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hi ,, hi, hi ... today is a great day for me and what I see on this day is really real. not a picture, not a story, but a fact.
Previously I had only seen this animal in pictures and read its story through advertisements.
but, today I saw this crocodile first hand with my two eyeballs. Before that, I had never seen a crocodile in person.
on this day I saw the crocodile in person and this was a very exciting moment for me.
I constantly pay attention to the creepy body shape and his behavior I'm curious.
really does not move like a log lying on the ground. up to thirty minutes I waited only all I saw was his eyes flickering.

whether he is sleeping or this is how this animal behaves. I was pensive and thought about what if I met him in a river or in a swamp if his behavior was like this. surely it will make me shock and make my heart vibrate.
Fortunately, I met him for the first time at the zoo, not in a quiet river nor in a swamp.

as in the picture above it is a place that has been provided for crocodiles with enough land. with a width of thirty meters and a length of thirty five meters. it will be a comfortable place for the three crocodiles inside.

all the pictures and writings I dedicate to the Amazing Nature contest.

This is an image I took myself (my original image) with my OPPO.A1K camera phone.

these animals are protected in our premises. and what I met at the Jantho Zoo, Aceh Province (Indonesia).

by me @anwars


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