Remembering my Cousin … gone too soon 🕊

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Rest In Peace, dear Yasmina…Cousin, Friend, Journalist & Author 🙏🏼✨

Today, would have been your 47th birthday & you live on in the hearts of all whose lives you touched 💐

Yasmina Ykelenstam, passed away 4 years ago, only 43 years young (shortly after her birthday).

Yasmina was a brave soul, a great beauty and a fighter until the end, who worked as a journalist (for BBC & CNN) as well the author of books on the Histamine Diet.

She battled, bravely, in her short life through war zones and health complications. Yet, she was a resilient spirit and never gave up.

Creating Healing Histamine (a health movement) was a transformative experience — sharing her healing journey/helping others gave her life renewed purpose.

May Yasmina, finally, be free of all suffering and fond memories sustain all who loved her & were touched by her work 🙏🏼✨

Prayers for the dead are like gifts for the living.
The angel approaches the deceased with a platter of light covered with a cloth of light, and says to him,

This is a gift from your friend so-and-so, or your relative so-and-so.‘ And he rejoices at it...

–– Ghazali, Ihya

#tuesday #restinpeace


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I'm happy to hear about your cousin and her legacy of using food as medicine is something we can celebrate. I spent some time on her website and YouTube channel. Good stuff, that can help many.

Of course it is sad that she is no longer with us, but I feel that she has made her mark in this world. Sending up a prayer for Yasmina and hoping the angel delivers the platter of light!

Near tears reading this… Thank you, Kenny, for your compassion and words of encouragement. She tried and, yes, I believe she made a difference and touched lives…

Grateful for your prayer and attention. Food is medicine, if we know how to use it. How blessed we are by Nature’s pharmacy.

Yasmina had a special fate and I’m glad I was able to share her with you.


Such a great soul🤍 May her soul continue to rest

Amen❤️ you too dear

I appreciate your kind words & wish you/family best of health/long life 🙏🏼