Mobile: Waves on go, Quick Token Swaps and more

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Ecentials, we are very excited to bring you another major release to our mobile app on both iOS and Android stores. This release includes two significant features and several fixes that are much requested by users. Now, users have the option to access our Waves through our mobile application. Waves serve as a convenient platform for microblogging, allowing users to create short posts and share various forms of multimedia content such as photographs, gifs, and emojis. Keep engaging in Waves and enjoy the process of exchanging your thoughts, participating in debates, and having conversations. On website you can access waves in page.

Another significant update is the introduction of the Token Swap feature in your finger tips, which enables users to exchange their HIVE to HBD or HBD to HIVE directly from the market. Swap your HIVE/HBD from your wallet instantly instead of waiting for a prolonged period for it to appear in your wallet with market limit orders. Swapping will calculate entire order book and gives you best deal instantly.

What's Changed

Full Changelog:

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is completely opensource.

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!GIF Good job with the updates.


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Thanks for your steady improvements. Great changes to have waves in the app

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That's awesome! Short content multimedia messaging! Moon is near! 👍😃

That's great! Shadow Hunters are on the way!


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That's good progress, keep up the good work.

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Hey @ecency thanks for your update... But I must say ecency app is very easy n comfortable to access. Even getting rewards for commenting n reblogging.

Wow! This is a great update. 👍🙏

Hello @ecency team, I have a problem with my Ecency App because all the time it close automatically and then is very hard to continue check the post, or when I'm writing a comment and then suddenly it closes; seems the developers put a timer in order to do this automatically. I’m using IPhone 14 pro max.

Hi @georgehive, sorry for your experience. Could you go to Settings page and check Server, report here which one selected? Try changing to different server and restart app, you might want to try reinstalling app as well, if none helps, we will have to try and replicate issue you are experiencing. @noumantahir, can you take a look at this issue?!

I’m using the default server

Wave Media

I have uninstalled the App and installed again and no crashes for a while; but now I can’t see the photos and I can’t upload photos to this comment “Request Failed with status code 503”

It was temporary glitch, should be fine now

It is a nice new for all.I am so exciting to use it.I would be on the wave and I will test and publish today.
Thanks for your trying and hard work.
Good luck to you all.

very good update

a filter for the waves hastags would be great that ONLY directs to waves post. if i click on one hastag within waves it directs me to a overview site for normal posts.

Great job with the update. Waves on the go rocks!

Maaan! I absolutely !LOVE having waves 🌊 on my mobile. On my laptop I never used them, cause I rarely use my laptop and when I do, there is so much to catch up on, that there is no time left for trying anything new, but waves on mobile is a total game changer. Works smoothly too 😍
Thank you!

Fantastic post King @ecency, fantagira(1/7) is blown away by the dedication you put into writing this post. Your hard work and dedication is truly appreciated.

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thats very nice

I have a question! - Two days ago (on Monday), my daughter tried to create her account through your service (I gave her my referral link) but couldn't do it. It didn't work through the browser or through the mobile app. She was constantly receiving some type of Server Error. Was it, maybe, because of the new app update going on at the time?!

Not that I am aware, is it still happening?

As far as I know, she didn't try after that. It was quite discouraging. I couldn't figure out what might be the problem, so I wasn't able to help her. I was thinking of contacting someone on Discord to ask for help, but she gave up at the time and decided to try sometime later.


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Wow can't wait to check them out

This is really a great update I must confess

Very good, great one.

Absolutely loving the new update. Great work! Waves is a game changer. This is the first time I’ve felt comfortable with short form content on Hive bc in my opinion it is extremely reliant on a solid mobile app and Ecency is polished, it works like a dream. Looking forward to seeing more features in the near future.

Thanks for encouraging words, we sure will continue evolving it

Thanks, not showing update option in playstore!

can you see Waves? I think you updated already because the new update was already in store but the
post about the release was published today.

Sorry! My bad, app already updated automatically. I saw waves function, but i didn't saw swap function. So, I checked for update, it says only open. That's why posted the query. After your reply I saw the swap functionality in the wallet itself. 🙏.

Waves on mobile is one of the best updates ever! 🔥🔥🔥


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I must say, this is so much to be excited for. How can we thank ecency enough for the big move. First waves might just be the best thing to have happened on hive so far, because it kills the boredom of long posts and make interaction very much real time. And then we also can do a swap on ecency. Cool. One thing tho, can the swap also be done on the app?

That’s the announcement, yes latest update on mobile app has token swaps. Instantly change your HIVE <-> HBD.

I was so overjoyed I missed that.. thanks again

Awesome work! Congratulations on the success of the update.

Cool and rehived :-)

Can you guys build another app for short content only, based on comments or c_json, call it ecency.shorts or something, maybe e.shorts :).
Same ui, login etc...

We can certainly consider that, if community wants. Let’s try inclusive approach first and see if people want separate experience and if it really encourage engagement. Moving out some parts into separate app will be much easier once all features are implemented and we get to the point to feel UI constraint to try separate app.

Maybe call it or or just waves

Token swap 👍 Love this feature! as KYC stuff gets downright silly, anything you can do to move tokens without using a big exchange is very helpful
The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people ( nietokilll ) sharing the post on LeoThreads,LikeTu,dBuzz.

What is Waves exactly? When I checked it out on desktop all my Threads from LeoFinance showed up on Waves. but their was no option for me to add a Wave on Waves. Did you simply steal/copy threads, but rename it as if it's your own?

One feature I'd love to have added is the ability to go to a "My Waves" page. I'm having trouble keeping up with my replies. As of now the only way I can find Waves that I've posted is by digging through my long list of comments that I've left.

Sure, that's something we can add to both website and mobile app. Thanks for suggestion!

Wonderful, I can't wait to see it actualized

Wow best news I've ever received that's why I like Hive....!👍

that's one of the things that I had been looking for awhile. Having a way to share videos of my tutorials.