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Ecency mobile app for Android and iOS just got another update. In this update, we have fixed number of bugs as well as adding couple neat features which we think you will really love.


What's new

  • Quick profiles - Ever wanted to check profile/account details without leaving post or page you are in? We got you covered, with latest version of Ecency mobile app, you can tap on avatar or username, you will quickly get to know basic information about account. You can add them into favourite or follow them, check full profile as well.
  • Native comments - We have shifted back to rendering comments/threads/discussions in native, we gained performance boost and obtained much better discussion experience in comments.
  • Comment threads - discussions and threads are important part of communication and we always wanted to make sure you enjoy commenting and jump into discussions easily. For that reason, we are happy to bring you better and improved experience.
  • Muting accounts - muting and muted accounts also got upgrade for better handling content from muted accounts, give you peace of mind.
  • Changed order of Boost and Promote buttons on 3 dot menu, no more accidental clicks on Report...
  • Select thumbnail image, now you can select what image should be your thumbnail when creating post.
  • Video playback update for comment embeds
  • Clickable rebloggers
  • Search trimming to exclude some characters so search is still relevant
  • Language and Currency selection dropdown list improved
  • Many other minor fixes

How Quick profiles work on Ecency?

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is opensource.

Join mobile translation team:
30 languages already enabled on Ecency mobile app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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The new comment system and profile preview is sick guys! Damn

Thank you! Over past few months/releases we focused mostly on stability of mobile apps, now that we are mostly satisfied with stability, moving forward we will be adding more features... 🚀 Glad you like profile preview, you can practically view profiles even from notifications list and other places, really neat.

Amazing! Its really really smooth! :D

Nice work Team! Nice! Thank you for doing the things easier for us the users!

Thank you for your support and reports ♥️

I am thinking to tell you something that I have in mind about upgrading the platform, but I will see when I will have time for it. Probably I will write you a DM in discord and tell you my ideas. I hope that you will love them and will add them as a free or a paid feature in the Ecency platform ;)


Sure, please do write to good-karma, DM when you get chance! 🙇

Aaahhhhh!! I forgot this existed :C I had it installed for so long! Now I'm on desktop mainly and got a new phone so I forgot to install it and use it. I bet it would be awesome. I was using Hive Keychain with Peakd but it's a bit uncomfortable. I'm so happy you guys are still active! :)

I would install it right now but my phone is kinda wet at the moment, and in a bowl of rice. I'll install tomorrow. I'll set a reminder! I really love trying out new apps. Already promoted you to my best buddies and they'll be trying it too. I'm excited for the new features too, some of them look really neat, and I wonder how much amazing stuff you have added to the app during my absence.

Thank you for making this. :)

One quick question!

Does posting from Ecency give % beneficiary to your account? Or was that removed?

Beneficiaries cut was removed before we rebranded to Ecency.

thank you for clarification :)

Well! I gotta hand it to you guys! Every UPdate is truly an UPdate and I’m loving it!

For one... recently I made a post that I had a HUGE amount of moving graphics... it was BEAUTIFUL! But there was a problem... other front ends couldn’t handle the file size! I was stuck!

So then I attempted to UPload those same graphics via the @ecency front end. They UPloaded in seconds and without a hitch!

I had spent 2 days creating the post... I would have been absolutely dejected if I would have been rejected... but you guys literally saved the day!

I got the post up and running and it was AMAZING! 🤩

Thank you @ecency team for everything your doing! Every feature has sooooo much Good Wil or @GoodKarma built into it! Keep going you guys! Hive is better from a technological stand point AND a social standpoint because of your efforts!

And I can see that what your doing day in and day out addsUP to a friendlier and even more fun Hive!

I’m a HUGE fan!


Thank you Wil for kind words and support! 🙇

Muting accounts - muting and muted accounts also got upgrade for better handling content from muted accounts, give you peace of mind.


Changed order of Boost and Promote buttons on 3 dot menu, no more accidental clicks on Report...

I love you guys xD

Mute is good i am tried of andumbcunt notifications

Unfortunately, the #Ecency frontend still shows notifications (downvotes in particular) from Hive accounts muted by you. 😐

Ive just done my update now, the updated version is really cool and i like how it pops a quick profile. Thanks for posting this because of you i now have a good new version....check the time in the screenshot and see that its very recent

Glad you liked it 🚀


Posted using Dapplr

Just updated to the new release!👏🙆‍♂️👏

🚀 do let us know if you find something new, features or issues 😉

Thank you for the work!!!

Update of ecency for mobile phone. ?
What should we do?

  • Should I uninstall then reinstall?
    because it does not happen automatically
  • Still doesn't have affiliate tracking in all of your interfaces?

You can check PlayStore or AppStore for update.
Referral stats/details are in works, we will add in future updates.

For the update, it depends on where you are (server propagation).

  • We just checked and the propagation is complete. To refresh, please close the ecency application and restart it.

As always, this is a great job helping Ecency fans.
Bravo to the team again !!!

#FR: Comme toujours, c'est un excellent travail pour aider les fans d'Ecency.
Encore bravo à l'équipe !!!

Epic update,

Thanks for the improvement, actually, I haven't been using it recently because of the required Internet connection in uploading photos. It's a concern to me because in our place it's only 200kbs the fastest connection. lol

I just it will be flawless this time.

On feed you can click view changing icon, it won't show any image so even with slower connection you can see feed posts quickly without draining mobile data as well. But for opening post, they do download images automatically, we will think of ways to disable auto image download on post page in future updates.

Oh, this is what I'm talking about when the connection is so slow.

Comments look much better now! That makes the app much more useful. The profile preview is cool too. I notice that shows a different total post count to what I see on and hivebuzz (50054 vs 49990). That might be something to check on.


Hivebuzz is quite busy maybe there was delay between your checks? Just checked and mobile app stats are same.

Great. Thank you very much.

Is there a documentation on how the point system work?

We are observing the ecency point holder can se to the point to 'call' on an upvote to virtually any post they like!

I tool can be abused and is being abused now.

Can you throw some light on this?

There is some in our FAQ:
Promote, boosting and sending/tipping are some of the use cases. Upvote/boosting is reviewed by our curators, our curators do their best to check plagiarism and copy paste, subjective low quality content and avoid curating them. If you noticed some abuse, please do let us know.

Points can be used for boosting content (post and comments). Boosting requests are manually reviewed by our moderators and curators which might take upto 24 hours.

As part of the qualities check, we may consider: a) Content is original content, b) Not detected by cheetah, mackbot, hivewatchers, or any other blacklists etc. c) User is not in Ecency blacklist due to abusive behavior.

Relatively simple criteria. This doesn’t include bashful content, hate speech, anti-Vax, flat-earth or simply back scratching… I vote you - you vote me stuff.

Bottom line, without control this can approach bidbot which we fought so hard to get rid off. Why is this feature required?

It is not automated, it is in control manually reviewed with limited and quality checked process and Points are centralized pointing system to help increase engagement and add extra gamification aspects.

Now I wanna try this app.

Bravo! Again making our Hive experience even more exciting!

Amazing updates😀👍

Just got my update.
Good job Team 👍

Great improvements! I'll update the app ASAP! 👏 😎

I'll be giving this a try, though I've been so comfortable using the peakd interface on chrome, hopefully I can adapt

If you are website fan, you can try on chrome as well 😉


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Dear Ecency, i cant post as i have 0.1 hive power.
the error is insufficient resource.
kindly, help in this issue.

May I know is that 50 HP the lowest no that can be delegated to ecency? And I think I found that I started earning curation reward without delegating to ecency. Is there in policy change? Thanks.

Just updated, now, and as someone who stares at The Screens, all day, I really appreciate the larger font. Easier on the eyes 👀!

Does Ecency have a token of its own? What's the token I earn every day for checking in and using the app?

We have Ecency Points with few utility.

excellent news friend, always in favor of the development of the platform, congratulations

a chat feature would be nice. maybe only for people who follow each other

Chatting is in our roadmap 👍

Is there any rewards or benefits for mobile translation contributors?

Hi, yes we reward 1000 points for contribution and of course try to support your post about translation, you will also get to listed here:


also today I showed Ecency to my friends. Thanks for the continuous updates

now I can see profiles without going to the screen

Need more updates ...

Wow, nice! I just stopped by after first exploring your web app at I did not expect the cross post feature implemented that neat. I'm loving it! I then gave tipping a try and compared how nice peakd has implemented to show past tips below a post. I'd love you reconsider this and probably adapt with peakd or even find a better way for peakd to adapt. E.g. why not openly show what app got used for tipping instead of just in the transaction history?


🙌🏻 Guys, this is great News! Fantastic App to use mobile. Very good usabiliy and stable.
🙋🏼‍♂️ My everyday gateway to the Hive Blockchain!

Thank you Thomas, glad you like it! 😉

Selecting post thumbnail is not working.

What error did you get or elaborate more details please so we can check? Thank you!

I didn't get any error. It's just that I can't change the post thumbnail in the gear icon (post settings).

The thumbnail is the first image by default but I want to set my third image as the thumbnail (since first and second is divider graphic). When I tried to change it, I tap on the 3rd image but nothing happened. There's a sound feedback (this is due to my phone settings btw) when I tap on it but that's all.

So I ended up removing my divider graphic so that the image that I wanted becomes the thumbnail.

Thanks for trying to look into this matter.

Thanks for Acency.
Blogging on hive is awesome

Great job ! Update is absolutely good. Easy to know about their profile.

Since i found ecency ,never used other hive blogging site. one of the best ,always rewarding,easy to use App. love it.

Good to hear that, thanks! We will continue to improve and bring you more and more fun experiences.

Love you ecency , you are going good
kindly improve the points scoring more and more.

I'll have to try this mobile app, ecency seems to be a nice frontend for hive.

Excellent, it will surely be very useful, I am going to update myself on this App. Thank you for your hard work.

Thank you for the real live of ecency

Always no dull moment with Hive. As much as your post is educative, I'm still confused why some Hive does not conformed with some Android phones, e.g, my own phone (HUAWEI 'CE0197) have all time refusing to access logging in. But to be honest, your post made great scenes for my learning on hive. Cheers

Do you get any errors during login? Are you using Hivesigner or standard login with password?

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