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Have you heard about Via Pontica? Once it was an ancient road built by the Romans alonside the Black Sea coast starting from Byzantium (now Instanbul) through Bulgaria up to Romania. Now the name Via Pontica stands for the second largest route for migratory birds in Europe. The Black Sea coastal wetlands provide shelter for many birds and Bulgaria is an excellent birdwatchers destination.

I live near the sea, which helps me to have a glimpse of the birds who are just passers by. In my previous posts I have shown photos of birds in flight when they were moving south like bee-eaters and storks. Sometimes I can see flocks of pelicans and other birds I could not recognize. They form patterns in the sky that move with the thermals.

Couple of days ago I was happy to spot another migratory bird in our park - Eurasian wryneck.


I got couple of photos only and I took them from below. But it was enough to identify the bird.


The wryneck (wonderful word for the #alphabethunt when we reach letter W) is from the woodpecker family. The name of the bird in English came from tneir ability to turn the head almost 180 degrees. The name in Bulgarian means the same. I wish I could see that bird turning its head. Maybe some other time.

Another migratory bird is the starling. The one I want to show you is not like the starlings I used to see.


This one has not that distinguished black metalic colour. It could be young bird.

I found it together with some more of its kind attacking the figs. There is a house near the park with many fig trees in the garden and the birds were having feast.


Wheatear or Northern wheatear (another word worth to use for the #alphabethunt) is a small passerine bird. I spotted it near my working place.



Sometimes I am mistaken thinking that these small birds are sparrows. Only because they are too far from me and I have problems with my sight.

However, the wheater is from the flycatcher family and here comes the Spotted flycatcher.




All my photos are taken while I am walking in the park or taking a short break from work. Which means I am not stalking the birds and all you see is based on my sheer luck. When I have more time, I wish to stay longer observing them.each bird got its trick. For example the flycatcher perches and when sees a fly, dives catching it and returns to where it was, perching again. That is something interesting to be seen.

And here we have another representative of the flycatcher family - the Redstart, found near my workplace.




Aren't they all amazing? How different they can be, when we look closer. And aren't they amazing when you think how long it takes for some of them to migrate. Some cover short, some cover longer distances. But they all know how to use the thermals.

And that was all for now. Hope you enjoyed viewing my post.

This is my contribution to the #Amazingnature contest hosted by @adalger in the Amazing Nature Community. More about the contest you can find 👉here👈.



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You're welcome @nelinoeva👍🙂

That looks like a juvenile starling when they mature they t=get the dark metallic color. Lovey photo's of beautiful feathered friends.

 4 months ago 

That's what I thought about the starling,
Glad you like my feathered friends.

Fantastic captures Neli ! 😍

 4 months ago 

Thank you Barbara! 💕

Hello @nelinoeva!

Marvelous shots

We appreciate your work and your post was manually curated by @barbara-orenya from the DNA team!

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 4 months ago 

This Eurasian wryneck looks really beautiful and you managed to get some really beautiful shows of them ^^ .. Its a pity that Barbara already found your post as I really wanted to curate this myself, haha .. I am going to forward you to the AN-OCD channel

 4 months ago 

Thank you so much!
I was still finding new birds that I manage to photograph. Isn't it wonderful?
I am so happy that you like them! 😀
Yeah, Barbara is fast, isn't she? 😉

 4 months ago 

Haha, as fast as a bird can fly ^^ .. No wonder she became a pillar in the #featheredfriends ;)

 4 months ago 

Haha, well said 😀

Haha ! yes I'm fast to see beauty around me @nelinoeva 😁 ...and @adalger, it's cool that you have submitted to OCD , as I came back today to do it myself...LoL...but I could not have submitted it for amazing nature community, only for Feathered Friends can I, so I'm happy you did it @adalger because I don't think (neither want) to propose a cross post to curation...

 4 months ago 

Thank you both for your curation. You made my day. 😀💕

Thanks for your amazing pictures that bring me so many smiles 😉

Hi Neli.... beautiful shots you managed! I can rarely get good shots of birds as my hands are shaky all the time. I always need a tripod to be able to capture images . Sending love from Vienna! Cheers!

 4 months ago 

Thank you very much for your nice words. I am constantly learning and practicing.
I am so glad you like them. 😀

I spent much of my life thinking that all the small brown birds I saw were sparrows. It was only after 8 started to use a camera with a zoom that I discovered how many wonderful little brown birds there are!
This is a lovely selection of birds!
Great photos and info!

 4 months ago 

I was exactly the same. I am still discovering new birdies.
It is wonderful experience to search and photograph them.
Thank you very much for your support, Melinda. ❤

Wow! You are so lucky to see so many beautiful migrating birds so easily almost without any effort!

These birds photos are very sharp!! Good camera!

 4 months ago 

I am indeed lucky. Also, I am keeping my eyes wide open. 😉

You are also very good at identifying these birds!! It would take me ages to know which is which as they look so similar.

 4 months ago 

There is facebook group called Birds in Bulgaria, where I found help to identify the birds. A friend of mine recently suggested an app that also helps a lot - Google lens. This application is very useful for anything you would like to identify.
Now I wish to recognize the birds by their songs. Some I can, but for the others I need more training, 😀

Wow! You’ll soon become an expert on birds watching! Identifying the songs of different birds!! That’s really marvelous.

Lovely array of birds found walking to and from work, always on the day sometimes we see a movement and just have to look then photograph.

With migratory birds it must be fun finding out more, who visits your region.

Excellent photography and thanks for sharing @nelinoeva

 4 months ago 

Indeed, it is fun finding new birds in the area. I become pretty much obsessed and my head is turning around everytime I hear a bird song.

I chase around the garden, spy on them out the windows they have become an obsession seeing who makes which tweet 😆 Been like this for some time, perhaps my life has gone to the birds....

I indeed enjoyed viewing your post. It is post like this that made me realize that not all little birds that fly around our garden are the same. Just today I spotted one which I would normally assume a Sparrow being brown but I realized it had bright green and yellow colors on its chest. Unfortunately my phone was inside the house being charged. Maybe next time. Lovely photos especially the Wryneck. And I can see you are two words ahead for the W hunt :) I'm still waiting for your T treasures. Hope you get it in on time.

 4 months ago 

Thank you so much for your nice comment. It is great to hear that you look around and see new birds.
I don't know yet what I will use for W week and if I will use these birds again or it will be somethjng else. There is time and I will think about it later.
Now I am finishing the post for this week's alphabet hunt. It needs some last touches ans I will post it tomorrow.

A spectacular show of birds again you really have got this down to a tee photographing these beautiful birds 👍

Wonderful shot of the birds. Lovely to be on their migratory path to get such a variety!
I love seeing the different birds from different countries - thank-you for sharing!

 4 months ago 

Thank you so much! Our feathered ftiends continue to amaze me. So many and so different they are.