SplinterLands Q&A Series 5:: My Opponent Comes to Know Which Summoner I will Play with.. How is it Possible??

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Hello My Dear SplinterMates;

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Welcome to the Fifth Series of SplinterLands Q&A.

In this Q&A Series; I talk more about how to plan your strategy by exploring your Opponents::


Last Five Recently Played Matches..

When I was new to the game I also often ignored this important piece of information about your opponent. If you carefully look at the "Recently Played Matches" history of your enemy, it gives a pretty good idea as to what would be his/her Summoner for this battle..


In this example of ours, for which I quoted in the Video as well - we see that on the last 5 Matches the player had used "Life" Summoner - so it became quite obvious that in this battle there are high chances that he would again bring up the LIFE Summoner in the battle...

I talk more about it - In my SplinterLands Q&A Series 5:: Where I also go on to answer the questions which most of my friends have asked..

In the video, we see a live demo and try predicting the upcoming Summoner in the Battle.. An answer to the opponent by breaking his strategy and this all is done live in the Video.

I'm sure when you watch this Video till the end - people having questions/doubts around how their opponents come to know which Summoner am going to come up with... all these queries get clarified in the Video.

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See You @ The Battle Field - May the POWERS be with You!!

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Its a very important detail we have to take note of. I also ignonred it when i started on the spt

Nicely explained, I am inspired to write my own series of blogs for starters @gungunkrishu

Have a good day :)