Heading to the well, dreemers???

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Ohhhh, yes! It is a new year, but we are heading BACK to a favorite community of ours - the INKWELL!!!!

When we came last year, we brought way-too-many dreemers to @theinkwell and maybe flooded them with a bit too much love! hahahaha but.... so many of our dreemers STAYED, so fear not @theinkwell - we believe that this year's flood will be nice and calm... hehe we hope!

But, what we WILL be bringing is LOVE. Lots of love with us and lots of creativity!!!


No no no. The Challenge day is THURSDAY.

Why? Because @theinkwell has a request that when you are using their community, you curate AT LEAST two people who are joining in the challenge. And if we SUBMIT on Friday, that means you're not going to SEE those posts to curate in DreemPort until Monday!

So SUBMIT your Inkwell post into DreemPort on THURSDAY this week.

CURATE those 5 posts in DreemPort from the Inkwell on FRIDAY!

Easy peesy??? Lemon squeezy!

Now - have you seen the latest news from @theinkwell? Not only do they have FICTION prompts this time around, but they also have CREATIVE NON-FICTION that you can enter. AND... they also have a MONTHLY challenge as well! So we've grown, they've grown... it's a new year with new choices and new excitement!

Want to get a peek at what the prompt is for this week???

GET STARTED NOW... cuz your post needs to be submitted into DreemPort by 4pm PST on Thursday of this week!!

Here is all you need! go go go!!! You can choose any of these three to enter in for THURSDAY'S challenge post! Good luck- there are GREAT prizes and and AMAZING community to interact with and appreciate!!!




Thanks to @shadowspub, @jamerussell, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

Cover image is screenshot from @theinkwell community page


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Everyone up for the Ink Well Dreemport Challenge this month? - make sure you get your post into Dreemport on Thursday... your choice of Ink Well's weekly fiction or creative non-fiction prompt, or the monthly fiction prompt!

Let's go!!!😂💗

Thank you so much for the mention Sam, I know you will be crushing this challenge, hehe, all the best 🥰.

I have full faith in your crushing abilities, Hope. I think you and pirate q underestimate yourselves completely! @abdul-qudus !LOLZ

I owe my taylor a lot of money.
But he's agreed to cut me some slacks.

Credit: reddit
@hopestylist, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @samsmith1971

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Yeah you do but I still have a lot of things to learn as becoming a great writer for the inkwell community. I really can't wait to see what I come up with for the challenge 🤓.

Hehehe. Thanks such much for the faith you have in us. We would make sure not to disappoint.

@samsmith1971 you forgot to tag me but am not angry 😄😄

Did I not tag you? haha that's probably cos I wasn't using my list! Ask @dreemsteem to add you to hers going forwards hehe.

Ok.. @dreemsteem please add me to your list

Thank you

Happy New year and Month of Joy 🙏
Thanks for the mention 🙂

I'm so glad you tagged me. I could have more missed this. Thank you.

Thanks for the tag Sam
We have dreemers who are amazing fictional writers...I hope to join in 👍

Looking forward to some fresh creative voices in The Ink Well!

Don't worry. We've strapped on life vests!

This is nice, I've been very lazy to post to that community and if I want to be sincere, it's because I don't see my self as good as some amazing writers there so I just prefer to let the best post there so I won't flood their feed with my non creative writing.

Well, it's a challenge now and I don't have any choice but to challenge myself and I hope I up my game in my writing because I know that so many people are so damn good with their writing and I'm very sure inkwell will love them (me?) 🤓.

All the best to all the amazing dreemers, I know how good @abdul-qudus is with the inkwell community I know he will be jumping for joy now, lol, all the best sir and please can you teach me how you write so creatively? 🥺

We are in the same boat, dear. I don't think I am good at writing stories and I don't think I am better than the likes of @abdul-qudus @cescajove and others 😬😬
Abdulqudus should come and teach us oo because it's a new year with challenge.

Well, you can also write non-creactive fiction so I don't think that will be a problem for you.

Yes oo, their help is highly appreciated 🥺.

🧐🧐 I will try.
That Abdulqudus is prouding 😁

Please try oo 😁.

Is alright 😂😂

Hehehe. So I am the story teller abi. 😂. And what’s there to teach you?

Sha come and teach me and stop being proud in the year 2023 🙄

😂 😂. Me and you this year ehn…

Hehehe. I am just trying my best too in there. Not that I really have that writing skills. There are great writers like @samsmith1971 and @kei2 or even @kemmyb there are great writers.

And I trust you can surely do well. You can.

Hehehe. I am just trying my best too in there. Not that I really have that writing skills. There are great writers like @samsmith1971 and @kei2 or even @kemmyb there are great writers.

And I trust you can surely do well. You can.

@hopestylist please I let @abdul-qudus come and give me hints I😁

Okay oo, that's not a problem at all 😅

😆😆😁😆 alright then

Ehn, but why do I feel like I'm being threatened, or am I? 😦😂

nah, not at all😉

Okay ma 🤓

Hahaha. It’s like all of us want for fall inside the same well oo. 😂

hahahaha inside well as how na, ? I no want to fall inside well o, I want to be able to write in inkwell community😀

Inkwell is a well now. Just that there no water there. It’s filled with ink 😂

abi o, so true 😀

Now you believe me 😂 😂

Wait if you don't see yourself as a good writer what should I say about me then? You and @princessbusayo just like whining

I don't think you understand oo, me I'm not good at writing fiction stories and it's really challenging writing nonfiction too sef. Abeg I weak 😅

Hi, hope
How are you doing?

Hi, I'm doing fine and you?

Doing great too 😊

That's nice 🥰

Fiction writing is not easy at all, big kudos those who write them. But you have been writing non fiction and your post are always great.

Thank you for the compliment and encouragement, I hope I come up with something later in the day. I'm looking forward to reading yours too

I am not whining oo 😅

If you say so

I don't know why I been avoiding posting on this community, well I guess its time now to get creative. I will have to try my best that is.

Just wow...OMG, It's Happening!

Will try both fiction or Creative non fiction this time. Have always enjoyed reading fiction in this community. New challenge day, New year!

Let's Go.. looking forward to see Awesome read ahead.

I barely miss posting in the inkwell since the Dreemport and Inkwell collaboration the other time. I enjoy writing stories these days and I will definitely be part of the challenge again.

Happy New Year everyone.

I have been posting no creative fiction in inkwell, so I will be joining for this challenge.

Hehehehe I just made my entry into the community. I would see if I can get my fictional wrote up done before Thursday. If not then I submit the non fiction.

Challenge! Challenge!! Hahaha makes my head feel good 😂.

Let get something done and make an impact here in the well filled with ink ✍️

Good thing we're allowed to post in there more than once a week now, cause this is awesome 😁 Hmmm... let's go find me a prompt hehe !LUV !PIZZA


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@grindan(6/10) tipped @dreemsteem (x1)

Send $PIZZA tips in Discord via tip.cc!

Hello @dreemsteem,I would love to join the challenge but am not yet a dreemer. How can I join dreemport ?