Welcome to Hive's New Thrift Shopping Hub!


Hello thrift shoppers, antique buffs, and yard sale seekers! Today we're excited to announce the formation of a community dedicated to sharing secondhand finds!

Unsure what counts as a secondhand find? Here's the scoop directly from Webster:


Plain and simple; no new items.


If you are wondering if your post fits into the community, the only question you need to ask yourself is if your finds have had a previous owner. If the answer is yes, we'd love to hear all about it! Aside from that, we only have a few basic rules:

1. Share original photos of the things you find. Pics or it didn't happen!

2. No plagiarism or AI content; don't be a dweeb.

3. Present your posts in English.

4. Do not attempt to sell items in the community. There is an existing space for that called Hive Thrifted, which hosts a virtual Hive thrift store.


What sort of content do we hope to see in the community?

Each one of us takes joy in finding different things when secondhand shopping. Maybe you have a collection you like to add to, or a hobby of finding and restoring old furniture. Perhaps you are a savvy parent who's just saved a ton on their kid's new wardrobe, an old book appreciator, or a vintage items expert...

Whatever it is that makes you thrilled while browsing pre-owned goods, we want to hear about it! From the weird to the wonderful, all finds are welcome.

You do not have to of purchased the items you post about!

If you find some funny items to share that you'd never buy, awesome! Maybe you spotted something you love, but it was out of your price range. We don't want to miss out on checking out what you saw; just snap some pics and tell us all about it!


Last but not least, we will be sending out some goodies to help kick the community off. At the end of this post's payout, we will send a share of HBI to 5 random individuals who have both reblogged this post, and subscribed to the community.

Additionally, over the next few weeks we will be gifting ecency points to authors who share quality posts to the community! We hope to see you around town!




This is quite the awesomesauce'ness! I love that we have the Hive Thrifted Community. Now... we can not only share the things we've found or have. But Mayberry create a positive bridge, to get folks to share what they've found while engaging with the mentioned community! Everyone knows how I feel, about creating positive bridges, after all!

Oh! One more thing... should I be randomly chosen, for the sweet goodies that you mentioned? Please pay them forward! Hoping to see some memorable #secondhandfinds!


@tipu curate

How cool would it be if someone bought something secondhand from Hive Thrifted, and then posted about it here? That would be some full circle perfection! 😍 Cheers to positive bridges and thrifty thriving 🍻

And no Wes, absolutely not. I'm gonna rig the spinner to pick you all 5 times 😝😂 Hahahaha thanks for spreading some love on the community intro brother 🤗

Since Wes wanted to pass on his HBI... Congrats @pravesh0 and @bemier (now aint that perfect 💕) I've sent you both 3 shares of HBI since I didn't want to send either of you only one haha 💚 Thanks for helping to spread the word on the community, and thanks again for being our first poster Beril!!


Thank you so much @grindan 🖤🖤 for everything 🌟 And I am glad Nabi talked and encouraged me about this wonderful community ☺️ And I hope, me being first poster, will be lucky (I don't think so but still 😂).

Thank You so much, @grindan. This is perfect 🖤.

And Wes is such a sweet soul! 🙏


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i was scrolling for communities and landed here, i was like second finds? hmm.. then read the description and this is such a gem for someone like me who loves to go to thrift shops and find goodies! i thank the admins who made thought of making a community like this, im happy!

What a great community idea. I'm sure this will be a hit. Best of luck!❤️