Splinterlands **Gold Card** GIVEAWAY - Golden Lvl 3 Goblin Thief - See for details

In order to participate you must:

What is my Favorite Color

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green

Winner Announcement...!!!

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Alright. Count me in. Just signed up with HiveVote. Pretty cool tool. I'll upvote this post, and guess that your favorite color is Blue, since you live in Miami next to the beautiful ocean.
I have been missing this goblin thief card in my collection and would love a chance to win a gold foil!
My splinterlands IGN is Dtam.

It is a pretty cool tool huh! I will let you know if you win. I'm hoping more participants enter otherwise I may have to go until there is an actual winner as promised in the post.


that's not a valid answer, it's a short post please reread and try again? :)

Hmm.. Let me go green.

you are the winner I sent the card. Please confirm you got it my good friend! BTW How did you guess right?!

Count me in, @rimurutempest 🤞
Good luck to everyone! 🍀

Guys I'm also doing giveaways, and you're all welcome to participate!😀
👉HERE - TWO Cards at my post about SPS Rewards at Brawls
👉HERE - TWO Cards at my post Temporal Master

Check Today's Splinterlands Giveaway: HERE


you got it right but I already gave it away at the set time. Next time I will make the giveaway 7 days I think. Stay tuned! I have loads of splinterlands cards I plan to give a way to get my account back into some momentum...!

i am in. my guess is blue. @haizelanne