Genesis League Goals Coaches Tier In Current Version 07/12/23

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I decided to make a tierlist to make patching in the near future before the full release of the ranked, so we can give ideas to the devs about what to fix and for new players to decide which one may be a bargain.


Tier Name Ability Confidence Rating
S+ Ben "Genepool" Powers Cybernetic Enhancements Absolute
S Brian Duce Underdawg Very High
S Dominica Ivy Boss Boost Medium
A+ Millwall Hooligan Low
A Georgina Talewind Creative Genius High
A Tim "Big Daddy" Thomas The Favorite Higher
A Butch Blockhouse Trashtalk Medium
A Gabby Hart Superfans Medium
A Kaoru Kujira Midfield Control Medium
A Erik Eriksen Hit and Run Medium
A Jeff Sprightly Fleet-footed Medium
A Andrew Dribbles Fancy Footwork Low
B+ Chris Jurinovic Competitive Edge Low
B Pete Precisus Analytical Acuity Low
B Nacho Aguilar Chaos Theory Low
C+ Gail Gallus Rally Cry Medium
C "Tantrum" Tate Tanner Raging Bull High
D Jonny Hustle Relentless Very High
Unknown Sean Diamond Diamond Hands NA
Unknown Arden Gold Lucky Dog NA
Unknown OxO Punk GK Skills NA

S-Tier GLG Coaches

Are coaches that I consider to be strong with a visible impact. Market agrees with me about Ben "Genepool" Powers pricing it at three times the average coach and more than two times the most expensive implemented coach; In addition to keeping the energy up, his health protection allows you to play twice as many games earning that much more XP and Rewards.

I was able to crump Genepool teams pretty consistently with Brian Duce, but that is the most complex coach to compose a team with. His ability gives you large buff if your team has less roster points, so you need to introduce "weaknesses" into your team and play around them. Its not just stuffing the roster with all-stars, that certainly would not work.

Dominica Ivy may or may not belong here. I've seen her being used for her energy boost in order to mimic similar effect to the Genepool. However, that is much less important now that energy consumption was decreased overall for teams and she does not protect health.

A-Tier GLG Coaches

I put most of the coaches in A tier, they should have a specific buff that you can take advantage off to win the game. You can strategize around it and it is powerful enough to exert influence on the match's result.

Out of these, Millwall was pretty popular in tourneys early on, still one way to counter him is to have a team that doesn't need to dribble. But the fact that you can be heavily punished for doing so might obstruct many teams.

These coaches are mostly very cheap too at the moment.

I am not sure Mr. Dribbles dribbling boost is significant enough to belong to the A tier at all.

B-Tier GLG Coaches

This is a group of coaches with less predictable abilities. You can't tailor a team to their specific skill, because its effect is less predictable.

I added Chris Jurinovic here who is required to be losing or winning to have any bonus but may belong higher.

C-Tier D-Tier GLG Coaches

A group of coaches that have their ability conditioned by either losing or winning.

Gail's bonus to energy and morale will likely stop you from ever having negative morale or running out of stamina. I can see her working well with Equalizer skill as she won't ever need to worry about stamina when losing big. Possible midfield shots right after suffering some goals can redeem her and even make her competitive, but as of right now, I don't see her bonus big enough to impact game favorably.


As for Tate, his ability activates only when losing and will drain stamina. Unless changed, it will drain a lot of stamina, so unless you score fast, you may never score and fully drained players will start the next match with decreased stamina. Very bad!

And Johny is an absolute worst. He doesn't do anything to make you win. Just protects you winning after you have already scored and started winning. There are not perks for leading more than by one Goal though.

Unknown Tier

A group for coaches whose ability is not active. There are big expectations of Sean Diamond's effect and Arden Gold's boost to rewards can be reasonably rewarding especially if you need to obtain specific skills for your players in the primary team. But no one knows to what extend will either of them have!

Do You Second That?

Do you agree with my analysis? Who is your favourite coach and which one do you think should belong to another tier? Have you met a formidable Johny Hustle team?


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I'd add to the Gene:

Obviously, it's going to be reduced. Atm it makes GF cards totally worthless, as a full GF team can get +57.5% bonus (2.5% / card) meantime the single RF Genepool coach gives 100%

Team said they won't touch coaches before ranked goes full live. Huge fault!!! It's just cannot be delayed, must be fixed asap! It's not even out of balance, it's completely WRONG!

Next to that, Genepool gives 50% stamina bonus, what is also nonsense.

Because of these 2 things, the game is completely out of balance, unenjoyable, not fun at all. (Ok, there are other reasons causing it, too, however this is the main thing.)

These abilities are defined as a few lines of code. Can't hurt to change it right away. Later on, this will impact teams with running synergy and of course if anyone pays 6+ dollars for Gene, they are set up for a great disappointment.

I agree it should be changed, balanced and finished before the actual ranked comes up.

probably, they put (or forgot to put) the '.' (point) in the wrong place, how they did with the rewards. 10.0% instead of 100% and 5.0% instead of 50% 😀

at least, they wrote, they will change morale, that's another thing what is not ok atm.

Well done, I appreciate the analysis.

Thanks for sharing this! So, if I understood correctly, Genepool is overpowered at the moment? I'm playing with Ivy & Gabby but haven't yet noticed a major difference.

Still a bit confused about coach abilities, I know there's a post somewhere explaining those but what would be really great is a question mark on the card, on UI explaining those. Or just a pop-up box appearing when hovering above the ability.

You can hover over a coach in the match. Yes, Genepool is really powerful, completely dominated the tournament which was played before health became a factor. He buffs that too. Duce is balanced around being difficult to use and Ivy is sort of strong but not overpowered in my op.