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The last several days have passed by in quite lovely fashion; there was gardening, mainly potting some new plants I have been so eager to get and now finally have and general tidying up of small jobs around the garden, spending time with partner who travels a lot for work so our time together is precious, and also doing my own job which I am happy to do because I love it. Life is quite good and there's no complaints.

Of course, I'm generalizing because, as with every one I have my problems, hurdles to overcome and concerns that are often important and require attention. But, that said, I think things are well on the right track currently and that's nice.

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I had to go to a training for work the other day; had to means I wanted to, and it was nice because I'd not been to one of these functions for a while and it was nice to meet up with some of the industry people I've known throughout my career. I accepted the invitation more for that than the product release and information because, if I'm honest, there's not much in the way of new products, the packaging changes as does the marketing and that's about it. I enjoyed it though, socializing with other industry people, some light lunch and something different for a change.

I was telling my partner about it later on and the conversation turned to the 'every day' activities and how we can sometimes feel like we're on repeat and how nice it is to break out of that for a time, even if it's a work function. My partner travels around and meets so many people, each day is quite different and probably takes it for granted, but for me I'm more structured. I think there's a nice element to both aspects though and, as often is the case, balance is found.

As days go by so do our lives and my partner and I like to focus on living well, that doesn't mean extravagantly, it means finding fulfillment and happiness in our lives as individuals because that's most important and as a couple because the former can't happen without the latter, for us at least.

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Becca 💗


Going on trainings is really nice. If one has a regular desk job, or something routinary, trainings can be a perfect change of pace and environment. Learning something new or improving one's skill is also good for the brain. For some, it can even be free food, and a time to relax away from work, while still being paid.

You've summed it up nicely, a change of scenery is welcome.

Becca 🌷

It is nice to be able to break the routine from time to time - and still be in the work context too. :)

Looking at your picture, it reminded me of a conversation I had today with a friend about looking after our skin as men, and what a terrible job we do.

It's amazing how a little break from the routine can provide a much better attitude and feeling.

As for men and skin care, some don't do it very well, or at all, although there's some really great products out there, not even that costly either. I know someone who can give you some hints if you like.

Becca 🌷

It's nice to have these training events that serve to improve our work but also, as you mention, to socialise and get out of the routine. Sometimes it happens to me too, although not very often, but I take advantage of those moments of meeting with my work colleagues because we also talk about different things that don't include the work itself.

It's good to get out of the routine and explore other things.

Hugs Becca.❤️

It's nice to do something different from the usual workday and I enjoyed this event, I even learned something.

Becca 🌷

All were benefits and that's the best thing about it.

Hugs Becca.❤️