and take care.

That's my style in the #silvergoldstackers community. Somehow my escape into Historical Romances became intertwined with my passion of saving in precious metals made me the Pirate that I am. ☠️

I try to keep the facts straight while writing a fictional character(s) reacting in those circumstances.

Thanks for dropping in @hetty-rowan

"Ships represent Commerce, exploration, communication and freedom... until someone decided to put guns on them." ~ The Bloody Raven
I believe Artist Boonie Ross used this picture as the Model for her painting of the 1806 which was actually the 1855 Steam powered version of the HMS Shannon. And when this generation of the ship retired, the English Built the 1905 Armored Cruiser HMS Shannon. etc etc Then there is the USS Shannon from Star Trek, so I got a little carried away in my research. A pirates work is never finished. ☠️

The Silver version is much much cooler @kerrislravenhill. I think I have a circulated one sitting in one of my miscellaneous coin boxes. Thanks for sharing!

With exactly five million of these Two-dollar Shannon coins minted I have never seen any of these in general circulation in my area of business and commerce as I often use cash than resorting to the credit card, especially with small transactions. My Coinstar and Compass machine coin search adventures has never yielded a ‘Shannon Twoonie’.

The issue was distribution, with the majority of these coins distributed to Central Canada and the East coast like Halifax Nova Scotia as the Ship Building and tendering heritage is still quite strong among the residents living there.

The West Coast saw only a small share of the Distribution, pro rata by population, were likely bought up and hoarded by dealers and coin entrepreneurs. Therefore, I suspect these were hoarded by retailers, casual collectors, and living in coin jars. Especially it is known that middle income Canadian homes tend to tuck away an attractive coin in a drawer and out of circulation.

I do have a few regular 2012 2 dollar Polar Bear Twoonies, Mintage of 84 million.

Thanks for dropping in @vgholdingsllc

Hmm. I'll have to keep an eye out for one of these. Being 20min away from Canada, we get a ton of change from their. Thanks for the info @kerrislravenhill!

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Thank you and now back to my cooking. 😉

another cool af post, lol on the last pic, looks like we both like to slice things the same way YARRRRR :P

Here's my reply to enginewitty earlier.

It slices, it dices, it hacks and it smashes.

And when you have a hungry crew to be fed, this 40 inch baby does the job and makes quick work of various gourdes and large vegetables done in Pirate Style.

This Chinese Da Dao sword is the choice cooking utensil for those big tough cooking tasks.

Don't let big bad veggies scare you!

Take charge of the Kitchen and the Squash patch with confidence and intimidation!

And be the talk of the ship's galley!

(Not for use by Children, not a toy)

Cool looking coin, i bought some samurai swords too, i would try it on the pumpkin 😀