My first year as a pixEOS ambassador

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Exactly one year ago a friend published something about a little game, with a cute robot on its cover; I never imagined that that game would propel my life forever.



I have to tell the story from the beginning:

I had my second Steemit MeetUp held by @votovzla in the city of "El Tigre" on April 6, 2019 here in Venezuela (the first one was one of @cervantes organized by the friends of @rutablockchain).

I think it was one of the best events I've attended because I met a lot of users that make life in Steemit (and now here in HIVE), and that I only knew through their publications or through activities in Discord. In that MeetUp we had a conversation with @enrique89 (who introduced me to the EOS blockchain), and he told us that many projects were looking for ambassadors and that we should take advantage of those opportunities.


A month later I met [BLOCKATRIX 3000 | The new pixEOS game](https://steemit. com/english/@laloretoyya/blokatrix3000elnuevojuegodepixeosyminuevovicioteameos-qy7w35tsg1) and since I was so excited, I couldn't do anything but run to Telegram to see if there was any group in Spanish, there I met Fabi Yamada and 20 other people who formed that particular group, I very excited told them that I had met the game and that I had made a post about it. At that very moment, without wasting time, Fabi showed me the opportunity to become an ambassador of @pixeos in my country.



We did the first EOS MeetUp in Venezuela, and two more events. Contests, activities, craziness, ramblings, scolding, but I don't remember having a single bad moment with the community. I spent many hours playing at the Game Center (which is not working for now) and since a month ago the pixEOS Digital Art Gallery started working.



I want to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have supported me in this, I wouldn't have been motivated to make game posts in EOS if it hadn't been for the creation of the @teameos, that although it's celebrating its first year, it already had months commenting us about the blockchain. Anyway I want to thank the pixEOS team: Fabi, RT, Fred, Joe, Christina, Eli, Alex, they are the best and we are going to the moon.


You'll see a lot of my stuff about pixEOS these days. pixEOS is a platform within the EOS blockchain that besides a Game Center has a digital art gallery, where blockchain artists can sell their works and exchange them for EOS or the PIXEOS token. To see the gallery you can go to and for more information you can go to the links at the end of the post.

If you know any digital artist you can contact me to start uploading artworks inside the gallery during the beta phase.


Social Networks:

Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - YouTube - Website principal

pixEOS - Anuncios



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Hi, nice to meet you. I'm from Venezuela too.

I sincerely did not know about the existence of this community and I join the request of our friend @jadams2k18 to publish in our beehive and explain how this community to which you belong works.

Hola! mi amigo Piotr me comentó sobre ti. También soy de Venezuela y he vivido pegado a esta plataforma (steemit y hive, ahora) haciendo de todo: publicando historias, escribiendo sobre blockchain y entrando en muchos concursos. Definitivamente es una plataforma para enamorarse.

Aun no tengo idea (aunque cree una cuenta, lo cual no fue gratis :P) sobre la tecnología EOS. Sé que hay una comunidad EOS en Venezuela, pero no se nada sobre ellos.

En estos juegos, se ganan token EOS?

Me encantaría que formaras parte de la comunidad Project Hope y publicaras mas sobre la tecnología EOS y PixEOS. Se apoya mucho los contenidos sobre blockchain, así como otros que escribimos en la comunidad.

Un Saludo desde Caracas ^_^


Hi! My friend Piotr told me about you. I'm also from Venezuela and I've lived attached to this platform, since January 2018 (steemit and hive, now), doing everything: publishing stories, writing about blockchain and entering many contests. It's definitely a platform to fall in love with.

I still have no idea (even though I created an account, it wasn't free :P) about EOS technology. I know there is an EOS community in Venezuela, but I don't know anything about them.

In these games, you win EOS tokens?

I would like you to be part of the Project Hope community and publish more about EOS technology and PixEOS. There is a lot of support for blockchain content, as well as other content that we write in the community.

My regards from Maracay ^_^

Hola, gracias por tu comentario. Por ahora los juegos están desactivados porque unos abusadores se robaban las recompensas antes de que la gente pudiera cobrar los premios del día, en su momento se ganaban tokens PIXEOS. Ahora estamos con la otra parte ir es la galería de arte dónde la gente compra y vende arte digital.

Yo también tengo tengo mucho tiempo en Steemit/Hive, empecé hace un par de años pero el último año fui bastante intermitente porque más enfocada en la blockchain y por aquí no se le daba mucho valor al contenido, pero ya eso cambió.

Ya estaré explicando muchas cosas acerca de la blockchain de EOS y de pixEOS.

Saludos desde Valencia.

Hey, thanks for your comment. For now the games are disabled because some abusers were stealing the rewards before people could collect the day's prizes, at the time PIXEOS tokens were being won. Now we are with the other part going is the art gallery where people buy and sell digital art.

I also have a lot of time in Steemit/Hive, I started a couple of years ago but the last year I was quite intermittent because I was more focused on the blockchain and around here they didn't give much value to the content, but that's changed now.

I'll be explaining many things about the EOS and pixEOS blockchain.

I'm from Valencia.

Dear @laloretoyya,

Very interesting story and experience coming into crypto. We are truly happy to see crypto helping you out and at the same time teaching you so many new things.

You mention a few people I recognize there such as @cervantes or @fabiyamada.

Just know that we are very eager to read about pixEOS or any other Crypto Art Related initiative. #HODL is also a space for this type of content.



Thank you very much for your welcome.

I'll be writing a lot of things and previews of pixEOS and the art gallery around here and it's very gratifying to know that there are people interested in supporting this kind of content.

Dear @laloretoyya

I've seen your entry to last contest created by hodlcommunity and supported by project.hope and I thought that I may reach out to you.

Consider joining our project.hope community. Some of your content would fit perfectly.

We like to share publications related to technology, blockchain, AI and economy, marketing etc.

Links: STEEM blockchain or HIVE
Our discord server:


Hi, @crypto.piotr.

Thanks for that invitation, I'll keep an eye on the community. Thank you so much for contacting me.