RAVEN NFT - Ecency Points - HIVE and Starbits Giveaway

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Hello #Hive ❤️

📢In this #Giveaway we are giving away NFTs, EcencyPoints, HIVE and Starbits!

Welcome back to another CBRS #Giveaway! This time our main giveaway is going to be 5x EAT YOU ALIVE Song by @ravenmus1c featuring @cryptoniusrex. Raven is a great artist who does have a pretty unique style of music, but if you would listen to some of her songs then you will probably fall in love with her music. We love listening to her songs on #RisingStar game and on @blocktunes.


This song can be found as a #NFT in @risingstargame. If you are still not playing #RisingStar, then you are really missing out. Here is a link to the game: https://www.risingstargame.com

Here is what you have to do to be one of five lucky winners

✅Follow @ravenmus1c and @coldbeetrootsoup
✅Reblog this post
✅Tag 3 Friends in the comments


Ecency Points Giveaway

📢Like always @ecency and @melinda010100 are always there to support #CBRS and our Giveaways. We will be giving away 50 #Ecencypoints to everyone who will tag 3 friends in the comment. #Ecency is a great #Dapp to use when blogging and especially if you are using your #mobile. It is so easy to use and #blogfriendly😍

Starbit Giveaway

📢To give you even more, @ravenmus1c decided to give every #Hivian who reblogs this article 100 #Startbits. So if you are reading this, don't forget to #reblog and #earn Startbits.

HIVE Giveaway

📢We are also giving away 10 HIVE to a random winner who will Tweet this #giveaway on Twitter or if you go to our #Twitter and Retweet our post there.

Either way you will be in the Wheel of Names competing for 10 HIVE #Prize🙌


Big Thank You to @ravenmus1c for giving us this opportunity to #giveaway her #NFTs. If you still don't know who this amazing #musician is, then you can check her #music by clicking on one of these links.

Raven Music Hive: https://peakd.com/@ravenmus1c
Raven Music Twitter: https://twitter.com/RavenMus1c

Visit @blocktunes -> https://hive.blocktunes.net for more #Hivemusic
Visit @risingstargame -> https://risingstargame.com and earn Startbits


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Another giveaway here 😁
All set for it,
Hey @burlarj, @rosecane and @sayee come join, chance to win Some ecency points etc.

Thank you for participating in our giveaway 😍

Welcome and its my pleasure,
Thanks to you for initiating those giveaways 😁

wow Thanks for letting us know...

This may be of interest to you @beeber @chaosmagic23 @hoosie

Always a pleasure having you with us 😍

Keep up the great work guys!

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Another giveaway! 😊
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You might like this giveaway 😍

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@sebiche2022 @dohk0 @chechostreet Giveaway para todos y todas !


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Hey thank you very much melinda for the mention

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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @coldbeetrootsoup, @mypathtofire, @funshee, @vaynard86, @ravenmus1c ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

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Thanks @coldbeetrootsoup for the opportunity! Raven is a great artist, dedicated and brilliant!

Participating: @alicia2022
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@themonetaryfew, @zuerich, @baltai Thank you for your Upvotes 😍 Want to join our #Giveaway? Tag 3 Friends in a comment and get a chance to win cool #NFTs.

She is a great artist indeed and we hope she will succeed in her music career 😍

Thank you for entering our giveaway 😀


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Thanks for the mention rose 🌹

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maybe @bokica80 @cosmicpigee @dr-doofus will like to join?

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Wow! many gifts. Thanks Raven. It's true, you listen to Raven's music and you fall in love immediately, what I love is the sound of her voice saying her name like a watermark.
@alicia2022 @cryptogertrudis @usermelina007

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📢The winners are announced!

Congratulations to


We will announce the 10 HIVE winner tomorrow!

Nice! Thanks and congrats to all winners

Thank for the tips🎊🎊

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