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One of the major update we were working on went live just now. Community rewards, create and grow your own community, increase engagement with Ecency Points. Tipping, now giving authors extra reward is single click away. Read on to learn more about these changes and how it works.


What's new

  • Community rewards - Your communities now can earn Points with every new post. Go to and register for Community rewards program and every time there is new post inside community, community account can earn points. Idea is to give communities their own rewards, so they can incentivise and grow members, organize contests, giveaways, all self-sustaining and flourishing. Here is an example of Ecency community page, in screenshot you see Community Rewards link, just click with community account hive-xxxxxx to sign custom_json operation and that's it. Community should have 100+ members to register.
    Simple requirements for rewards, posts that are published from Ecency and has payout of at least 0.05 in first hour will reward their community with 20 Points. We might be improving this as we see how communities are utilising it. 😎

  • Tipping - another quick way to reward authors, tip them Points, HIVE, HBD directly with couple clicks. This is awesome feature which will give you possibility to reward authors for their older
    content and/or just thank them with pleasant surprise, personal gift/tip. 🎶

  • Image linking - we noticed sometimes clicking on image upload icon would create empty markdown linking text, so we improved it with popup dialog so formatting could be made better/easier. 🌈

  • Instant feedback - improvement on payout and vote value instantly after vote is cast.

  • Language files updated

  • Voting power indicator improved

  • Optimized Dockerfile for better and smaller image sizes, big shoutout to @nicniezgrublem for his contribution and help. 🚀 We are now running dockerized instance with swarm.

  • Other minor bug fixes which you can monitor from our official Github page

We are expecting to release desktop app with these new changes in next few days after thorough checks as usual.

Are you developer or translator or just want to contribute to Ecency? Feel free to check our opensource projects and join our discord to get in touch.


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You are making my dreams come true! ❤️❤️❤️

With community rewards, contests you organize will likely get bigger and more engaging... We are eager to see where this new addition takes us and see how it will benefit growth of all different communities. 🚀

Registering was simple using Keychain, but I couldn't figure out what Hivesigner wanted from me.

In both cases, it is just signing custom_json operation with active key... similar to how point transfers work.

I'm more happy to see this new development.
Thanks ecency for all you've done and that which you're doing.
God bless your team.

Thank you for a comment!

You're welcome

Great! A lot of improvements. I really need time to check all. 💪 👏 😎

It is really great news for helping build our communities!

make inline polls

the starter picture for newbies does not disappear forever

Could you please elaborate on what starter picture? On website or mobile app?


On website

When you click on X icon, it is coming back after refresh? Can you please mention which browser you are using so we can test?

Linux-Opera, returns and the sky is unpainted:)

make instead of the word "blog" with a submenu - 4 buttons in direct access: blog, posts, comments and replies

On mobile browser it won’t look pretty and we are not just blogging platform so we are utilizing space as wise as possible, although we will think about improving it for better

will fit twice)

You mean to add them as icons? 🤔 Interesting thought experiment, we will discuss with team and consider that.

I don't know why on all sites they write names instead of icons, ideally the user should choose what to see

Feathered Friends hive-106444
AND Shadow and Reflection Hunters hive-179017
Are both registered to earn POINTS

NOW I'm going to send out some tips within these communities! I'm so excited!


you'd have to explain me all of that in simple child words on the discord chat, as usual my dear 😄

You know I can do that! The big news....

FF will earn POINTS every time someone posts into the community! We will be able to use the POINTS to tip posts and give POINTS out as prizes. FF is all set up to begin earning POINTS!

This is most awesome and exciting !!!❤

Back on St~~M when we first set up communities I remember @good-karma talking about how people would be able to earn multiple tokens for one post. I couldn't imagine back then how that could work, but I trusted his vision.
Already FF and SH both have #Archon tokens being paid out for comments and now we will soon be able to have POINTS to reward our members with. You have no idea how excited I am by this. The future of our community looks very bright!

How archon works, any link to learn more about? Is their Discord. Every comment made in Feathered Friends or Shadow Hunters or Ladies of Hive Communities, on any posts in the community, earn staked Archon tokens. You can see the Tokens that are paid out in the SH or FF feed in the Discord. @taskmanager is the Dev. You can see more in their daily report at @archon-mining

This is great news. I am looking forward to start giving tips using the mobile version.

Hahaha! Don't rush them! 😂 I'm looking forward to that, too, but didn't want to sound pushy, so I am glad you said it! We must let them sleep occasionally. 😴 Lets talk about tipping POINTS at Shadow Hunters.

Hahaha. 😀
They are wizzards.

@nelinoeva try using on your phone. You should be able to give out tips there.

OK, that will do.

I did it! 😊

Oh good! I sent you a DM about POINTS prizes for the SMaP contest this week.

Great! I love these updates! 💙

I can't wait to see more communities flourishing.
I'll start by making a community for portuguese language speakers.
This post has inpired me.
As usual, @ecency has been impressing us with new updates and their vision of liberty.
Being able to see, and most importantly, be part of, the growth of Hive Ecossystem & Ecency Applications is a huge pleasure and an opportinity of a lifetime.
Thank you very much.
Best Regards,

Please do, Bulgarian, Spanish, Chinese communities have been growing recently and other language and culture related communities can grow too and content in different languages always good to attract different people into platform and ultimately help them to be part of future.

That's a good news sir , this are off cource minor but major changes that will sure increase the users here. 🎉🍻🤝🙏

Thanks for the update sir

Stunning work here!
I am very interested in setting up a community of sorts and am leasing HP to do so, this seems perfect, got any tips or guides on how to get it up and running with engagement?

I would say follow good examples like @melinda010100 on how to create and grow your community, engagement

Brilliant thank you

I'm always happy to help in any way I can! Being engaged with a bunch of people who will have an interest in your community is probably the the first step. ☀️

Great it was missing that incentive for the whole community

OMG I just saw this post and It was my old post in there 😝
More reasons to love Ecency 🤩
I will definitely play with new features tomorrow!!!

I'm So happy

Great initiative, is there anything for new communities also?
Who are very new and don't have 100 members?

Not yet, we started with these small requirements and there is a chance we will improve those. Interesting, how long does it take for any community to gain 100 members, good study case for us to learn and adjust?!

Can I tip people through custom json? Or is the tipping not through blockchain?

I run an engagement project which started recently so thinking of how I might use the points I have .

Is it possible for anyone to tip or just community users? I haven't gone through ecency completely I think it is time I did .

You can tip anyone with Ecency and it is happening on blockchain.

Alrighty then! This is a good update

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The idea of community rewards is great, but unfortunately I can't understand why this is only possible from 100 members?
Communities that don't publish in English like our community GmbH (German) and also have a specific subject (humor) are very difficult to reach 100 members.
At the moment we have 52. Only one German community has more than 100 members and this has no specific subject.
However, the community has been very active since the existence of Communties, many different members write posts for the GmbH, 10 posts in the last 7 days.
I hope that you are flexible with the number of members, because I see no reason to support only large communities in their growth.
Anyway, thanks for reading the opinion of a small community ;)

Thank you, this was initial arbitrary number to make sure people won’t abuse by creating fake communities but with current active user base it is reasonable o lower that a bit. We will consider lowering to 50, after discussing with team. 👍

what can we do with the points earned and are there future plans for other use cases?

Ecency points are future tokens in some ways, check our recent post about token. Already has use cases, right now you can promote and boost content, gift (transfer) points, more use cases and gamifications are being worked on. Check out or our desktop apps or mobile apps to learn more, it is quite easy to follow and understand potential once you try.

Great 🆕

Nice work! Keep it up. ✌️

Such a fantastic update! Well done everyone on the team. Magnificent!

Going to enter the terminal in the community list now

I just found this site tonight and started using it and I have to say a few things.

  1. The design is freakin on point and looking beautiful!
  2. The rewards and other little things I've been finding around the site in the last hour I've been here are seriously keeping me motivated and engaged.

Do you feel you'll be running ads on site or what ways bring value to the token and continue for it to grow and provide value?

Thank you! We are not sure about ads, our team has diverse opinions about it. One thinks ads are cancer on internet other it might be good way to provide liquidity but we know one thing for sure we want everyone using Ecency to enjoy clean experience, we do have promote option which uses our token to get more exposure so idea is to improve upon that. Work on creating more utilities, there are dozen ideas so we will be adding them one by one. Let us know if you have some ideas 💡😉🤗

Ad can be cancer for sure. But having one here and there I don't feel is a bad thing personally. I know it's being used to support the platform I'm using and increase the value of the asset I hold. Thus to me it's ok to have them there.

I do like the idea of promote I'll need to check that out some and I did see an option to trade right on your platform from the looks of it. Curious to see what you all create and do next!

Please add an option to hide NSFW content @ecency.

In a future update would it be possible to have a voting witness button on their profile page as there is on Peak? Thanks 🙂


@mintrawa: Witness FR - Gen X - Geek 🤓 Gamer 🎮 traveler ⛩️
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Hello, this post is also very useful for me. Posts like this help us a lot and add to our knowledge.

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