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RE: Team Possible Shithole is a Centralised Mafia Dictatorship Run by Two-Faced Psycopathic Bullies with Fake Smiley Faces

in Splinterlands3 years ago

Its late here but I wanted to respond. I took your advice and generally stayed offline for quite a few days. Not because I was planning to, but because it was forced on me due to ill health.

I just want to thank you for taking the time to respond and support me in a time of need, even during my extreme frustration and anger. Having a few days off (involuntarily) did do me some good and helped me relax my mind, even though I felt like total shit during that time.

I stand by all of my comments above (even though they were made under quite some stress), and I generally want absolutely nothing to do with any of these people for the rest of my presence here - I would never engage or participate in what they did, as a group, deliberately and knowingly with a purpose to harm one of their own so-called friends. This was obviously a lie from the beginning (yes there were some signs early on that I was aware of), and was used for their own personal gain, and a personal vendetta of their "powerful and influential", friends with a big big wallet. It really amazes me, that these are the same people who based their entire existence on this blockchain, both complaining and pretending that they were against those forces who were trying to impose their will and power onto others...and now they have/are doing exactly the same thing. SHAME ON THEM, now and forever.

Just to be clear, none of this has anything to do with my investment or it going south. If that happened I would only have myself to blame, as I knew there was risk involved. This is entirely about people trying to impose their will on others through a power trip, and for their own personal gain at the expense of others, with devious tactics. They simply disgust me - all of them...including the obedient sheep who just do as their told (through peer pressure and FOMO).

I don't know what or if I say about this anymore. But I can guarantee you one thing - the spoilt brat class, who ran this game into the ground and exploited all the low level players for a long time, all held hands to consciously defended that behaviour in a dismissive fashion, because they have have their own shady behaviour to cover up, or deem it to be "old news", even while ignoring all of the recent/latest facts around the behaviour of certain characters in the game (who are directly linked to teampossible and their entire leadership structure). What sad state of affairs it is when the so-called "little people", become the bully whale class who behaves in an authoritarian fashion, as they now are the "leaders".

P.S. FYI when I referred to an "Englishman" in one of my other comments, it was not you I was talking about. You truly are a gentleman, just for having the patience and care to hear me out and respond...


I'm sorry to hear you went down feeling unwell, but the break and step back was probably a good thing. I believe you when you say you gotta reason to be angry, and I know when I perceive an unfairness directed my way I'm like a pit bull over it. So I feel you on the being angry and what it's like to want fairness. All I can hope is that it resolves itself over time. The reality is (from where I'm sittin) you are best when posting and commenting. It's the area you have always been gifted at here... Basically don't let a game bring you down or away from what you're good at.

In regards to the Englishman comment. It's not a worry. I was raised from childhood in the states by the American side of my family, was just born here more or less and moved back when I was an adult. Old folks in the family, people I care about here, etc being the reasons. Most of my countrymen often ask me if I'm over here on holiday from Texas. There's a lot of traits here in my countrymen that bug the shit out of me. Mainly sneakiness, priority of sports over family, snarling entitlement, etc etc. It's a big list if I typed it in full. There are some good traits, but a lot of bad ones as well. Either way I know you weren't referring to me so it's not a worry.

PK if ever you need a sounding board then always feel free to shout me. As I stated prior, I've got a lot of respect for you and that hasn't shunted at all. I'll always have time and as soon as I get the response I'll respond in kind. By email or here, I don't mind. I haven't had time for a bit to post but I'm aiming to get back in the saddle soon. In the meantime holler as and when matey, as soon as I get it I'll shout back.

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