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RE: Team Possible Shithole is a Centralised Mafia Dictatorship Run by Two-Faced Psycopathic Bullies with Fake Smiley Faces

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Ok... so at this point given everything you have said I can see why your head is exploding. However, a level headed post that is flagged is something that still puts your side out there, and also shows that if flagged then something your saying is striking a nerve... alternatively (I'm saying this not in the loop) it could open the road to resolution potentially presenting itself. Again this is me hoping that would be the outcome.

However given that your feelings are that will do nothing, and also given how much this clearly is driving you to being this angry... Maybe take a few days and not go near the keyboard? Breath, get calm, take some distance, then return to what the dilemma is here with a rested and hopefully clearer perspective. At the moment you feel like your being bullied into silence... But isn't being pushed to being so angry that your literally driving yourself insane just as bad? Pk this is in no way me saying you do or don't have a right to feel pissed off. I don't know what the full story is here, but seeing someone I respect here (and I do respect you) getting this riled and throwing out clear thinking about a dilemma their facing makes the conditions ideal for me to feel you need to take a couple days and get clear. I am under no delusions that this will somehow make you go ommm and poop magical buddha's btw. But rather simply give you some time to collect some calm thus shift your thinking into clearer territory where solves or other courses of action are clearer. Otherwise what you are upset about is reduced only to you losing your shit to no productive end. It only accomplishes you forfeiting real estate in your head and getting more angry.

I know a level headed post may do nothing. I'm not delusional about some wonderous power of the block chain or some shit. However it's a move towards transparency and once done may generate an unexpected result. Who knows? If you get flagged then it's people making your point for you and adding a degree of validity to what your saying. Not everyone will see it that way, but put level headed and plain and some will. It all depends on what's going on and what's put across... and of course how you put it across.

If people who hold respect and trust of others in this space are doing dirt or there's a conflict going on that is kept quiet then put some sunlight on it. At worse it put the conflict out in the open and it remains a conflict, at best it causes some fur and feathers to fly initially.. but could invite resolution... Again also remember.. SL and everything that goes on around it is a game mate. Just a bloody game. Yes there's money tied into it, yes there's drama involved... but at the end of it you have the ability to walk off from the keyboard. Plain and simple. Take a breath of fresh air and have some 3D world time for a bit. If you have invested heavily and it's gone south then you accept the loss. Hell... I've made bad calls in the crypto space. I once bought shit coins like feather coin for Christ sake. lol.

Look, at the moment it's clear this shit is eating you up. I've got no skin in the game really. I've had good experiences with some of the people your angry at, I've had good experiences with you. I don't care about votes or anything like that here nor do I give a breezy fuck about winning favour from whales or anyone for that matter. I jumped into defi trends when they were insanely cheap before the recent bull run and killed (when I say jumped in I went pretty large), I hold plenty of btc from way back in 2010, and if I wanted to could easily whale up here on this platform. Had I put that money into hive I'd of lost plain and simple. It can be a bit of a gong show here sometimes and in o way does large investment interest me here. Money was never why I played around here, or votes, or approval. I liked the idea behind it and tinkered with it in the same way one builds a model airplane. I once thought the space could be leveraged into helping people and sometimes it looks like it still can... But for the most part I come here to engage, learn, and interact with folks I like and respect the work of . Like yourself for instance. I still learn from here with the different communities and source ideas here from them. Permaculture, natural medicine, etc.

The minute that a situation or thing began to eat me up though or piss me off like it is you on this platform... I'd take a break. If in a week it was still really bothering me then I'd circle back and look at my options to address it. But I'd rather go out and breath fresh air than clash with people I'm never gonna share a cup of coffee with. At the beating heart of what I'm saying is basically take some space away from discord and all of it. Get your calm back. That isn't a white flag or you capitulating to bullying. If at the end of that you're feeling you have been treated unfairly and a conflict is warranted then go with your gut. If a fight is warranted then fight. Fling mud till it sticks, put light on the problem, whatever approach you like and feel is right. This is if that's how you feel and all options for resolution are exhausted.

Atm your losing your shit and it won't go anywhere. Above all your health and how you recover from what you just went through is directly linked to your mental health. Both physical and mental play a role here in you recovering. Shit like what you're going through and how your taking this on won't do you any favours matey. It's just going to drive you insane with no gain or solves. Negative impacts on your health and well being though are certs if you're letting this flip your lid constantly.

Some of the people it seems your mad at here again are people I have seen and worked with when doing good things for new arrivals on the platform. I respect them. Me saying that isn't me saying I don't believe you have a reason to be angry at the moment as also. I respect and believe you to be rational also even though your pissed atm. I wouldn't take the time to respond to you if I didn't respect and like you as I do others here on hive. I'm neutral as in all I reality don't know any of the details. However if a person or persons was doing something brutally unfair or slanting the system unfairly against little guys or the like then yeah, I'd look at it and do what anyone would and state it's unfair. Call bullshit on bullshit when its happening. If its out in the open then that becomes possible to determine. I also believe others could then make their own calls as well. I've wroked with human beings in horrible environments and situations and have seen them at their worse.. But I still believe good people will strive for fairness. I read flagged posts from time to time if they are written by someone I follow often because I'm curious as to why the person has been flagged. I think yours would end up being read even if flagged.

I advocate writing about it and putting it out there transparently. I advocate you being level headed because I believe that's the best way for best outcomes even when the situation seems unresolvable. I believe you're intelligent and I've seen you at your best when you're writing calm with a strong point to be made (no one can accuse you of writing poorly mate). I also think you should step back for a few days and get your head calm before doing so. As I said before I know it's probably not what you want to hear.

Before I hop off I'm sorry for the delay in response. Today (now yesterday) was a mad one. Settling in to a new house, and making arrangements to buy a woodland in a lockdown has been insane. It's stack on top of stack atm with shit to do. However I'm hoping to get back here to do some blogging soon and reengaging. Hopefully heavy engagement as soon as I get a clear run of free time. In the meantime shout me if you need a sounding board who's neutral. As soon as I get the reply when I jump on hive I'll respond. But possibly try to consider my suggestion of taking a small break from shit like discord, SL, and the like and look after your health and gain some calm. Don't let this or any situation on a place like a digital platform rock your real 3D world and the things of real value. Don't let that take away from the real things you have just slogged through and come out on top of.

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I'm sorry to hear you went down feeling unwell, but the break and step back was probably a good thing. I believe you when you say you gotta reason to be angry, and I know when I perceive an unfairness directed my way I'm like a pit bull over it. So I feel you on the being angry and what it's like to want fairness. All I can hope is that it resolves itself over time. The reality is (from where I'm sittin) you are best when posting and commenting. It's the area you have always been gifted at here... Basically don't let a game bring you down or away from what you're good at.

In regards to the Englishman comment. It's not a worry. I was raised from childhood in the states by the American side of my family, was just born here more or less and moved back when I was an adult. Old folks in the family, people I care about here, etc being the reasons. Most of my countrymen often ask me if I'm over here on holiday from Texas. There's a lot of traits here in my countrymen that bug the shit out of me. Mainly sneakiness, priority of sports over family, snarling entitlement, etc etc. It's a big list if I typed it in full. There are some good traits, but a lot of bad ones as well. Either way I know you weren't referring to me so it's not a worry.

PK if ever you need a sounding board then always feel free to shout me. As I stated prior, I've got a lot of respect for you and that hasn't shunted at all. I'll always have time and as soon as I get the response I'll respond in kind. By email or here, I don't mind. I haven't had time for a bit to post but I'm aiming to get back in the saddle soon. In the meantime holler as and when matey, as soon as I get it I'll shout back.

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