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photo credit: Tara Winstead en Pexels

A new contest has arrived at Needleworkmonday!

The kitchen is that special place in the house where we spend most of our time. It is the space for food preparation, where succulent dishes and delicious desserts are prepared. It is the place where the family gathers to share a delicious lunch or a nice snack. That is why this time we want this special place to be the main protagonist of our new contest in the community.

Needleworĸ Yoυr Kitchen!


With this contest we want to encourage our users to dedicate a project to their own kitchen or to the kitchen of a friend or family member. Show us your creative process with some pictures, but we also want more than just a tutorial. Tell us what's behind the project: motivations, ideas, difficulties, anecdotes etc.

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Contest Guidelines

1.- All projects must be kitchen related.

2.- All items you make for your kitchen must include a needle. We will also accept any form of fiber arts that has to do with knotting, braiding, felting, tying or any form of fabric and thread manipulation. You can even combine different sewing techniques together.

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Some Ideas

  • Tablecloths, place mats, placemats
  • Cup and cup holders
  • Covers for household appliances
  • Cutlery holders
  • Practical and useful objects
  • Decorative objects
  • Curtains
  • Chair covers
  • Pot holders, kitchen gloves.
  • Aprons

Here you have some examples:


photo credit: @tibaire, @aracelis1965, @multifacetas, @coromoto20

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1.- Show at least three photos of your creative process.

2.- Include a translation into English if you write in another language.

3.- Mention the source if you publish patterns that are not your own.

4.- Comment and support at least two entries in the contest.


6.- Post directly in the NEEDLEWORKMONDAY community.

7.- Leave the link of your participation in the comments section of this publication.


Eɴтry Deαdlιɴe:

All entries for this contest will be received
from today until Monday, October 10.

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1st Place - 30% of the rewards of this post
2nd Place - 25% of the rewards of this post
3rd Place - 20% of the rewards of this post
4th Place - 15% of the rewards of this post
5th Place - 10% of the rewards of this post

We are looking forward for seeing your entries! Ready, Set, Go Needlework Your Kitchen!!! 🧵🧶

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This is another great contest and I can't wait to participate. Thanks, @needleworkmonday

Great topic for a competition! I'm sure we'll see a lot of great products and amazing creative ideas 😃

Wow amazing contest, i love this. Thanks for this great contest

Interesting contest. I've been thinking about some placemats for the dining room, maybe that's going to be my project.

I have my post ready, I just have a question, can I share it on Wednesday or should I wait until October?

 2 months ago  

Hi @caracasprin, you are very fast!
You can share your post from today to Monday October 10th.

Thank you very much, I will share my contest entry on Wednesday. Greetings!!!

Que buena idea esta así le hago un cariñito a mi cocina con algo cosido por mi.

Entiendo que el concurso empieza el 10 de octubre? O es hasta esa fecha?

 2 months ago  

Hola @leidimarc, acabo de editar la publicación para aclarar este punto.
Todas las entradas al concurso se recibiran desde hoy hasta el Lunes 10 de Octubre que será el ultimo día para participar.

Gracias por la aclaratoria amiga @kattycrochet, así si estaremos claros hasta cuando podemos crear algo lindo para esta iniciativa.

Hello @needleworkmonday I would like to offer 4 Hive to the winner, from my account. Is this okay?

 2 months ago  

Yes, of course it's fine.
Just send it to the community account with a memo stating that it is a contribution to the contest winner.
Thank so much for your support.

Wow, this is interesting! I'm thinking in two different kitchen 😊 can't wait to put my needles on work and show it to all of you 💕

How wonderful! I'm knitting something for my kitchen and I come across this contest. Of course I'm going to participate. I love when there are contests on #needleworkmonday 🥳 from now on I invite @linita @maria1835 @vicmito74 @oscargonzalez123 To create!

Thanks @kattycrochet and @needleworkmonday for promoting this kind of dynamics that always serve to meet 🤗

¡Qué maravilla! Estoy tejiendo algo para mi cocina y me encuentro con este concurso. Por supuesto que participaré. Me encanta cuando hay concursos en #needleworkmonday 🥳 desde ya invito a @linita @maria1835 @vicmito74 @oscargonzalez123 ¡A crear!

Gracias @kattycrochet y @needleworkmonday por propiciar este tipo de dinámicas que siempre sirven para encontrarnos 🤗

 2 months ago  

Gracias a tí por apoyar cada una de nuestras iniciativas.
Estaremos encantados de contar con tu extraordinaria participación.

Wow how wonderful, at the moment I am working on other things, but very attentive to the new publications, especially the contests. @ crosheille @kattycrochet, honestly I love to participate in these initiatives that only you can come up with, my head is already spinning to see what beautiful ideas I can come up with to give a touch of love to my kitchen. Hands to needles, let's sew!

I love these initiatives, I hope to be able to develop a project and share it with you.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @jonalyn2020, @lauramica ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Que bien, me encanta este concurso, hace rato que no dedico tiempo para mi cocina. Siempre he querido hacer cosas pero se quedan en veremos, por suerte tenemos mucho tiempo para dedicarnos hacer algo especial para la comunidad. De seguro llegaran cosas lindas de todas partes del mundo.

Me gustaria invitar a @lileisabel, @jicrochet, @zhanavic69, @tibaire, @multifacetas, @inici-arte

Gracias amiga @carolinacardoza por la invitación, vamos a ver que se me ocurre jajaja. Un beso 😍

Thanks, @carolinacardoza, for the invitation to this contest, I'm thinking what idea to do. Happy day🌹💖

Cuando leí la publicación no pensé participar. Espero darme un tiempo para tejer algo que tengo en mente hace años y es necesario en mi cocina. Gracias comunidad por la iniciativa.

This is wonderful! I love it and hope to participate 😍 How many post could I make supporting the contest?

Wow these is a wonderful idea, kudos to the moderator of the community.

I hope to start working on some kitchen utensils and as well look forward to seeing everyone from others.

Interesting competition. And I always embroider my paintings in the kitchen. And I cook in the kitchen and do hobbies in the kitchen. Sometimes it seems that I live in the kitchen more than in other rooms 🤣.

Well well am excited already, reading through this content an idea of what to do just pop in and I just can’t wait to begin my creativity and aside me am sure there’ll be lots of unimaginable stuffs from my fellow needleworkers here to learn from am super excited already. Thank you @crosheille for this content and also the organizers too of this content....

Maravillosa idea, voy a participar en este interesante reto.

 2 months ago  

Otro genial concurso de nuestra querida comunidad Needle Work Monday: ya estoy ansiosa por ver todas las entradas creativas que prepararán nuestros miembros. ¡Suerte para todos ❣️!

This is a great contest, eager to participate, thanks to these wonderful creators.

Yay! Another contest 💃. This sounds fun and interesting 😊. Let's see what I can needlework for my kitchen 😁.

Just to be sure, crocheting is allowed right?

Great idea and motivation :) thanks a lot.

Me alegra participar en otro concurso para esta comunidad ❤️ muy buena la idea. Estaré pensando estos días que elaborar.

Me encanta ! Gracias @needleworkmonday por esta maravillosa iniciativa.prontp estaré participando . Éxitos

Wow! This is so interesting, another great contest is here again to keep me busy, thanks to the moderator of this community for this great idea.

Now I have to get to work to give my kitchen a new look with my creativity.

Hmm, this is an awesome challenge I just read it now, hope I have the materials for my entry.

Hmmm, let me see what I can do to my kitchen, nice idea for a contest

Hello, thanks for this wonderful initiative, here is my participation:

Hola amigos. Por acá comparto mi entrada al concurso. Les deseo mucho éxito y suerte ☘️ para todos los participantes.

Hello friends. This way I share my entry to the contest. I wish you much success and good luck ☘️ to all participants.

Buen día, que bueno saber de este concurso!

Me encanta este Concurso porque es sobre darle amor a nuestro hogar y en especial a la cocina que es el corazón de la casa. Ya me pongo a trabajar en mi proyecto para Participar en esta Iniciativa.

Saludos y un abrazo...

Un saludo a toda la comunidad, por aquí les dejo mi participación para el concurso la cual elabore con mucho cariño, espero les guste

Please will it be possible for me to have more than one entry? @needleworkmonday

hola amigos, mis mejores deseos para todos... MI PARTICIPACION


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