My most expensive single-NFT purchase!!!

in Splinterlands2 years ago

Well this happened 4-5 days ago but still I just want to share in here one of my riskiest crypto move which by the way is currently MY MOST EXPENSIVE SINGLE-NFT PURCHASE XD !!! This one:


In all honesty, I didn't really expect myself to be purchasing the card above.

For starters, even though I have close to 50k SPS at that time (thanks to the SPS airdrop I have been getting daily these past few months to which I have just STAKED STAKED STAKED regardless of it's market value), I still would also need close to 100 VOUCHERS to have enough VOUCHERS to be able to purchase that card. To which at that time was around $2.56 per voucher.

I'm from a third world country, so ~$256 (100x$2.56)is still a pretty big deal to me. That amount can pay my monthly internet bill for like 7-8 months xD

Like my SPS airdrop, I also haven't touched my VOUCHER airdrop that's why I had ~400 VOUCHERS at that time. It's not that I didn't want to buy packs but for the last 2 months I just didn't have access to the internet to check on Splinterlands after our province was hit by a very devastating typhoon. Even today, there is still no wifi/landline internet but fortunately mobile data is now back so for the past week I was able to check and play Splinterlands.

I was in a dilemma whether to buy this card or just cash out my SPS and Voucher airdrop that time to help pay for the repairs, but as you can see I opted to make a bold and risky move and purchased that card instead. XD

As to why I opted to choose the latter option it was because of the "time of the purchase sale".

The beginning of the purchase sale for the WAKA SPIRITBLADE card was at 1 AM in my country.

Just for reference, I normally sleep at 10:30 PM everyday, I told myself that if I end up miraculously waking minutes before 1 AM then I might as well try buying that card to which actually did happen. I woke up at 12:50 AM for no reason (no alarm clock) so I just waited for the next 10 minutes to buy that card.

At exactly 1 AM, refreshed the Shop window page for the WAKA card and quickly hit that purchase button (5000 SPS & 500 VOUCHER) and got that Purchase successful card.

What surprised me though was that after going back to the WAKA shop page LESS THAN A MINUTE AFTER, IT WAS ALREADY SOLD OUT.

Kinda like fate subtly telling me that I need to have this card LOL as I was able to surprisingly wake up before 1 AM and was also to somehow able to purchase one. Tho I did hope and prayed to get a gold one but still WOWWW I just bought a close to $2000 USD NFT. WOWWW!

Anyways, ta~dah! Not that I am selling this card but looking at the lowest sale, at least it's above $2000 USD. Given how limied this card is, I am optimistic it will be worth more in the future.


What I didn't expect though is that I THOUGHT THE WAKA SPIRITBLADE

The 3 mana cost + POISON was very tempting for me (back when I though I could use it on any splinter) but after purchasing it, I was shocked to see that it can only be used on the DEATH Splinter. A Splinter I rarely use. Lol


aha it is good to see your post sir, I hope you are ok 😀
sometimes things just happen all of the sudden and sl is worth investing in for sure. 🎇
congarts that you get the card.

!giphy congarts


I wanted to buy it too, but missed the opportunity. Those who can buy WAKA SPIRITBLADE have made a very good investment in my opinion. WAKA SPIRITBLADE doesn't have much of a chance against my team in battles under 30 mana :)

I believe it is a very effective summoner in high mana battles.

I bought one too. Didn't get gold either :(.

I find that the card is mostly good in gold leagues and lower. I think it needs another ability buff for diamond or champion leagues.

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