More Leggings or why sewing your own clothes?

What would be your reason to sew your own clothes?

Asking you this question, I am honestly interested, what would be your reason to do so even if you don’t. And what is it if you do so?

I have many reasons why I wanted to sew my on garments for ages. Why I started and why I keep doing it.

One part of it is, that there are certain clothes that I can’t find second hand.

To be honest I have no idea how I started to go buying my clothes rather in second hand shops and flea markets, than in fast fashion stores.
Maybe I was lucky enough to have grown up around it. Maybe my misunderstanding for fast fashion and not being able to accept and support such a destructive industry was leading me in this direction.

In any case my last shopping trip at the big names probably dates more than ten years ago, easy.

Nevertheless, there is certain items that are hard if not impossible to get second hand.

Lingerie, Leggings, Socks…

Eighter because it feels a bit to intimate to share it with a previous owner, or because it is a piece of clothing that you would just use up over time. In that case before you could pass it onto someone else by bringing it to a thrift store the garment would fall apart.

That’s what happens to leggings in my experience.

Ofcourse there isn’t only seconhand options. I could also just buy in more sustainable places.

I tried so.

And it left me completely overwhelmed by all the choices of the internet. Discurraged by high shipping prices and ugly patterns I put the project aside. No sustainable leggings-shopping on the internet for me.

What is left?

Making them myself.

And I do so for a while now. In fact, for so long, that the first ones I made are starting to have some holes in a lot and very inconvenient places.

It was time to make some new ones.

I still had some fabric in my storage. Added some more. Brown, because we are working on a more forest suited colour palette for my wardrobe:)

...leopard and white kind of marble

...and the brown/gold

So, I spent one afternoon sewing three pair of leggings at once.

In those moments I also like to ask myself the questions what is more worth to me. Spending one afternoon sewing leggings or working a job for the amount I have to, for being able to afford them in a shop.

Answer is definitely sewing for a whole afternoon.

Even though I was completely done with all my patience in the end.

The most exciting part of this whole project lays still Infront of me.

After I had finished those three Leggings I was thinking of what I was to do with the broken ones in my wardrobe.

I get weirdly excited whenever I get an excuse to get rid of some of my stuff. Makes me feel like I can breathe better again. In that matter my first thought was to throw away the old ones and just replace them whit the ones I just made.

Hold on wouldn’t that interfere with my whole approach to fashion, and that rubbish doesn’t have to get thrown away straight away. But could be reused instead?


So, I had a better idea. Why not reuse and upcycle the leggings I made months ago? Turn them into a pair of trousers or a top?

…now that’s where the really exciting part starts to me. Figuring out what I can make from three outlived Leggings, that I made myself. Not stopping the cycle.



And with a lot of ideas about it, I went off in the new fallen snow. Wandering the forest disguised as a snow leopard.

Thank you all to stop by once more! Have a lovely week!

(all photos are mine taken by me)


Very well done, your blog post! Really beautiful in the whole composition. The choice of your images, the photography itself, the subject (leggings), the little words between the photos, the remnants of the cut fabrics and the threads, everything rhymes with the whole. Your question at the beginning, engaging your reader right away, you made this blogpost with a lot of attention to detail and aesthetic, just like the actual sewing work.

To answer your question, as a child I admired this skill so much and to me tailors were demigods, haha! :D My sister and mother gave me a sewing machine a good 25 years ago, I had taken a course then but dropped it. I started again about five years ago and haven't been able to stop since.

Just like you, I've always loved going to flea markets to buy my clothes and now I can change the things I like in terms of fabric but where the cut doesn't fit. I often buy extra large things, unravel the seams and then make something new out of them. I made a 20s dress out of my husband's trousers and an old skirt, it was a lot of piecing together, but that's what I found challenging.
Here you can see the result. In the meantime I have made a few changes to the dress.

How wonderful, I will continue to follow your blog! :) Greetings from Germany!


Thank you!! That was wonderful to read! I am already having fun putting it all together, but getting such a reply is really inspiring me to keep going, which is awesome!:)

Its so cool to hear your approach and way, I am always looking for the oversized pieces too, you start to appreciate every bit of fabric, when you put the garment back together:) and also using your husbands trousers (my first upcyclings were the shirts of my man) especially I find it pretty cool to turn rather "masculine" garments into more likely "feminine" ones. Kind of shifting the identity of the piece.

That dress, looks awesome! I just had a quick look at your article about it (off to read it after this...)

Have a good evening!

I like everything that has had an owner. Whether it's an old flat, a car, furniture or even a piece of clothing. It has a history, even if I don't know it. The ghosts of the previous owners are in the things. HaHa! Or at least that's what I like to think. The tinkering and the doing, the mental and physical occupation of tailoring gives me just as much pleasure. I am just mighty proud to see something homemade in front of me, the result of a process from start to finish. When do you have that in this modern world where everything depends on everything else and where ready-made things can be bought on every corner? But I certainly wouldn't want to miss it. Without these finished things, I couldn't make a single piece of clothing. Making a sewing needle alone would be an impossibility.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

You too have a good evening.

Yes I did enjoy your post!
I love how you talked about all the background of you stile-inspiration and the Epoche!

The ghosts of the previous owners are in the things.

...imagining those stories. And then you transform them and put different ones together and create a whole new story collaging the old ones and adding your own.

For sure making the needle yourself, it gets onto another path (fish bones?) mad if you think that you could somehow make everything yourself... but for some tings I am happy that they are there and I dont have to bother:)

I've also always preferred vintage stuff over fast fashion


Hmmmm... I've been keen to start knitting again and getting in to making blankets and shawls actually

As soon as it gets could I always feel like knitting😅
...but I assume it is not that cold around you..

Been a veritable heatwave here for the last few days 😬

Pretty weird, actually! Feels like the tropics.

No socks. Blankets and shawls ❤️

Blankets!! are up for a looong one.
They are really nice, always liked knitted blankets, but how long would it take you to make one?

I've never, ever knitted one! :)

It's on my bucket list. I want to make one of those really bulky ones with the very thick wool. Love them to bits!

I'm a patient woman!

Uuuh yes!!! Really really cosy:)

Haha, snow leopard 😅

I've always envied those who can make their clothes and then those who actually do make it. Those leggings are looking really good.

!discovery 22

You could make your own leggings, 😁😉

Not for me tho 🤣
Plus, I have zero skills

🤣 Can't blame a creative person for creative nudging, lol. I don't believe you have zero skills. Everyone has skills of one kind or another.

I agree
And I appreciate that much needed nudge 😌

Now I need to find that skill 😁

I already know yours by the way

Now I need to find that skill 😁


I already know yours by the way

And that is...?

Photographer ✅
Sculptor ✅
Digital artist ✅
Writer ✅

The realll skill?????

Being awesome ✅✅😅

Thank you🙃

I've always envied those who can make their clothes

I did so too for years! goo for it:))
...and you can become a snow leopard too😅

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 last year  

Another important point of making our own clothes is the pleasure that sewing brings. At least it amuses me, when it doesn't stress me out after a long day in front of the machine. Recreating the garment that you like exactly how you like it is also an important point.

With used clothes, in my case I give them away. If it is very torn, move on to clothes for the dogs, or cushions for them, or kitchen rags, or stuffing for our pillows. I also feel sorry for throwing away fabric, although I struggle between that and between non-accumulation.

Your pants look and fit you beautifully. I like that you combined with the landscape 😃.

Greetings, as always a pleasure to read and see your post ❤️.

I also feel sorry for throwing away fabric, although I struggle between that and between non-accumulation.

Indeed! It is a very thin line between keeping too much and reusing things! I think I just really like the concept of reusing and trying to fix things, but at some stage I also think we shouldnt blame our selfs for throwing away things, when it gets too much!
...and then rags can always be the last option:)

Oh and amusement and stressing out😅 yes!

Thank you❤️ Really nice to have you around, as always🙃

Let me give this a go. Yeah!


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You got snow!
Next pair thermo leggings. :D

Love the brown.

yesss it did!!! ❄️
I thought of trousers same as the hoodie🙃

Hoodies are everything, especially those long winter ones!

hoods are the best!!

What would be your reason to sew your own clothes?

I'll create with anything, anytime, anywhere. Also, it's the way I grew up, even my dad sewed.

Love the snow leopard! I bet you made that coat. Your leggings look so cool with it.

Sometimes with things falling apart, I just patch and patch until it becomes some other thing. Sometimes I do what you're thinking of. Sometimes I use pieces in collages I do on the covers of books, or other crafts I make. There's so many possibilities.

This looks like a collage just as it is. It struck me instantly how beautiful this looks.

Yes I did make it, last winter I thing:)
uuuh yes patching is awesome too!!
...I love the off cuts, every time!
Talking about the process-photos, thats actually one part why I love taking pictures, because all the left overs or cut off threads and little fabric balls look so cool:) ...and kind of becomes its own thing beside the sewing.

I knew it! Looks so good with your leggings.

...I love the off cuts, every time!

I can't throw them away, they are too interesting.

Talking about the process-photos, thats actually one part why I love taking pictures, because all the left overs or cut off threads and little fabric balls look so cool:) ...and kind of becomes its own thing beside the sewing.

You're giving me a whole new perspective on in process photos, thank you. I just hadn't seen it this way at all. You're right.

Your collection are impressive for all and increasing attractions about this things.

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