Gingham Plaid Hair Scrunchie

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Happy Monday folks! It’s another week of needlework fun and I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to. 😃

I am still working on my mass production of hair scrunchies for the holiday market.

I really want to have a variety of color, styles and sizes for shoppers to choose from. It will help my display table to pop and hopefully entice people to come over and buy stuff 😆.

Let the colors mesmerize you into buying 🤭.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been consistently making these or not but lately I’ve noticed so many women and little girls wearing them. Scrunchies are truly a beloved hair accessory so I’m glad I chose this project. I don’t ever see any crocheted or knitted ones while I’m out and about so I’m hoping the shoppers will appreciate the uniqueness and effort.

I came across this idea to make the popular gingham plaid pattern for some of my scrunchies. I thought it was a spectacular idea as you really see this pattern in many colors especially during the holiday seasons. I always buy a shirt or a pajama set every year with gingham fabric as I’m a big fan of it myself.

At first the pattern looked a bit intimidating and seemed as if it would take forever just to make one scrunchie. As I went along and followed the pattern it was very easy to catch on to because it’s very repetitive. You are literally making four rows of double crochet and then repeating it one more time to get the fullness of the hair piece.


Here you can see I have completed only three rows of the pattern. The first two rows have full squares of the red colors. That’s the size all the squares will be at the end.


This is what it looks like when all four rows are complete. Looks pretty cool huh? I love that I will be able to customize these with so many different color combinations. Whoo Hoo!! 😄

Now, you just simply repeat rows 1-4 and you’ll be ready to form your scrunchie.

I will say that this one was my first which makes it a practice project. I will not be making any more until I get the softer yarn that I want.

With making these you really need a versatile yarn that is easy to shape. This yarn I had on hand that worked together to make the gingham is very stiff and unfriendly when it comes to shaping lol. The pattern suggests a DK weight yarn.

I also need to purchase a thicker elastic because all I had on hand was this thin size…


If you check out the pattern you’ll see that she used a thicker one and I think that helps it stretch better as well.

So once I get the right supplies I will do a proper photoshoot of the finished product. Since I wasn’t fully excited about the way this one turned out I wasn’t inspired to do a full out photoshoot yet but still wanted to share with you how I’ve been doing with preparations.

I’ll report back once I get a few completed and see how you like them. They are fun to make and I’m glad I came across them. I’m hoping they will be a popular stocking stuffer that people love. 😊


This is where I need your help! What color combos should I make? For those of you that love gingham plaid which colors would you reach for 😍?! Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Thanks for Tuning In! See Ya Next Time ~ ❤️


Even if you are not satisfied with the project @crosheille yet it turned out beautiful. With this one you figured out the best material that would work for the project. It means the practice was worth it.

For colour suggestions, a combination of violet, yellow and brown would look cool

Thank you for your comment @amberkashif, it encourages me more. It's true the practice was worth it. Now I look forward to showing you all the upgrade 😄.

Okay, now that is a combo I know would look good. I've seen those colors together before and think it would be unique and attractive. I truly appreciate you ~ 🤗

I am eager to see more from you, specially the combo I told

I'm looking forward to sharing them once I get them completed!! 😍

Good luck !LADY

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Hi @crosheille, beautiful you got the scrunchie, I love the degradation of red combined with black, it is simply spectacular, have you thought of making one with Christmas motifs combining red, green and gold, it would be very nice because the colors are vibrant; you have done a beautiful job.

Happy start of the week!


Hey there!! Thank you so much. This makes me feel good that my needlework friends loved my practice one so much...I'm confident that when I get the proper yarns they will be even better!!! 😃

Oh yes! Adding gold would be so nice!! I'm so glad I reached out to you all for help, you're all so amazing and appreciated ~ 🥰🤗

Hi, sweetie 🌸 What a beautiful job you are doing 😍 I love plaid print 🤩 I have always wanted to make or buy a pajama pants for me and my husband, with this fabric. Right now in my country I haven't seen it.

A nice combination I think would be one scrunchie of various shades of pinks, another of yellows, blues or browns 😻 I wish you the best in your market sale 💟

Hi my dearest!! Oh I hope you will be able to get a set one day for you two. My mother in law purchased one last year for me and my husband and it came with matching slippers too. They are so fun and comfortable to wear.

This confirms it, you’re the second one that suggested this. I love the idea of different shades of the same color.

Thanks a bunch ~ 💓

Me encantaría adquirir uno de esos para regalar a mí novia están muy lindos de verdad me encantan.

Oh wow! Thank you so much. Your comment is very encouraging. Maybe someday I will make them available to sell here on Hive. 😉

Me parece muy buena 💡 idea ...yo te comprare varios. Y te pago en HBD..

I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Thank you ~ 😉

Gracias lo mismo 😌 pienso de tu contenido, es muy bueno igual que tus creaciones.

I truly appreciate the compliments of my work and content. You have a wonderful weekend ~

 6 months ago  

hi crosheille, I really love this gingham pattern. I would love one with purple, lilac and pink. I wish you much success in this great project.

Thanks Katty! Those colors sound so pretty and I'm sure they would look great together. Thanks so much ~ 💝

Isn't this just a very full and beautiful gingham plaid scrunchie🥺. I love the pattern and frankly, I would buy this if I came across it at a holiday market.

Let the colors mesmerize you into buying 🤭.

Sounds like a great attraction strategy😂

Although I love these particular combination, I feel using different shades of the same colour would also be a good idea. What do you think?

I honestly wish and pray that you excel with the sells during the holiday market ❣️

Oh wow that's awesome! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and so glad to know you would buy one 🥹😃.

You’re brilliant!! Yesss! Another great idea that didn’t cross my mind. Thank you so much. I will for surely do some with different shades of the same color.

Thank you for the wishes of success ~ 😘

You are most welcome 😇

Oooh: this is fabulous, dear @crosheille !! I adore the reds and black!! I adore gingham too - especially blues and blacks, though red's my favourite. I'd love a rainbow or multi-coloured one?


Hello dear Clare!! Oh my goodness I hadn't thought of doing a rainbow one. I love rainbow colors too and it would be so cute and maybe even retro looking too. Awesome suggestions, thank you dearly ~ 🩷🤗

 6 months ago  

Hello Crosheille. This project looks very nice: although it is not the end, it is always good to do a practice one. I think green and red would be a good Christmas combination. I wish you success in your sales ❤️.

Thank you Laura! That's a good combo idea. I was only thinking about green and red separately but not together. Thanks so much for the suggestion ~ 💖

It looks great in the finished product, my dear! great idea! after all, the more types of yarn colors there are in a product, the more clothes it will be combined with. there really is a huge flight of fancy in combining yarn. you can make a summer version from lighter colors (yellow, green, etc.) and a winter version from bright ones (blue, white, black, etc.) 😀

Thanks so much Tali! That's such a great point about the colors and being able to match more garments 😃.

I love the Summer version ideas. Thank you!! 🤗

Been a long while since I read your needlework project and I am excited I could read one today.

I love scrunchies so much and yeah having them in various colours is a good idea.

I suggest you do pink, red, white, and blue as they are catchy colours.

I know. It's been awhile and I have missed posting about my work. Thanks for making time to read mine today. 😘

Oooh yes! Pink is my favorite color so I will have fun doing different shades of it. I will for sure add some white in too and you’re the second person to suggest blue. Yay! Thanks so much ~ 💓

It's a pleasure ma'am.

This is beautiful already, and I love the colour combination.

I agree with getting a thicker elastic band so it will last longer, crochetted scruchies aren't popular around here either, now I wish we lived in same country haha😂 I would love to have them for my daughters in their favorite colours blue, having other tint of blue mixed as well.

Thank you so much! Red is one of my favs so wanted to try it first.

Thanks for confirming about the elastic. I will definitely get a thicker size. So the thicker it is the better stretch it should have right?

Aww hahaha! I wish we did live in the same country. I would be glad to make them some. Thanks for that tip. A mixture of blues would look nice ~ ☺️🤗

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