3 Winners! – 1500 DECs in prizes – Choose your theme #3

in Splinterlands4 months ago
Today I come to announce 3 winners of 500 DECs in the "Choose your Theme and Win DEC!" Contest.


The winners:





The rewards has been sent:




The proposed similar themes by the winners @seaweedking24 and @theroad2freedom are giving rise to a series of posts, starting with this one:

Splinterlands Basic Strategies – Introduction – The Tank #01

And the choice of theme from @jacekw gave rise to these 3 posts:

The Splinterlands History – Old cards, new life... #1
Old cards, new life... #2
Old cards, new life #3 – new battle rulesets

Thank you very much to everyone! Stay tuned for the next edition!

Images: @splinterlands and RandomWinnerPicker



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Yey! Thank you very much!
You can send it to @seaweedking

OK! I've just sent. Congratulations and see you next time.


Thank you so much for the DEC. That will help me move forward in my card procurement (and hopefully help my winning percentage).