Delegation to Ecency - What I get in Hive and Points

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Ecency have changed some in their interface and also make it more profitable to delegate to them. So what do I get?

**I delegate 200 HP **

Everyday they make a payout from curation rewards from the account @ecency (if I understand it right). My first payout was at 0,087 hive.
In 365 days that will be 31,755 Hive.

31,755/200 = 15,8 % Thats pretty good. But I will get more.


For my 200 delegation I get 20 ecensypoints every day. That is 7300 points in a year.
What is the value of the points for me? I think the best way is to calcluate what I can get from the Bonusvoting system.

If I use Ecency as interface when writing a blogpost I can BOOST it from my app in the phone.
150 points will give me an upvote for about 0,900 usd. As a authour I will keep about half of it as authourreward. Lets calculate with 0,450 USD for 150 points.

That is 0,003 in value for every points.
In one year I get 7300 points = 21,9 USD


31,755 hive. With a value of 0,6 usd it is 19 USD
And then 7300 points with a value of 21,9 USD

REWARD Hive for about 40 USD
33 % is very good !

(hodlcommunity will get 15% of the payout from this post)


Ecency is the best

Wow. So sweet nice teaching ❤️❤️❤️

I have delegated to Ecency, too! It is a really sweet deal, isn't it?

Yes. I do it also to support them because I use the app

This is really a good motivation to be more active on the community. We'll definitely join, reading more for insightful thoughts.

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HIve is buzzing

I have two questions * this offer is still valid * are the 33% calculations always the same

Yes it is still valid.
The 33% is still same if you go The way I explain.
I have not see any changes.

After reading some comments from the community, it appears that this 33% are overestimated.

  • Indeed, many boosting (via the use of points) are not carried out. And, this for articles a priori very interesting.
  • The Question: Can Ecency keep its promises for the Bonusvoting system ?

You also have The curation trail that is not included

I just want to use my points with your Bonusvoting system, but you limited the votes so you lose time and our points are blocked

Oh that dont sounds good. Try to connect with them at discord

The situation begins to be unhinged and the system to work again.

this Post

Their justification The blocking is based on two criteria:

  • The post must be of good quality (which is the case of the articles in question)
  • Curation is a service that is done manually, so it takes time. This is very restrictive if their system is saturated.

May I know the lowest no of HP that I can delegate to ecency?

I think you need to ask in discord. Or you try with 20 and see what happen

do I only need to delegate my HP to @ecency or is there another step?🤔

MESSAGE FOR @ECENCY & @minimining
Test delegation and first problem:
I delegate a day ago 115.660 HP form @linlove -> @ecency
@ecency send me 0.021 HIVE For Daily 100% curation reward share
If a calculate I find 0.021 x 365 Days => $7.665 => Interest => 7.665x100/115.660 = 6.62% very different from the offer (15,8 %)
They suggest 15,8% and the give only 6.6% ???
Where is the PROBLEM ????

There is Ecency points as well for delegators and we never promised any percentage, because it always vary depending on network and reward pool conditions

Hi @ECENCY & @minimining, I have calculate the rewards for 10 days and I add the points rewards in total I have 12% and not 33% see your post where you explain and offer this percentage @ecency (Here your post).

Rewards always vary depending on curation and reward pool allocation as well as market conditions for token prices. So nothing is guaranteed and it oscillates always

Ecency i love you thanks