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We just pushed desktop update including latest website updates and improvements. You should receive notification within desktop app about new version, feel free to try it out and let us know how new changes work for you. Are you mobile user, try Ecency mobile app as well.


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Cool stuff. Installed on my Ubuntu system.

what is the Ubuntu system @steevc

I've hardly used Windows at home in the last 20 years. Linux does what I need.

oh I haven't used Linux before I use window it works for me

I don't use the desktop app but web and android and I'm happy with the @ecency service

Happy to hear that, desktop app and website agave similar functionality only one is hosted on our server other one runs on your computer as application.

Nice work 😊😊😊

@ecency @good-karma

Something that I have noticed when I create a post via ecency is doesn't appear with the same logo on the blockchain, but I think that will be easy to fix when you implement the option for thumbnail...

And is also not the first picture but takes the last one...


Are you using correct markdowns in post body for first/thumbnail image? On Ecency we show and set first image from post markdown body

Ok Im missing in this one...
How to use it.. ;)


I found this one
But still didn’t make it clear for me how to make the photo shows as a thumbnail.
I have no any knowledge coding ;)

And still my photo was first in the post but still don’t show as a main photo.

Can you share post link you are referring that had issues with thumbnail, please?

I edit it from peaks...
Next time..
Another thing...
I have my Vote ✅ notification off, but I still see votes in my notification 🔔

You disabled Vote notifications in mobile app and you still getting vote push notifications on mobile device?

That's correct



Oh you will see activity here regardless, that disable will only disable push notifications meaning you will not receive push notifications on your phone for those activities. But activity itself will be visible still. Hope it makes sense?!

@ecency another thing follower/following list, still not clickable...
Just cant click on anyone's username...

Good catch, I just tested, you can see the list of people but cannot go to their profile. We will fix that.

I would like to report something .
I was trying to power up via ecency app on my android phone , and all the transactions came as a transfer not as of power up .



@ecency that’s correct I was with her and the transaction of Power up when as a transfer...

Thank you very much, we will take a look at this issue. 🙏

Cool. Very fast development. 👏 😎 💪 @ecency btw: when video?

You mean when video uploads? We want to implement this right way, at the moment 3speak team is working on decentralized solution which we think is good way to incorporate, but for mobile app, adding short video uploads would be great and that videos could still be hosted by us (centralized). So weighing our options.

Hi, @ecency, thanks for the answer. I mean short video uploads directly to the ecency from mobile, desktop and webapp. I'm doing cinemagraphs - animated pictures and I need to convert them to .gif - then huge files of poor quality are created. If I convert to mp4, the quality is excellent and the file is much smaller ... but to upload to 3speak is also a clever solution :)

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upgraded my 3.0.11 desktop version to 13. much better!
intresting -- you dont have a Russian version there.
may I ask, why?.. is there no volunteers to contribute?

We have had older version translated into Russian, but new version which is based on website and desktop app combined, somehow our Russian translator are busy perhaps. If anyone feeling comfortable to help, would be really great. Most of the phrases are already translated in mobile and old desktop app which crowdin suggest as option, so really not much strings to translate. Feel free to jump in!

I would like to. How can I do this, technically? join here and start, crowdin should be quite simple to use.

Nice to have continuous update about development of app and website.

Nice work 😊😊😊😊😊