Week 2 Progress on the LR Account

It's 10th August and I'm finishing off the daily quest I started last night, but never got around to completing. It's earth splinter and I'm finding that the Unicorn Mustang at these levels is serving me well. So well, in fact, that my win streak has taken me well into silver III league!

Two reward chests, this time, containing a legendary potion and my second Baby Unicorn. DEC stood at 56.143, so I bought a Goblin Mech at the market. Now I'm at 17.519 DEC. Fingers crossed it helps my game at this level, at least in matches where I have the mana for it.

I'm outta my league!

11th August and I'm no longer enjoying being in silver III league! The daily quest was water splinter and it was loss, after loss, after loss. The points loss each time was so minimal, however, that it didn't even take me back down into the bronze leagues where I might have stood a chance. It's as if the game were tormenting me! It took me a couple of hours, but I got there in the end, with 4 bona fide wins because I was only granted one surrender. The reward chests both had cards in them, perhaps to make up for the torment.


DEC sat at 27.35 upon completion and the next daily quest is death splinter. As for the Goblin Mech, most of the battles were low mana and when I got 99 mana it was with the little league ruleset! So I didn't get much chance to use the card.

12th August and I managed to finish the daily quest started yesterday evening. Death splinter isn't a bad selection, with the dark astronomer being quite strong for a 4 mana card. It went better today than when I started last night, though. Perhaps because I wasn't as tired? Two legendary potions in the chests. 35.062 DEC.


The next quest was water splinter. Not the worst teams I have and the last win of the quest put me in silver II. The good thing is I got 3 reward chests, the slightly disappointing thing is they all contained alchemy potions, when I could do with cards, and the bad thing is that I'm probably going to spend the next 50 games getting my butt kicked.


Finishing the day on 44.182 DEC.

13th August winnings:


14th August was death splinter. Winnings was a nice amount of DEC with the potions. 114.737 DEC. Time for a visit to the market!


I bought a Wood Nymph to help with the front monster's health in battle. I thought I would be getting a Divine Healer, but the price had gone up since I last looked at her. Never mind, I'll get there little by little. I'm up to 10 of my own cards and it's nice to see them building up. If I count the two duplicates I'm actually up to 12.


15th August and my last daily quest for this season is complete. Rewards were all DEC. Interestingly, as the season draws to a close, my toughest opponents seem to have been pushed up into the next leagues, making wins a bit easier.


Today, @mattclarke pointed out some changes coming to splinterlands on the 1st September, which means that climbing the leagues won't be as simple. The league you can reach will be assessed not only on your points level, but on the DEC burn value of your deck. At my current value, this means I'll be limited to bronze III. Not necessarily a bad thing, because this way I won't end up way out of my league fighting a much more powerful deck and taking half a day to get enough wins in for the reward at the end. However, it may slow the rate at which the account can grow.

My stats according to PeakMonsters:


I did a few more games to just tip me over into silver I and up the rewards for the season's end, while I still can. It netted me a few more DEC as well. Currently standing at 114.657, with a new season starting in a few hours.


Week 1


I remember reading about someone else (can't remember who) that tried this back on the other blockchain. Think the person in question was in since alpha and had some pretty formidable decks, so they made a new account and I think the challenge was to see how they went with only reward cards, no buying (or maybe it was just no buying packs, I honestly can't remember).

Anyway I got the impression that it was really, really hard XD

I was thinking maybe I should have put a goal in to reach. At the moment it doesn't feel particularly hard, but then I'm not trying to reach champion league or similar. If I look at it that way, then it feels almost unattainable! I think maybe just gaining back the initial investment of $10 should be the first goal. How long before profiting can start. The new changes coming up will make things a bit more interesting too.

You could, or it could just be making observations ;D I can't remember if this person had any goals in mind beyond seeing what it was like when they did it.

That was pretty much my goal; see what it's like starting from basic. Matt's helped me out so much on my main account, I never really got to experience starting from the bottom.